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We all fall down

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Tenacity Casely
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 01 May 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There are few sounds I know as well and loathe as much as the beeps produced by medical monitors. Maybe it’s because I always manage to hear them first, before any of the noises made by people shuffling around my bed. It’s a real gift.

I heard them then, and I couldn’t open my eyes to confirm the actual machine’s presence because I wasn’t quite awake enough. Just past the beeps, there was the crackling voice of a woman on a loud-speaker and sneakers up and down a tile floor. A lot of sneakers. I couldn’t yet smell the potent mix of disinfecting agents and lingering disease, but I could feel the padded bed under my body. I remembered having woken up earlier, when there’d been a guy nice enough to hold up a container for me to throw up all over. S**t. S**t, s**t. How long had I been asleep?

I must have groaned the obscenity or made some sort of noise, because someone responded: “Well, good morning, sunshine.” And I recognized it. It was a male’s voice, not terribly deep, and with the vague notion of an accent; it was the sort of accent that hides when you go looking for it, and then sneaks out to pepper a few words when you turn away. I could mimic that voice almost precisely. I’ve known it forever. I turned towards it and forced my eyes to start opening.

I found him first as a darkish, long splotch near my bed, and I started to get enough focus to make more sense of him, but not enough sense to keep me from staring at him. I was bleary-eyed, I’m sure, but I was unblinking. I was making him uncomfortable, too, because he squirmed and pulled himself out of his sprawling lean.

“I was already off-world,” he explained. “I was off-world and I got your message. Listen. You may be a lot of things—pig-headed amongst them—but you aren’t generally dramatic.” He shrugged and I saw him tilt his head to look down. “I knew you meant it.”

I must not have been on so many drugs, because all his lines fell into place and I swallowed, false-started, then actually spoke. “How’d you…?”

“Called you. Guess they’d been having trouble getting other contacts for you. Someone called back and told me you were here. …Since when are you driving?” He sounded sort of amused at the end.

I felt like I might be yet again be sick. Of course they’d had trouble getting my other contacts. My other contacts were ‘unidentified remains’. I almost didn’t hear him past that, and since I was quiet and looking down, he continued. He was still uncomfortable.

“Guess you passed out and rolled into a ditch. Just banged yourself and the ride up, a little. You’re fine.”

I’m wasn’t fine. I made a strangled noise, a sob dying in my throat, and he sat up bolt straight. “Tenacity,” he said and his voice got soft, “I’ve…heard. All the stuff. ‘Bout that place and about Co—“

I snapped instantly. “You didn’t even like him. Don’t say his na—“

“It wasn’t him!” He put his hands up and moved in to lean on the edge of my bed. “They said he’s still one of the missing just this morning. It wasn’t him.” He sighed and there was a note of relief in his words that I hadn’t expected.

“It…wasn--” I must have looked like a zombie when my words broke-down. He sat on my bed and he put his hands on my shoulders.

“No.” It seemed like he might have said more, but he shut his mouth and held me there, instead. We were both quiet for a while.

Until I said: “I can’t believe you’re here.” When I gazed up, I forgot that I was supposed to be a hard-ass. “I’ve really missed you, idiot.”

He kissed my forehead and the gesture surprised both of us. He sat back almost immediately and folded his hands in his lap. We weren’t that sentimental, generally. But the mess and the moment had shown me the necessity of that kind of affection. It was the kind that could nurture hope, once hope had been brought back from the dead.

He glanced to the door. “Food in this place sucks. Want me to sneak in some Thai?”

“Do me one better, Dane.” I sat up and assessed my soreness. He looked back over with both eyebrows raised expectantly. “Sneak in some clothes? A pair of yours will do.”

“You’re ready for that?” My brother’s concern was a slight thing. He asked for my own benefit, so I could review my decision before either of us made a move.

I was sure. With the chaos of the catastrophe still pulsing out in the other wards, I could slip out. Being able to morph into someone new just made it easier. “Go. I’ll pay my bill, later.” I even smiled as I reached to curl my hand over his.

He smiled, too. Our dust had finally settled. It was the rest of the world's that I was still waiting on.
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Cooper Gallows
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 10 Jan 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

She's never gonna be an old woman. Colt's words from their last real conversation continued to ring in Cooper's head. She kept tryin' to tell me that. I guess I finally got it.

The Georgian had been so angry that he and Tenacity wouldn't grow old together. So, bitter and yet so determined. Each word and expression had been etched into the cowboy's memory since that night, from the painful acknowledgement of a friend's imminent demise to another's emotional strain.

And now they were left to wonder if it was Colt they'd be laying to rest.

Dark thoughts persisted as he worked tirelessly in the rescue effort, because deep down, it still had to be seen as a rescue. Determined and seemingly tireless, the gurahl ignored the need for food and rest.

And when news about the call came down, it galvanized him, a loud ursine bellow announcing the bear's renewed vigor.

We're comin', Colt. Harper. Tenacity's going to need you both.
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Luca Bertand
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 17 Aug 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Surprising news coming out from the SPI Headquarters Collapse in WestEnd tonight where three survivors have been pulled from the rubble. I’m Mira Bradley--”

“And I’m Stephen Douglas. Welcome to Channel 36's Eleven O’Clock News. ”

“We’re going to take you straight to the scene tonight of the horrific SPI building collapse where our own Yolanda Miller is there on site. Yolanda?”

“Yes, Mira. I am here reporting live in WestEnd tonight where only a half an hour ago three SPI agents were pulled from the rubble two and a half days after the building's collapse. They were reportedly buried five stories underground within a vault without water and only a limited supply of oxygen.”

"Our sources tell us that one of the survivors rigged their cell phones to make continuous calls to the SPI switchboard in the hopes that as the crews cleared the debris, there would be a cell signal. The phones were programmed to transmit a code that assisted in narrowing down their whereabouts. The switchboard reported receiving the call at 5:14 this evening and renewed digging efforts began in the area where the survivors were believed to be shortly after 6 pm."

“What a remarkable story! Any word on the condition and identities of the survivors?”

“Colton Daniels, Peter Oliend, and Annie-Love Harper were the names that have been given to us by search and rescue officials but Sentinel Private Investigation has refused to give us any details as to their ages and job titles citing privacy reasons. All three have been transported to RhyDin General where hospital sources are saying that all three are in serious condition.”

“Thank you, Yolanda. We will come back to you at the end of the broadcast to discuss this late breaking story in more detail....”
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