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Mirror, Mirror: Twin Giants [Mature, NSFW]

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Kuori Helston
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 25 Aug 2011
Posts: 73
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Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: Around Helston Manor or Holdings
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A long day at work brought Thea home later than usual, stifling a yawn as she approached her own door. She'd taken to wearing the collar again while she was working - too many people were antsy about getting shocked, however unlikely it was to happen. One finger scratched at her skin beneath the worked metal as she reached to put the key in the lock ... and paused, frowning at the broken handle. Dropping her bag down to free her hands, she rippled her fingers, igniting sparks, and carefully eased inside, reaching for the light switch. "Hello?"

Silence accompanies her words save for the click of the light switch that fails in its job to bring forth light to her home.

Suspicion bloomed in Thea's expression as she waited for her eyes to adjust, not bothering to test the switch again. She didn't have any weapons, save the baseball bat beside her bed, or a knife from the kitchen, and she was loath to use her natural spark to hurt anyone. With any luck, whoever had broken in was long gone. Still cautious, she edged through the main room, sliding a hand through the door to her bedroom to test the light switch in there.

The light flicks on to a disturbing sight. Her bedroom ransacked. The mattress flipped over along with most of her garments littering the floor. Bras, panties, hosiery and clothes all.

The peripheral glimpse of what had been done to her bedroom was enough to draw her full attention, disturbed by the attention to detail that seemed to have been spent on emptying her closet of everything she owned. "What the *** ..." Forgetting to check the darkened room behind her any further, she turned to step into the bedroom, a sick feeling rising in her stomach at the thought of someone doing this to her home.

Three steps in, something squishes between her toes. Crusted at the edges, a look down reveals a blue pair of hosiery, stained in something white.

Glancing down, Thea's frown deepened. This was growing more disturbing by the minute. Bending, she picked up the soiled item carefully, sniffing at it. "Oh, that's disgusting ..." She dropped the blue cloth quickly, wiping her hand on her yoga pants as she straightened up again.

"Well, I couldn't wait for you to get home..." a voice booms from behind her. Right on it's heels, a hand clamps over her mouth, the cloth reeks of strange chemicals as she's hoisted up into a powerful bear of a hug.

"Wh -" Whatever she might have said or done, they wouldn't ever know. Lifted off her feet, Thea screamed into the closeting muffle of the hand that had covered her mouth and nose, forced to breathe in whatever the cloth was soaked in as she thrashed in the grip that wrapped about her. Her last thought as the chemicals overwhelmed her senses was this ... that there was only one person she knew who could move so silently and yet be so strong. But why? As consciousness faded, her flailing limbs grew heavy, and she fell limp in the grip of her captor, entirely at their mercy.

When Thea awakens, she finds herself chained to a table with something is wedged into her mouth, holding it in a wide oval. Her surroundings are of stone and and conveyors, an old factory of some sort. A cooing purr of a laugh comes from somewhere off to her right.

"You're awake. Good." The words are dark, husky, and full of promise. Thea's abductor advances into the light with a full lipped smile. With clothing on, the indomitable goliath came off as intimidating. Bereft of all garments, she’s absolutely sinister. Every steady breath causes an undulation of flesh down her powerful torso. The interplay of muscles display a choreography in the pursuit of physical perfection.

"It's been so long, I just had to have you..." she whispers beside Thea's ear. Her eyes are wide, manic, as she bends down to lay her head on the woman's chest.

"Please don't be mad at me, Thea. I don't like it when you're mad." The words contrast with her every action as Kuori's hands grip Thea's shirt, ripping it open in a single tug.

The sudden savagery that tore her shirt open makes Thea shriek. She flinches back as far as the chains would allow her, unable to cover herself. "Ples ... plese, Kori, don't do dis," she heard herself beg, frightened for the first time of the goliathess. The same endearing woman who had become such a treasured friend over the past months. "You don't want do dis. Nod lie dis." The object in her mouth making it impossible to enunciate. Thea keeps slurping down her own drool, feeling it pool around her gums.

"You don't understand. I need this." Despite her size, the words are soft with yearning. Her mouth closes over Thea's.

[i]I will not cry. I will not give in …[i/] Concentration shatters as she shakes violently feeling hot liquid trickle from between her legs.

"Get off her!" The voice that comes from Kuori isn't the same that's been torturing her. Filled with a white anger, there comes a deafening crash. A fist sends the massive woman flying off of Thea with jarring force.

The shock of that strike rippled through Thea's bound form as well. She gasped, choking on the fluid collected on her tongue, coughing violently as she renewed her struggles to get loose. That voice ... it had sounded like Kuori, but ... Confusion didn't have room to be felt in the maelstrom of pain, anger, and fear, panic giving her the strength to hurt herself with the bite of the chains into ankles and wrists.

A powerful hand shatters the chains binding Thea in place followed by thick, black fingers undoing the rig about her face. All in a flash of dark skin and heaving breasts. "Run Thea! Before..." then she's gone, appearing to be thrown backwards where a section of wall collapses. It all takes place just beyond the light around her.

