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A Deal is a Deal? Until It?s Done

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:14 pm    Post subject: A Deal is a Deal? Until It?s Done Reply with quote

((Author?s Note: This is a cross-over thread --- Samara is one of the Fangs from The Scathachian Sanctuary. This is just the beginning of the story it will continue in multiple posts and end in the Scathachian Sanctuary. If you want to join in or get confused, let me know! I will be happy to help you with... whatever! Smile

To retain continuity, clarity and ensure everyone is on the same page: Samara has not been watching the Scathachian Sanctuary or the Sisters therefore she missed out on the gift that Dracina left for them during Yule. She is also unaware of any of the other Fangs that may still be located in Rhy?Din. After The Event, Sam has been spending much of her time working out a plan meant to summon her fellow Fangs back. The following is her story? It may not fit with the experiences of any of the other Fangs or Sisters. It in no way infers that I am ignoring their stories, or that their stories aren?t valid. If you have questions, feel free to ask! Thanks! Lan))

?They're daring me to kill again.?
~Aileen Wuornos

It had been months since The Event had swept the Fangs from the Ironhelm Flats, scattering them. Sam had been left behind in Rhy?Din, buried by a rain of stones somewhere in the depths of the Westend a few short blocks from the Ironhelm Flats. She had awakened after the powerful blast of pure, malevolent magic to find she was alone and trapped by unexpected rubble. She?d dug herself out only to return to the Flats and discover that her fellow Fangs were MIA ? Missing in Action. (Sam assumed that the Sisters of Scathach had been dealt a similar blow.) At first she?d waited around, hoping they would straggle back in as she had. But as days turned to weeks Sam realized that was not going to happen. Besides? she was getting bored doing nothing.

It was then that her hunt for her fellow Fangs began, and her path had at last led her to Howe. It was all part of her grand plan to herald them back. She?d met with Howe twice already, giving him her order for some rare and hard-to-find relics, instruments that would be useful in fulfilling her quest. He?d been rather obliging; obviously wanting to incur favor with Nocent and Dracina. He?d even mewled as much at the time of their previous meetings. He seemed unaware of their disappearances and Sam did not bother to enlighten him.

Then at the appointed date of delivery Howe was a no show.

When Sam went looking for him she realized that somehow? Mr. Howe had gotten? Lost. He was no longer ?employed? apparently at the firm, as they had so willingly informed her. Nor had he frequented Dickie?s of late (the information of which was harder to come by than that granted her by the firm.) In fact, finding Howe had been somewhat of a feat. But at last Sam had a lead. It had taken threats, violence, and a bit of blood spilling but in the end she?d gained what she needed.

Samara neared the massive structure warily suddenly feeling unsure if her source had been upfront with her. (Too bad the man was dead because at the moment she would have liked to kill him again.) Sam eyed the place suspiciously. It was a grand looking mansion in the upper North-Eastern edge of Rhy?Din, as far from the Westend as a soul could get and still remain in the city. The place looked very girly, perhaps too girly for a creature like Howe. A chill ran up her spine settling in at the nap of her neck as she neared the front door and every instinct she?d nurtured since growing up in the streets of Lynkestis screamed inside of her to run. She?d never experienced the like. Briefly she was stilled in her tracks as she adjusted to this new emotion: Fear. Instead of turning and fleeing as her intuition suggested Sam?s ire raised. A snarl fell from clenched lips and she determinedly headed towards the two large doors.

She knocked firmly and heard a satisfying echo bounce around inside; a few seconds later an unfamiliar older woman opened the door. The woman had to be in her sixties with graying hair and dead, cold eyes. It was the woman?s eyes that captured Sam?s attention. They were empty, as empty as those of the dead. Sam was very familiar with that look. She?d left a lot of corpses in her wake wearing that same vacant stare.

?May I help you?? the woman asked in a tone that suggested anything other than helping in mind.

