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DarkStar: Forbidden

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:53 am    Post subject: DarkStar: Forbidden Reply with quote

((written in collaboration by L and G))

Talissia came wandering through the front hall of her home, her usual grace and poise now gone. The bottle of wine in her hand was shaken with faux aggression towards the drow on her heels and she giggled.

?Why Xun Illith?vir? It seems that you may have gotten me drunk!? She blinked rapidly towards him, taking a very sober stance all of a sudden. ?Was that your plan all along??

The male caught Talis as she nearly collided with the banister at the edge of the gigantic entryway stairs.

?Yes, Tali. Yes, my full intention was to get you smashed on the walk home.?

??So you could take advantage of me.? She tipped the bottle and drained the last of the liquid from within.

?Of course!? he lied. The drow had no intention of taking any type of advantage over Talissia. He had only intended to get her out of the house for the meeting and into a bit of fun after things went awry with the half-elf, Xavril, and his typical lack of manners.

She shook the now empty bottle at him once more and blew an uncharacteristic raspberry his way.

?I like Rayvan?s suitor? on first impression, I like him.? her words were drawn out in her inebriation, ?I?ve not seen her display any type caring for a male in so very long ? or ever, for a drow male... I?d almost given up on the dear. And he?s actually quite attractive.?

?Can we discuss this when you?ve not been drinking?? His expression was humoring, but a bit impatient. ?I?m not sure I like where this is going and honestly, I?m not so wild of hearing you fawn over someone who could be a potential threat in the future.?

?Oh, you?re no fun,? she complained.

?No fun, yeah, that?s me. Let?s go, drunk-girl; up to bed for you.? He chuckled quietly, seizing her, and tossed her small body across his shoulder, holding her soundly by the back of both thighs. She shrieked happily, silver-white curls bouncing as she tried to regain her bearings.

The sound drew a shushing noise from the male ? at this rate, everyone in the house would wake and catch them sneaking back into the place like a couple of wine-soaked teenagers.

?Tali!? he chided quietly, ?You could wake the dead, woman, I swear!?

?Oh, you fuss too much. You?re the strong, silent type, Xun?afein. Not a whelp, afraid of what others would think of our behavior. We?re adults, you know.? She pummeled lightly at his back with small fists, and giggled in drunken realization, ?Now put me down.?

He pulled her back over his shoulder and set her lightly to the ground, hands clasped respectfully at his belt.

?It was your idea to keep things private, dear.? he protested, looking frustrated, but the drow did not choose to further speak out of turn to her. ?I?m just trying to honor your wishes ? with no help from you, I might add.?

?It?s not like it won?t come out eventually. Your little rogue-contractor obviously knows.? Her words were slurred just a bit as she placed both hands on her hips and looked him in the eye, actually having an inch on him in height. ?It?s only a matter of time before the girls catch on. I?m beginning to rethink my request for secrecy.?

?That is not my fault? Just sleep on it, Tali, please? We?ve both had far too much wine, and I?m tired from chasing your drunken ass all over the city. I just want to go to bed.? he added with a small laugh, making a motion towards the stairs. ?Here, come, I?ll carry you so you don?t fall and bash your skull on these ridiculous stairs.?

She shook her head stubbornly, but turned for the stairs and began to negotiate them slowly. The drow came up from behind her and swept her thin form into his arms, a soft and disapproving grunt the only noise made before she relaxed and curled into his arms acceptingly. He would?ve ignored her protests anyhow. Xun?afein carried her towards the large suite that took up most of the third floor.

She laid her head on his shoulder, her breath slowed.

?Asleep already??

A light grazing of spiderish fangs gave her response and he shuddered, laughing nervously.

?Don?t bite me, honey. I?d hate to drop you right now.?

She allowed her head to fall to the side and smiled widely, dark fangs against white teeth a grave reminder of exactly with whom he was dealing.

?I won?t. I like you too much.?

?That?s reassuring.?

He rounded the landing at the second floor and started up the last flight of stairs, glancing own to the female in his arms. She was now asleep. He made the final climb and used his elbow to open the door into her suite, passing through the foyer and parlor areas, through another set of double doors, and into her bedroom.

He laid her down on her bed and pulled her boots free, tossing them aside. Her cloak was slid away with great care, as was the weapons belt on her slim waist. He took care to hang the belt and it?s highly sought short swords on the armoire beside the bed. She sighed and turned on her side, allowing him to pull the coverlet down and then back up and over the small female. Keeping to his respectful duties, he backed away, pulled the drapes over the windows, and closed the perimeter doors. Turning for the door, he heard her stirring.

?Good night, darling.? his voice soft and more gentle than the norm.

?Stay with me?? came the soft voice and he looked around to the dark face and pale red-shining violets that now held him stilled just inside the entrance of her bedroom.

?You?re sure.?


__________________________________________________ ___

Hours later, as she lay slumbering in his arms, he thought about how few times they?d had a moment on level ground before now; the instances were few and far between. He had always been a guard, always less than Talissia and her noble blood, her devout training, her education. He had always remained on a utilitarian level, platonic, at best. But here and now, he felt comfortable and even appreciated; far from the degradation and used feeling he?d had in the past with the drow female of his homeland.

He was propped against the massive, carved headboard of her bed, looking down over the female lying against him, silvery hair draped across his chest, one slender hand resting at the juncture of his hip. A ragged scar encircled her slim neck and he frowned as that memory came to roost? a time when he?d been unable to protect her. No one had been able to intercede. The Kenafin male had been too powerful. He had too much of a hold over Talissia, at the time. She still kept his name to keep that memory fresh, to never forget what had been done to her and who was responsible. Her murderous ex-husband was the reason that she rarely had companions or lovers. Xun could only name two of note in all of the years that he had known her.

As he turned on his side and gathered her frame against him, his thoughts were on the family. His own brother, Alak, would have much to say if this affair were to come to light. Tal?s family would have mixed reactions. But likely this would never become an issue. They would continue as they had and never make more of this night. They would likely never again travel beyond the limits of employer and guard.

But he could hope. He could lie here in the dark and pretend that he belonged. He was completely enamored with the fragile creature that lay in his arms and he refused to creep out of her bed until the last possible moment, when he would depart through the interior corridor that connected his suite to this one.
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