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T minus Twelve Days and Counting

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Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:25 am    Post subject: T minus Twelve Days and Counting Reply with quote

15 July 2013

Wedding plans were well in gear and, half the time, Colleen felt more like a traffic control officer than the mother of the bride. She was on the phone in her private office when a flood of voices filled the library just outside it. "Right, lilacs. That's what planted months ago fer the ceremony 'n' that's what we're workin' wit'. They'll be lovely wit' the two shades in purple range what Rhi picked out." She paused to listen as several of her children quietly filed into the office. It nearly gave new meaning to the phrase wall to wall people. Colleen's brows shot up as she watched daughters, sons, and others flooding her personal sanctuary. One raised hand silenced the group so she could finish the chat. "Right 'n' cut the roses fresh in the mornin' from the main gardens. Ya got the color list, aye?" A moment passed. "Good then we're all set."

"Alrighty," Collie said as eyed the motley crew before her. She gestured as she spoke, "Weddin' business ta m' left, other business goes right, 'n' those wit' both ta the center."

The groups lined up as asked, it was easier that way. At front of the line in the center was Maggie. When her grandmother gestured to her with her hand open, she said, "I want to know who is hemming my dress."

Collie smiled. "I can do it if ya 'ave it 'ere 'r yer mother can." She tipped her head. "Anythin' else?"

"Yes, could I borrow a curry brush, please" Jingles has burrs in her tail. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagain!" Maggie held her palms out.

"O' course. Ya know where they are."

Her business ended, Maggie exited the office, took her sister by the hand, and headed for the stables. "Ok, Catie, time to blow up the popsicle stand!"

Rhiannon Harker chuckled at her daughters. "Blow the popsicle stand, Maggie, not blow it up."

Maggie waved dismissively at her mother. "Yeah, yeah. I got it." She stopped a moment. "When I get done with Jingles, can you hem my dress, please? 's up in Aunt Nikki's old room."

"Tell you what. Bath first, dress on, then hem."

"Okie dokie." Maggie and Catie went off on their way.

Rhiannon went to answer a knock at the front door. The door opened to reveal a tall, well dressed young woman. There was something familiar about her and, yet, Rhi couldn't get by the girl's defenses. The language, in which the golden eyed woman stated her business, was a formal court dialect. It caught the attention of those that had retreated to the library to await an audience with the lady of the house. "As you can see, she's quite busy today," Rhiannon said, "But you're welcome to wait if you like."

"I shall wait, Lady Harker." The golden eyes swept over the woman allowing her to enter as well as the hallway.

"Mrs. Harker not Lady."

"My apologies, but such is not the case from whence I have come."

The trail of those leaving the office began with Rachael MacLeod and Garrick Brock, they were heading off to unearth some sheet music that would be used for the ceremony. Four remained: Rhiannon and Nicole Brock, Diana Kidd, and the visitor. Colleen emerged from her office and studied those before her. "You two,' she gestured between Diana and Nicole, "will have to yield to the bride. So, go 'ave some lunch 'n' she'll come 'n' get ya when she's done." Lunch was waiting since Rhiannon Harker had hostess duties that day.

Colleen studied the young woman that was still waiting. "Rhi, give me a moment wit' our visitor, aye?"

"Sure." Rhiannon offered a cordial smile to both women before going into her mother's office and shutting the door.

Colleen leaned forward to study the woman child before her and murmured, "Ya can hide yerself in the deepest o' glamours from anyone 'ere, but me." She took a deep breath and leaned to whisper in her native tongue, "Ce chomh fada is ata liom, Seamair?

The answer came in the same language, "Níl se mar gheall ort, seanmháthair."

Some of the redhead's uneasiness had faded. "I'll be wit' ya shortly."

((Author's note:
"Ce chomh fada is ata liom," = "How long do I have?"
"Nil se mar gheall ort, seanmhathair" = "It's not about you, grandmother."
Specialty characters removed due to formatting issues ))
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Rhiannon Brock
Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Collie entered the office and settled in her chair. "So, yer not gettin' cold feet, are ya?"

