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DarkStar: Reigning In

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:25 pm    Post subject: DarkStar: Reigning In Reply with quote

The drowess sat in her office, choosing a large wingback in lieu of the large mahogany desk. Her demeanor was one of stoicism and cold fury. Dhaun stood at the left hand corner of her chair, sentient and stone-faced, much like her employer. Dargru was imposing as he stood by the door, a gargantuan Draconic figure that remained silent, but glared balefully as each member passed into the room and took their place. The four that she called children had been summoned and now rest in chairs before her. Xun?afein and his dear Ravie were not-so-far removed and settled nearby, as was Xavril. All eyes were on the baelnorn as she surveyed each with the cold indifference of a matron of her stature.

?Several of you are far out of control and I will not stand for any more of your impudence. Before you say anything, I will speak my mind. I expect no interruptions.? She gave pause, then continued in a low and disapproving tone:

?Faerran, you are the oldest. You are to make an example of yourself and conduct yourself as the skilled and accomplished female that you are. Primarily, you will instruct your fiancee?, or whatever you want to call him, that he is to stay out of family affairs. He is not family. He is not one of ours. He is expendable and until he is deemed worthy of induction into our midst, he will tread carefully where our business and personal affairs are concerned.?

The fey?ri shifted uncomfortably in her chair and turned that dark and unwavering gaze away from her mother with an accepting nod. She knew this would make waves, but it was their way and one man?s pride would not jeopardize millennia of tradition and culture.

?The fact that he involved himself in a fight that Phaerlay began is unacceptable. She provoked the Sshamath rogue, unneededly and out of foolish and unfounded pride. He also, as I understand, raised his voice to you over your run-in with Xavril. I will not tolerate his temper, nor his aggression towards my daughter or any associated with us. He will be told to tread carefully, or he will not survive to see your marriage bed."

She skipped over Rayvan decisively. Surprisingly enough, her so-called ?wild-child? had shown to be quite docile lately. Her mate, the shadow dragon, Cael, was a pinnacle of indifference towards the family?s business and only tended to step forth where his mate, her Rayvan, was concerned. She preferred it that way, despite his newfound interest in becoming closer to the family. The halfdrow was actually given a small and appreciative smile ? one that would not be explained. Ravie would be spared comment as well. The moon elf was not a concern to the baelnorn, nor was her choice of company, as of late. She turned her attention to Ssin, her youngest and the newest to arrive in RhyDin.

?Phaerlay, you are new here. You were born here, yes, but you no longer know your place of birth. You are spoiled and used to the ways of Sshamath. That is my fault. I should have never sent you there. I should have kept you close and seen to your upbringing myself."

?You attacked someone that I respect. That male, Xeifolnae, is more than you will ever be able to handle. You provoked him unneededly. You spoke ill to him when you have no idea of who or what he is. Had he striken you down, I would have apologized for soiling his weapons."

Phaerlay stood defiantly and sneered, ?You dare to call me foolish? He called me a c?t! I will not be spoken to like a common piece of trash. I will not be disrespected, especially by some male.?

The baelnorn stood abruptly and advanced on the drowess, rearing a hand back, slapping her daughter across the face and snarling cruelly. The younger drowess flew sideways from her and lay crumpled in the floor, sputtering blood from a split in her lower lip. She looked up, incredulous as the elder returned to her seat and composed herself once more.

?If you are quite through, I will continue.?

Phaerlay said nothing, simply stared with wide blue eyes. The dark elf, Amelyn, pressed backward in her chair and drew in a sharp breath. She dare not laugh, though the sound backed up in her throat readily.

?Amelyn, I will take this chance to apologize, on the behalf of my selfish child. She has caused you to be put out and distanced from the one that you care for. I cannot do anything to change this. But I do apologize. We will distance ourselves and, should you and he find your paths crossing again, please express my regrets so far as the damage that my Phaerlay has caused. Should I see him, I will make it clear that her behavior towards him was unsanctioned and will not be tolerated.?

"You will accompany me to Faerun tomorrow evening. We will be gone for a few days. I hope that this break from the chaos of RhyDin will help to soothe your temper and bring us back to our place as mother and daughter. You make me proud and I will not have your presence, nor your accomplishments, diminished."

Phaerlay moved to rise back into her chair then.

?Did I tell you to get up?? Talis rose to her feet again, the threat of violence looming over her youngest. The young drowess averted her eyes and stilled exactly where she was, frozen and obedient.

?Dhaun!? the baelnorn clipped and pointed to Phaerlay. As commanded, the arachnomancer stalked forward and snatched Talis? daughter up, holding her aloft before the lich by nape of neck. The young drowess writhed against the female?s grip, tears begrudgingly beginning to fall, a look of pure shock and dismay on dark features.

?Take her from my sight.?

The arachnomancer nodded stiffly and dragged the youth from the office.

?Xavril.? She snapped her fingers and pointed to the chair where Phaerlay had been previously. The half elf cringed and slid from the wall, sinking into the chair as instructed.

?You will refrain from approaching any of my daughters or associated females. My daughters are off limits. Their friends, such as Vera ? specifically, are off limits. If you are to whore around, you can do it with these common tramps and not within the confines of my family. Otherwise, I will punish you as I see fit. Is that clear??

?Yes, Talis,? came the low rumble of compliance.

The baelnorn looked to Xun?afein and made a come hither motion of one hand. He obliged. Her anger, this day, was more than any had seen in an uncomfortably long time.

?It is your responsibility to see that my orders are followed. Follow through with the plan for Tethyr. I want Xavril there by nightfall. He will remain there until I can stand the sight of him again."

The elder drow dropped into a low bow and motioned the half elf towards the door. They both left without a word on that vague command. The lich then looked up and regarded those remaining females with a cool eye and carefully chosen words:

?All of you will conduct yourselves appropriately.? She left no room for question, and finished her meeting with an abrupt, ?Now, get out.?
“Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.” - Sun Tzu
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