Breathless, coughing, she rolled away from the chains that had held her, not needing to be told twice to run. Who had saved her, she wondered. What the hell was going on? It couldn't be Kuori, could it? And if her rescuer, suddenly thrown away, was Kuori, then who had been wearing her face? Spitting a mouthful of bile and vomit, Thea scrambled to get away, ignoring the scrape of stone against her hands and knees, stumbling onto her feet as she ran in the first direction that came to her.

Thunder rattles the rafters behind her fleeing form. The sound of two titans waging war.
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Kuori Helston
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 25 Aug 2011
Posts: 73
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Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: Around Helston Manor or Holdings
9324.14 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Temple of Chryrie looms like a beacon for the disenfranchised women of Rhydin. The abused, the lost, the scorned, and the wounded are all welcome. That isn't the case for some. Especially not when they've been branded for a truly heinous act. There are some bridges that once they've been burned, are just broken chasms.

A figure moves through the halls quietly, especially for one so large. It times every darting movement with the guttering nuances of torch light. Stealth is something the figure is not a stranger too. If anything, rather adept at moving quickly and quietly.

This night is planned, she needed to see Thea. To speak with her. Two days of observing from a far, just to speak with someone she was so close to. More than a friend, sister, even lover. Thea was family.

She pulls up short to a corner and listens closely. it wouldn't do to be caught unawares in this of all places. She holds her cloak close to her chest. The garment is torn and stained from where she found it in the gutters of an alley. Stained. Much like her reputation. Years of work, broken, for what?

Eventually Kuori reaches the door to Thea's chambers. With one final look about herself, she slips inside. The heavy door creaking gently.

It had been a few weeks since Thea had come to the Temple, bruised inside and out, shaken to the core by what had happened. Most of that time had been spent here in these chambers; she was too shaken to trust the world beyond the walls just yet. Visitors came and went, well-wishes arrived, and she still struggled.

It wasn't the injuries that had done so much damage - indeed, she'd been lucky to escape with a few bruises and cuts. No, it was the biting shock of being betrayed by someone she had trusted, someone she had opened up to in a way she had done with very few others. The violation of that trust would be with her for a very long time to come.

As the heavy door creaked softly, alerting her to the arrival of someone else into what had become her safe place, she sighed, rolling onto her back on the bed to look over at the door. A moment later, she was up on her feet, her eyes wide and wild with genuine fear as her hand groped for something, anything, she might be able to use as a weapon.

That look. Like a dagger, twisting into her soul.Gazing upon Thea, the powerfully built Kuori couldn't have felt smaller. Hands up, palms out, she looks upon Thea in utter anguish. "I just want to talk..."

Kuori's voice is a rushed whisper across the space. She doesn't move from her spot near the door, if anything, fully ready to run the way she came. "I need to talk..." she pleads.

"It was you." Spoken softly, but with conviction, those words were painful enough to say, let alone to hear. "Two people knew where my apartment was. You, and Emer. But it wasn't Emer who broke in, who trashed my bedroom, who knocked me out, and ..." She shuddered, shaking her head, taking a firmer grip on the candlestick in her hands. "Why?"
Kuori shakes her head in defiance of Thea's accusation. Gripping her head in her scalp, she combs strong fingers through her hair as if to straighten out her own thoughts. "It wasn't me, I wouldn't, ever..."

Her thick accent cracks and breaks. Furiously she shakes her head at how broken her world has gotten. The cloak slips, gapes, revealing a tattered and torn white dress beneath. Her bare feet are muddied with filfth from hiding. The hem of the dress about her calves is gray and wet from stooping. "I know how this all looks, but I need you to beleive me. It wasn't me...."

Electricity crackled along the shaken masseuse's skin as she shuddered again, taking a step further back. "Who was it, then?" she demanded to know. "How could someone else possibly know so much about me - enough to take advantage of me without even a hint of danger to themselves?"

"I don't know..." she says. Her words barely above a whisper, almost inaudible.

"First at home, someone attacked me in the bathroom." She goes back to the beginning. "Woke up, my bedroom trashed, the puppies scared. Messages on my phone saying I bedded coworkers.." She shakes her head, shuddering.

"I don't know...nothing makes sense. I knew what was being done to you, could feel it. Seeing myself on top of you..." another shudder, Kuori looks as if she's about to completely wretch.

Kuori wasn't the only one sickened by that memory. Thea's stomach turned over, the color draining from her face. "Don't ..." she whispered, not wanting to go back to that moment, even in her mind. The moment when someone she had considered to be her best friend broke every bond of trust in seeking out her own desires without a care for the consequences. "What is going on?"

For what feels like the hundreth time, she can only whisper. "I don't know...."

Then a shuddering breath as she stands just a little taller. "But I'm trying to find out. I needed to know you were.." what could she say? Safe? All right?

"I should go. Vyska's very skilled at hunting..." She stands there, looking at Thea in utter defeat.

