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Katarina Smith
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:19 am    Post subject: Dessus Reply with quote

Swan Lake

It was only a matter of time, if Katarina was honest with herself. The most well-known ballet known to living beings all around the universe would eventually take place in Rhydin. The announcement posters showed wrinkles on the walls from observant hands over several weeks. As soon as Katarina saw her name in the coveted but expected Odette/Odile role, she locked herself in a practice room often. Regardless of her expectations or desires for the role, it had to be technically and emotionally perfect. This ballet would be under scrutiny like no other ballet the troupe has done.

It wasn't the first time she had played this role. The Hope Academy had done it within her second year as a principle. She remembered the mass amount of nerves and constant drilling. But once she learned the role so well she could perform it in her sleep, they showcased her in that ballet for several seasons. At the time and at her tender age, she thought that her life experiences had helped her understand the role. Now, ten years later, she could laugh at her former self. Aside from losing Cal, twenty-year-old Katarina couldn't hold a candle to the experiences she has had over the past decade. If there was ever a time for her to be able to embrace this role, now was certainly the time.

Last week she had set up a holovid in her favorite practice room so that she could monitor herself and her progress. And when Andy had turned it off and told her to treat it like anything else, she just turned it back on.

Checking on the amount of memory she had left, she heard the door open and close. Looking up, she was slightly surprised to see the new director instead of Madame or the choreographer, "Mornin', Auden." She wouldn't call him 'Mista Glasses' to his face and kept the nickname between herself, Andy, and Leo. In truth, the black plastic frames enhanced his features well.

"Good morning, Katarina." He took a few steps forward into the room and placed his hands behind his back. "I have heard through the grapevine that you performed Odile solos for your Royal Academy audition."

"Yeah, tha's righ'. I go' a holo o' it if ya wanted ta see it." She started flipping through the small bag to see if she had it on hand.

"No, that's quite alright. I was hoping you could demonstrate it for me. I am sure you have changed and improved in the few years since the holovid."

It was an interesting observation, and one Katarina wasn't sure she believed. She hadn't really brushed on her previous performance lately, particularly with the choreography changes that were bound to be made, "Wha', righ' now?"

"If it's possible. I would like to see what yo have worked on and interpreted before making any changes." He offered her a smile.

She rubbed the back of her neck briefly. She had great muscle memory, and could recite almost any of her previous performances on a moments notice. "Yeah, sure thin'." She walked over to the music player installed in the wall and flipped through the music while she took her time to gather her thoughts and shift to something different.

Making sure the holovid was on, she moved to the correct place on the floor, "Play." When the music started, Katarina took on the persona of the alluring trickster and let all of the fluttering thoughts in her mind fade away. What mattered at the moment was a contrast of soft and sharp movements, and to convince a person to fall in love with her. The solo wasn't long, and just when Katarina felt like she could burst with expression, the music faded away.

When it ended and she stilled, Auden gave light applause, "Well done. I could see why you chose that choreography for the Royal Academy. I want this to be so classic that no one could sneeze at it."

"Thanks." She rolled out her shoulders, " Does tha' mean yer gonna do th' original endin' too, wit' happily ever afters?"

"I think so. This ballet has withstood a lot over time, but it manages to still be the most popular production. It sounds like it deserves the happy ending." He then waved his hand, "I will not disrupt your rehearsal any further. I will see you at this afternoon's rehearsal." And with that, Auden turned and left the room.

When he left, she immediately went back to the holovid and played her performance from moments ago. Auden had been right. It was not the same solo that she had auditioned with years ago. It was like taking your an diamond and making it shine. It was just the noticeable differences of understanding a role and accepting it.

She smiled slightly to herself. Maybe getting older wasn't always a bad thing in her career.
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.   printer-friendly view    Red Dragon Inn - Dragon's Mark Forum Index -> The Catacombs -> RhyDin's Ballet Troupe All times are GMT - 5 Hours
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