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High Spires House: Beef! It's what's for dinner!

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:41 pm    Post subject: High Spires House: Beef! It's what's for dinner! Reply with quote

"It came from where?" Mrs June held little Victoria in her arms looking at the large white box.

Cora's wings quivered in excitement as much as young Finn's tail was twitching behind him. Avian and feline peering with equal anticipation over the box. Sampson had become the de facto leader of the kids hand in hand with Anasta since the older children had moved on to their own places and living. Sampson rapped his knuckles on the box. "Well, the runner was from the governor's office-"

"Lirssa." The other two children said in unison.

"Nope," Sampson huffed. "Beef Council of RhyDin."

"Mister Jake!" Ruth squealed rushing through the kitchen door from the garden out back where the other children were finishing up tending the growing greenery. She flung herself against the kitchen table to get a closer look, as if the box were a tiny thing. It certainly was not.

"No, Beef Council of RhyDin." Sampson clarified once more. "Mister Jake is not the whole council."

Mrs. June's lips pinched together to keep from laughing or the thoughts in her head from slipping out of her mouth. It was well known Mr. Jake Duncan was one of the more influential members of that council. He was also a generous man with his time, often having the children out to experience days on a working ranch. "Well, since we know exactly who it is from, and no doubt Governor al Amat's people looked over it as well, go ahead and open it."

Six hands took to the box like fiends. Victoria wanted to get on the action as well, giggling and kicking her legs. Mrs. June felt the ache in her shoulders and back. Age was starting to get the upper hand on her body. "Don't ruin what's inside now. Careful as you go."

When the box was opened it revealed a treasure of beef cuts, more than any of them had seen grouped together on their table at anytime. "Great heaps of meat!" Finn cried out and did a dance in a circle, his tail twirling up beside him.

It was true with fourteen mouths to feed, fine cuts of beef were a luxury. Mrs. June stretched their budget as best as she could. There was always income, they were well supported it was true. But extra fine things were not the norm.

"I think....I had better get planning dinner. And we can save some of those for a summer picnic. Sampson put them in the freeze box. The rest we need to prepare for tonight."

The rousing cheers were enough to set Mrs. June's ears ringing. Ruth shouted the news to the other children in the back yard. "Now, now...what do we do for such gifts?"

"Thank you notes!" And a blaze of colors went flashing through her kitchen as one by one they darted past to find paper and colors to make their notes. Mrs. June would be sure that they were sent with her husband with the next post.

((want to know about the beef gift? Check Congratulations and a Gift -- and thanks for thinking of High Spires!))
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