Rhi wiggled her bare toes in the carpet and chuckled. "About marrying Eregor, no." She shook her head. "About this big hoopla of a wedding, hmmmm." She made a soso gesture with each hand. "We're still considering running off to Disney Planet."

"Ah. Too many people thinkin' it's their weddin' 'n' not yers 'n' Eregor's?"

Rhi held up an index finger. "Not too many since I said that we absolutely would elope if there was anymore talk of threats."

"What sort?"

"Let's see." She counted on her fingers."Scalping, wardrobe mutilations, pet theft, and weapon breakage. The line was drawn on the third." Rhi's eyes narrowed slightly. "No one threatens my dog."

"So, let's see. What 'ave we got covered?"

"Transportation for all, lodgings..."

"Aye, Aja's got a big block o' rooms set aside. Fer those what 're goin' ta the weddin' they're booked fer the night afore 'n' the night after. Fer those goin' ta the reception only, we got rooms booked fer after the reception." Collie leafed through her listings of who was doing what. "Transportation, yer sister's crew 'as that covered fer the guests. Fer the weddin' party, we got ..."

"Mom, what about kids? I told Matt that he and Koy could bring the kids."

Collie held up a hand. "Breathe, m'girl. Aja's got rooms set up in two resort buildin's. One is very kid friendly. I'll check again, but I think Aja said that one 'as got child care just in case the parents want ta go do somethin' as a couple."

"Aja's been fabulous about this." Rhi smiled thoughtfully. "Did you know that she promised fireworks for the end of the reception?"

"I'm not surprised on either count. She watched ya grow up, ya know."

"Speaking of people that watched me grow up, I have Jaycy and Psly's invitation ready and I need to deliver it!" Rhi's lips twitched. "I can still see her face when she was grilling Gory like he was a fine piece of steak and she was trying to season it just right."

"Jaycy's a wee slip of a thing, but anyone that underestimates 'er due ta size is in fer a rude awakenin'." Collie grinned.

"Is the carriage ready?"

"One?" Collie sounded incredulous as she held up a finger for a timeout as she reviewed yet another list. "Weve got one fer the groom 'n' 'is party. If Jacen ends up doin' double time, 'e rides wit' you. Otherwise, Tass goes wit' you. Katt 'n' Janie get one. Their escorts will be taken on their way by other means." Collie waved her hand in front of her face as if to cool off. "Now, Limeleneth, Maggie, 'n' Azure will ride wit' Nicole. Catie 'n' Rick will go wit' Elaine. They'll behave fer 'er. Since Eregor claims Ebon 'n' 'is family as 'is, I've got a carriage set fer Phen, Doran, 'n' wee Olivia. MM... one last one 'n' that'll be Darien, the girls, 'n' me."

Rhiannon lowered a dark brow as she considered something.

"Two things. Shouldn't Doran be riding with Eregor and the other men?"

"I think we'll leave that up ta 'is parents. They can discuss whether 'r not Phen will need an extra hand wit' Olivia 'r if they want ta ride as family."

"Good call." Rhi smiled then that brow twitched again. "Darien's actually going to make it?"

"Yes, 'e's makin the weddin' then takin' the girls fer some father'n' daughters time. That way, 'e's wit' 'is favorite wee folk 'n' I can play hostess fer the evenin' wit'out worryin' who's lookin' after yer little sisters." Collie let go of a breath. "Other guests 're gettin' the limo treatment."

"Considering most of us that you would ask to run herd on the pint sized Fenners will be busy, that's a perfect solution." Rhi mulled over what was already discussed. "So, transportation, lodging, ceremony site, and decorations, those are all covered."

"So 're flowers. Ya just 'eard me make that call. Then we've got Rena doin' the candles fer the centerpieces. Other than the wedding cakes, Nicole's got food covered. Ariana's got the bride's cake set. Did Eregor pick a groom's cake, yet?"

"Not that I know of, but maybe he made arrangements with Ariana on his own."

"Quite possible." Colleen nodded.

"Garrick 'n' Rachael 'ave the ceremony music covered." She clucked her tongue. "We need a DJ, but that shouldn't too be hard ta find."

"We could rent the equipment and stick Rick in the DJ booth." Rhi laughed. "You do remember he is a professional musician, right?"

