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DarkStar: Day Off

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Rayva Moon

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:20 am    Post subject: DarkStar: Day Off Reply with quote

The morning had included sneaking out of Cael's home. Truth be told, he probably knew when she left, but it was a good plan... covertly skulking from the literal dragon's lair to prepare for their day.

She made her way back to the shop, where she checked in. Faerran and Malicyne seemed to have everything under control. The two of them had regarded her strangely and cracked jokes at the premise of the bookish, young halfdrow going on a picnic with her boyfriend. She had begrudgingly continued to the forge, picking up equipment, then finished with a trip to several vendors in the marketplace, including Katt?s Bon Bon Boutique for a special treat - she had found the Boutique closed, so it was back by the Inn to snag a couple of beignets from the container there...

Rayvan now stood in her loft, a picnic basket the center of her attention right now. She ran a hand through her hair and blew out a sigh, brow furrowing lightly as she considered what exactly she needed to pack. A picnic was a rather foreign concept to the halfdrow, and she equated it with the supply packs that they made for certain jobs that required travel. This would not be quite as simplistic as those, however.

She had a bag of holding tied to the handle of the basket and she had already spent a rather humorous fifteen minutes or so cramming a large blanket within. Such things normally measured by weight, but that did not change the bare mechanics of trying to fit the exotic weave through the drawstring opening. A book, her keys, and several folded papers were added.

She placed a couple of bottles of wine into the basket, then turning to glance over the counter before her. A couple of small, rounded loaves of bread were added, some various cubed cheeses, and sliced fruit. She made sure to include a few of the fruit that she had found, similar to the fruit he?d mentioned liking? lemons, she had found them to be called. They smelled like the compound used to clean her bathroom, but to each their own. The pastries were tucked gingerly inside, but not before she took one last whiff of their aroma. A final package was included, a braised rabbit with roasted vegetables. It wasn?t red meat, she supposed, and she?d wanted to include it to complete the meal. All of this would make for a decent meal, finger foods that would make for an easy transport. She only hoped that her first flight didn?t inspire nausea, as she had previously found sea voyages did.

On the other side of the basket lay the dragon rider?s setup that she?d borrowed from Talis. A precarious smirk was on her face as she considered the piece. It was a less offensive one, made of tooled rothe leather and a thick woven webbing for the securing straps. The straps would have to be let out, as this was a set for a smaller beast, but it would work in a pinch. She didn?t know how the whole contraption would be viewed by Cael, but it was there, and she would mention it and hope that he didn?t find it utterly degrading? She figured on being carried in one of those massive paws, otherwise. Oh please, she thought, let the whole flying experience go well. She breathed out slowly and looked down at her hands. They were shaking, but only a little bit.

Shouldering the rider?s piece and picking up the picnic basket, she paused to consider what she could be forgetting. With a shrug, she turned her back on the loft and began to make her way back towards Cael?s home, determined to somehow slip back in and curl back up with him before he?d noticed she was gone. Right?, she mused, hurrying down the back stairwell and out through the shop.
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