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OOC :: Character Biographies

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Clara Wyatt
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 20 Apr 2017
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Jobs: Inventor, Pilot
Can Be Found: Marshton, the Adenna Embassy or Stars End, both well away from where she should be
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PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 7:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Full Name: Clara Estelle Wyatt
Nicknames: Clara-beara, Twinkle

Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human, Mechanically Enhanced
Nationality: Rhydinian
Age and DOB: 17 as of November 11th
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio

Physical Description: Tall and coltish, she brushes the 5'10" mark flat footed and weighs in around 130 lbs. All lean musculature, built for speed rather than strength. Dark haired, a shade of brown dark enough it may as well be black, and silver-blue eyes. Her left wrist has an ever present bronze cuff around it that upon closer examination appears to bolted into her flesh. It works as a conduit for a number of technological and magical enhancements while stabilizing previously crushed bones in her wrist and hand.
Rough Height/Weight/Measurements: 5’10"/130 lbs/34-25-32
Dress/Clothing Code: Practical over fashionable, she's best categorized as a bit of a tomboy. She prefer denim and cargos, loose fitting clothes that are easy to move and work in. Sneakers or boots and very very very rarely heels.
Makeup: Au natural 9 times out of 10
Distinguishing Marks: A crescent scar on the back of her neck

Personality: Talkative and friendly, she tries to make friends everywhere she goes. There's an element of social awkwardness at times, if only because she doesn't always pick up on the more subtle social cues. Still, she loves people and will do her best to learn about those around her
Likes: Flying, tinkering, talking
Afraid Of/Phobias: Blood, excessive violence/conflict, being separated from her loved ones
Takes Pride In: Her mechanical inclinations and her innovation
Relaxes By: Taking things apart
Trusts: Fairly easily, she's a little naive

History/Background: Born in Rhydin in 2018 to Raven and Henry Wyatt, she spent her formative years either in the city or near Stars End with her family. Her early schooling was done at St. Mary's Catholic School and later through a correspondence class specially tailored to her abilities. Early in 2035, a mistake sent her (and possibly others) back in time with no discernible way back home.
Mate/BF/GF/Significant Other: Jake Gallows
Length of Relationship: Not very long but they've been BFFs forever
Powers/Special Abilities: Very left brained, she's logical and mechanically inclined and sports a genius level IQ. Tech is her favorite thing after flying. Beyond that, she carries a large amount of latent magical power in her blood though she's not particularly adept at harnessing it in a productive manner.
How Were They Acquired?: Her magic potential is passed through her mother's line, while her love of flying and love of mechanics comes from her engineer father.
Currently Lives: Rhy'Din City, Rhy'Din
Past Residences: Stars End Sector, Rhy'Din
Theme Song(s): --
Family: Mother: Raven Wyatt. Father: Henry Wyatt. Older Sister: Adelaide Wyatt. Oldest Sister: Addie MacKenzie.

Friends: Liyun Takamine, Malik Naharis, Edward Ives, Jake Gallows, Eolai Sealgaire, Kieran MacKenzie, Juneichi, Ling Ling Cool Chae, Trick Richie, Sain Sealgaire, Morgan Chae, Mist the Sparkle God, Ed
Pets: Shadowcat (Spectral Maine Coon)
Job/Occupation: Student, pilot in training

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