Collie managed to not look like she was gobsmacked as she wrote the idea down. "We're all set fer finery then? No last minute fittin's?"

"Clothes are good. I need to check with Janie on the bachelorette party. And... I need to track down Papa. I need to get Mom Two and Aunt Chryrie their invitations." Rhiannon stood. "Once those two things are set, systems are go." She kissed her mother's cheek. "I'm really doing this!"

Rhi opened the door and gave a smile to the visitor who was patiently waiting.

Collie followed her daughter and motioned to the woman waiting in the library. "Come in, Seamair."

As she was leaving the library, Rhiannon Brock paused in the doorway. Could it be? She glance over her shoulder in time to see the office door closing. Nah. Lunch was the next order of business.
"The definition of hero never included anything about age." RDB
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Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 01 May 2005
Posts: 908
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Seamair, she thought as she settled into a chair, I suppose that's suitable enough.

Collie made a silent study of the young woman that sat before her. "Just how many languages do ya speak?"

"More than I'm willing to say." Golden green eyes looked back at Colleen. "A wise woman once told me not to give away all your secrets. Keep something only for yourself." An impish twinkle lit her eyes. "She also told me to give people enough rope and eventually they will hang themselves."

One of Collie's brow rose and the other lowered. It made for a somewhat comical expression, especially to those that didn't understand it. "Sage advice." She glanced out the window a moment. "Do you play chess?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then tell me, young lady, what are the most powerful pieces in potential and the most versatile pieces on the board?" Their eyes locked, the gauntlet had been dropped.

"Everything you could have asked and you make it a chess question?" Seamair smiled. "The most powerful in potential are the pawns. If you manage to get one all the way across the board, it can become any other piece including the most versatile, the queen."

"Chess questions often reveal how one thinks and if one thinks fer themself." She put the wedding planner book into the desk drawer. "Now, tell me, ya aren't traveling alone, are ya?"


"O' course, ya would bring someone ya trust. Not yer teacher, I think he might have attempted ta persuade you ta not come here. That leaves only one person, Seamair." The redhead took a slow breath and cleared her throat. "That is, unless somethin' ...'"

"No!" Her golden eyes widened. "He's fine."

"Mmmf," the noise she made was derisive. "Careful, young one. That could be used against ya."

"I suppose it could. A very sensitive empath would have sensed that reaction if I couldn't tame it."

"Quite so." She moved around to sit on the front of her desk. "Ever since ... the winter, I have felt echoes in the wind o' what happened many years ago." Collie took a drink from the glass of iced tea then set it back on the coaster. "They came from what could be not from what must be."

Nodding, she closed her eyes and murmured, "Yes, I know. Misfit." A clearing of her throat brought her words to a normal speaking level again. Seamair studied her elder. "I wasn't supposed to come here, not really. You see, I wasn't told just why I am here."

"Somethin' prompted ya to make yourself known to me. What is it, child?" When Collie looked at her, she saw the little girl that Seamair had once been. Instinct was to protect her, but the younger woman was better prepared than most for whatever she might have to face. "Who else knows you are here?"

She considered the questions before answering the easiest first. "I have guarded myself from being known to most down to disguising my scent. Some beings, however, know me better than others, and it is difficult to keep the Glamour in place as camouflage. So, I have not used it, save for coming here. There are, perhaps, seven, who know."

"Best ta keep it that way. Trust few with who ya truly are." She motioned for Seamair to continue.

"Threats to life and limb are never jokes. It matters not how much they sound like one."

As Seamair gathered her thoughts, Colleen's drifted to Neither is talk of adultery. It took a moment for the words to sink in then Collie's brows rose. "Who was threatened?"

She turned her head as she heard two voices in the library and answered with a name being written on Collie's stationary.

"Yer certain that it was 'er?"

"She wasn't outright named, no." Her chestnut braid swayed some as she shook her head. "What I saw and heard leads me to believe that caution is order."

"Man or woman?"


Collie lifted a finger with each of her questions. "Did ya confront her? When was this? Did ya get a name?"

"No, she does not really know me and I didn't want to call attention to myself. Sunday. And yes."

Collie held out her stationery pad. "Write down the name ... a beag ..."