?Who are you?? Samara demanded.

?My name is Mrs. Willa. Mrs. Ardeen Willa. And you? What business do you have here?? Mrs. Willa?s voice had taken on a demanding edge of its own.

?I?m looking for Mr. Howe. Is he here??

?And you are?? Mrs. Willa didn?t move instead she blocked the entry with her slight frame. She had no intention of letting Samara in. She stared at Sam with those eyes of a corpse - empty and vacant, lifeless as a doll?s.

?Samara.? Sam replied in a cold hardened voice. She could have muscled her way past the slight-framed woman but Sam felt there was something else at work here, something darker and far more ominous. Her gaze never left Mrs. Willa?s. If the creature wanted a battle of wills, Sam intended to best her.

?One moment please.? Mrs. Willa said in a monotone before she shut the door in Sam?s face.

Sam was surprised. She stared at the door then raised her fist with the intent to pound it down if she had to. There was no need as the door flew open to revel Mr. Howe looking at Sam practically a mirror of her surprise on his face.

?What the Hell??! How?d you find me?? He sputtered angrily.

Samara stared at the rotund little man with cold, unreadable dark eyes. She worked hard to keep the sneer from her mouth but it clung at the corners of her lips, a whisper of a threat, a dark foretelling of her baser thoughts. She would rather slaughter Howe like the Pig he was than continue association. But? To be returned to the heart of her fellowship with the Fangs, to Nocent?s side in particular, Sam would gladly walk through whatever Hell and back again. If it means dealing with the despicable pig Mr. Howe so be it. Still, Sam?s instincts screamed for blood ? Blood and carnage; for certainly that would ring loud enough for the others to hear her call.

?You are a hard man to find these days, Howe.?

?Obviously not hard enough!? Mr. Howe snapped in response with more than a hint of anger. His irritation at Samara?s unexpected visit was also apparent in his dour expression. Howe was certain that M was going to disapprove of this call more than he did. He would no doubt pay mightily for this little incursion later and he was still paying for forgetting to mention Belial was in Rhy?Din!

But he did have business with this Fang and, lucky for him, he had a few of the items she?d requested too.

?You missed our appointment.? Sam said coldly. ?We have a deal??

?Well?!? Howe growled ?Don?t just stand there, come in!? He moved his beefy frame out of the doorway and waved a meaty hand indicating Samara should come inside.

Samara looked over the exterior of Golden Oaks Hall. It was an impressive manse, but her instinct was screaming even louder now. Something was really off with the place. However, doing business out in the open was far too dangerous; only the Gods knew who might be watching. Paranoid and cautious, Sam did as Howe bade and reluctantly entered M?s house.


Twenty minutes later, Sam sauntered out of Golden Oaks Hall doing her best to hide her relief. At her side a bulging sack hung from her leather belt. Howe hadn?t had all the items she had requested but he?d had the bulk of them. She glanced over her shoulder at her host and gave him a mocking salute goodbye.

?Contact me when you have retrieved the last item.? Sam commanded.

?Just remember, we have a deal! An? don?t be sharing the information on my location with anybody Missy or I swear you?ll pay in blood and anguish!? Mr. Howe snapped before he slammed the door shut hard enough to shake the framing.

Sam turned her head back around, a smirk spreading across her lips. It was far more telling than the cool expression she wore. She was glad to be free of the place! Whatever was wrong with it? she had managed to avoid.

How he?d gotten his hands on the items she?d requested... that was a mystery she would likely never solve. But Sam didn?t really care. She had what she needed to set the wheels in motion.

It was time to put the next phase of her plan into action.

(Only the beginning? can you follow the clues?)
Huntress of Bhaal
“I am your Dark Saint, your Godsend; your Nightmare. I am without mercy. I am your GOD and I hold your fate in my bloody hands.”
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 07 Mar 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((Author's Note: This thread finishes here and can now be closed. Thanks!))
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