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A Voice From the Past

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:15 pm    Post subject: A Voice From the Past Reply with quote

Here are the changes we hoped would never come
And all the other great mistakes compounded into one
A heaven for the hunger, a poison for the pain
Until pieces of the strength to dream are all that will remain
Time stands unchallenged at the falling of the years
It weaves its shadowed shapes through all our hopes and fears
A heaven for the hunger a poison for the pain
Until pieces of the strength to dream are all that will remain
All that will remain
Dougie MacLean “Hearts Can Never Hide”

Stephen had not gone down to the docks like he had told Diana he would. Instead he had retreated to a special hiding place along the coast where a small stream and lime stone canyons met the sea. Alone in the darkness Stephen felt his pulse begin to beat in time with the echoes of the waves rushing to sea.

Unburdening his soul to the sea came naturally to him, the tears that flowed freely down his cheeks did not, which caused him even greater torment. Stephen purged his soul towards the waves, alternating between talking to Robert, and drinking from the collection of rum he had brought with him. After what seemed hours he fell asleep exhausted in the sand.

When Stephen awoke it was nearly sunrise. Thousands of phosphorescent creatures created a soft blue glow to the surf. Stunned Stephen saw the figure rise from the water and approach the beach, he could not distinguish just who it was as they were back lit by the tiny glowing lights in the surf.

"She always needs taking care of. You've been looking after her?"

Stephen shook his head to try and make sense of the vision in front of him

“She wouldn’t let anyone help her even then.” The figure spoke again.

“Wha’ sort o’ dream be this then?” Stephen said aloud.

“Have you forgotten us Stephen? Are we so easy to escape? I, none of us have forgotten you.” The voice replied unmistakably female now in its tone and timber. The figure kept her distance, remaining ankle deep in the surf.

“Why did you even bother when she was so much trouble?” The figure tilted her head as she looked to Stephen for answers to her questions.

The voice, those questions Stephen knew instantly to whom he was speaking, yet could not bear to speak her name aloud. “I loved ‘er.”

“I can’t be there to look after her anymore Stephen.” The figure stated with a sad defeated note.

Stephen rose without speaking and moved towards the figure. As he neared he reached out to her, his voice barely a whisper. “I be so scared.” The figure shushed Stephen and reached out to him as well. “There is no need to be scared. Sleep now and remember the words you spoke.”

Just as his fingers began to touch hers she was gone, slipping beneath the waves.

With no recollection of how he had gotten back Stephen awoke aboard the Pride and Fury. His encounter, dream, vision whatever it was still vivid in his head. True like the figure had said he remembered the words, but now he was just as confused as ever.
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