"Shh... if you say that, they will know me for certain," she murmured with a quick incline of her head to the door. The requested name was written on the paper and shown to Colleen.

She muttered in an ancient form of Irish before addressing her young visitor. "So, that's how it is, eh?" Her eyes glowed green from the anger that built up in her. She handed the paper back. "Write it, write what was said." Seamair did as requested. When the words were read, Collie's brow lowered. "So, it was too loud fer ya ta hear anythin' else?"

"Yes," the answer was quiet. "Will you tell her?"

"Most likely, young one." Collie sighed. "I'm guessin' that name ya wrote is about ta come up when she gets 'er turn ta talk."

"As you know, I cannot tell her what could be. She must decide for herself." Seamair stood and leaned down to kiss Colleen's cheek.

"I'm all too aware," Colleen murmured. Suddenly, a thoughtful small appeared as Collie's brushed some stray strands of hair from the younger woman's face.. "My goodness yer tall, lass."

"It's genetic." Semair grinned. "I better be on my way."

"Ya will let me know if ya need anythin'?"

"Yes, of course. Thank you ... " The word hung unspoken in the air, but Colleen seemed to hear it just the same as Semair showed herself out.
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Fragile Fury
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Colleen took a moment to compose herself after reading the words Seamair had written. That news had been unsettling at best, especially with a happy event on the horizon. From what the young woman had told her, what amounted to hit had been requested on one of her children. In the crowded Outback, Seamair did not hear the response. The source of the request, jest or not, did not surprise the ancient. Such things were not amusing to a mother.

The clock in the first hall chimed on the quarter hour and again on the half before Collie admitted Diana into her office. Collie gestured to a chair for her daughter to sit. Silence from Colleen Fenner was much worse than being given a tongue lashing with her fearsome temper raging. Diana Kidd was more than aware of that. She also knew to remain quiet until her mother offered an opening.

Collie cleared her throat as she looked out the front window. "Diana, that name on the pad o' paper on m'desk. Ya know it?"

"Of course, I know the name. She was once married to the same man that I am now." Diana crossed her legs as she studied her mothers body language. "There are rumors that she returned." Before her mother could say anything, Diana raised a hand slightly and waved it from side to side. "I live on an island, Mother, and what time I spend away from there is at the Port, working. I don't have time for idle gossip."

Colleen turned to face her daughter. "They aren't rumors. I faced her in the recent Talon tournament. Based on what happened, I'm guessin' she didn't want it ta be known she was 'ere. At least not yet."

A dark brow lowered. "Are you saying she was in disguise?"

"Somethin' like that."

"Go on."

"From what I gathered, somethin' was said 'n' boom, bang, the lass's identity was revealed."

"Don't beat around the bush, Mother. Tell me what's on your mind."

Collie finally sunk into the chair behind her desk. She had settled on somewhere between lawyer and warrior as she studied her grown child. As often happened when she entered those states, she curbed her accent. "It is not known if the statement was made in jest or if should be taken seriously. She was overheard making what sounded like a threat to your life." She gestured for Diana to read onward.

Diana chuckled huskily and humorlessly. "So, best case scenario, she's joking and wants nothing. Worst case scenario, she wants me dead." The clock in hall ticked for a full three minutes before Diana said, "Odds are in favor of her wanting him back."

"That'd be my best guess, but it's hard ta say. They were parted fer how long afore she ... died?"

"We were together at least six months before she, shall we say, disappeared?"

"If it comes down to it, what will ya tell 'im?"

"You know that answer. You, of all people, know that answer, Mother."

Collie sighed and nodded. "Well, let's hope fer the best then."

Diana stood and kissed Colleen's cheek. "Somehow, you got around to talking about the reason I came here today."

"Mm... I'm yer mother, I'm supposed ta do things like that." She returned the kiss and stood. "If ya need ta come home..."

"I still have that loft in the hangar if things go wrong." She smiled tiredly. "I just want to get through Rhi's wedding without my problems getting in the way."

"I'll see ya, Friday night then?"

Diana gave her mother a two fingers to the temple salute and headed out the door. "You're next, Nickle Pickle." She gave her sister a cheesy grin when she used the childhood nickname.
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