A part of Thea wanted to reach out to her, to help the woman who had been her friend through whatever was happening. But that part was tiny when compared to the rest of her; the rest that remembered pain and torment of a sort under familiar hands, deeply afraid of inviting more of the same if she showed even a hint of weakening. She shook her head violently, swallowing hard as she looked away from Kuori. "Just go," she whispered, hot tears already splashing onto her cheeks. "Please, just go."

Just go. Two words that hurt the most. "Thea...I..." she starts to protest, a hand reaching out to her friend. A hand that falls short.

The door is left open in her retreat from the room. For a long moment, there was silence in her wake. Then quiet, heart wrenching sobs, barely muffled, reaching out to touch the goliathess' ears in her retreat. The damage had already been done.
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Kuori Helston
Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

Joined: 25 Aug 2011
Posts: 73
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Jobs: City Guard, Sword for Hire
Can Be Found: Around Helston Manor or Holdings
9324.14 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A restless sleep finds the normally indomitable woman from the mountains feeling haggard and drained. Hours spent riding the border realm between wakeful and true sleep. She could feel her other self prowling the edges of her consciousness. It's primal urges dripping into her thoughts like a faucet that refuses to seal properly. And the worst part, she started to like what it had in mind. The havoc it wanted to wreak. Abandon all senses in pursuit of physical perfection and a swath of domination.

A heavy shudder courses through her powerful back as she approaches the Brambles. Kuori knows of Thorn and Roan's villa, but not where. This would have to do. She looks up and down the crosswalk from under the tattered cloak covering her. It doesn't do much to hide her, however the patchwork repairs and her own size cause more than a few to cross the street rather than walk past her.

Kuori's legs clear the street in next to an instant as she ducks within the Brambles.

The redneck's wandering, taking sometime after scouting potential lots to tear down and rebuild as parks to just, breathe and consider. A few moments stolen to ease up and relax.

Around her the courtyard of the Brambles was alive with the sound of water burbling into a small pond, trickling down a copper rainchain from a stone backed waterwall, the murmur of voices in quiet conversation. And still, even with people about there was privacy afforded.

Such was the design of the place, and the courtyard, that if you so wished, you could be utterly alone and less than three feet from another person.

At the moment the redneck was feeding the colorful koi that swam lazily through the green depths of the pond and threaded around and through the water plants. Laughing quietly, gaily, as a particularly bold fellow in silver and grey nudged its back against her hand for a stroke as well as a treat.

Kuori's arrival was not one to have been missed, and the tail end of Thorn's laugh caught the other woman even as her smile reached out across the distance in warm welcome.

The laughter is heard, but not returned as Kuori stands in place. A still point in the distance. She hesitates before advancing in forced steps. By the strain on her face, she's fighting for every determined step. Her face is smeared with grime the closer she gets to Thorn. The ends of her normallly lustrious red hair are split and frayed from several days without care.

The Brambles was, is, a welcoming place with all the hearth fire warmth that the redneck herself exudes. A place of comfort and soothing. At least for those who can, or will accept it.
Something told the redneck that, currently, Kuori wasn't in a place to accept it. The sound in Thorn's throat was distress and concern tangled with worry. As Kuori neared the redneck, the blonde's nature reached out to her surroundings.

The distance Kuori had to cross shortened, while that between their little pocketand the others widened. A bubble created just like that; they'd might as well be the only ones there currently.
And yet. And yet, even with that assurance of privacy and discretion, she waited to speak. Just offered a place for the giant to settle if she could, a safe place.

Though her stance is stoic, spine straight with her head high, Kuori's eyes are wide. Even a little fearful, manic. "Thorn..." the woman's name a plea.

Whatever the redneck did around them is beyond her ability to comprehend. Magics and spacial manipulation a thing she'd never understand in a hundred lifetimes. "I..." her tongue flounders for what has to be said next. Her desire to find answers ripping them from her lips even as every fiber is screaming to not be so weak. "Need help..."

I need help. Words only said by the strongest of people. Able to admit they've reached the end of their tether.

That unspoken plea took hold, tangled its way around the redneck's heart and squeezed. The warmth, the friendly welcome and constantly there offer of comfort throbbed in response. Pulsed outward to encompass the other woman even as Thorn herself rose and, in a pose that might seem ludicrous to some, opened her arms for the giant-woman.

"Aww baby. Tell me." Simple words without a lick of command behind them. Plainly an offer, a suggestion, an invitation. Something was drastically wrong and she'd do her level best to help the other woman in anyway she could.

The Abyss would open and all of its inhabitants go on a earthly vacation before Kuori ever actually shed a tear. However, the connection of her knees hitting the ground is a deafening knell in itself. Even felled as she is, Kuori remains taller than Thorn.

No longer holding the cloak tight to herself, it falls around Kuori's legs. Her clothing is shredded and torn as through she'd barely escaped with her life. Modesty be damned as she moves forward and places her head on Thorn's shoulder. "I'm losing my mind..." she whispers gently.

Taller or not, the redneck wrapped her arms around Kuori as far as they'd reach and held on. One hand came up to stroke and pet that strained and splilt mane of red. Cheek pressed to temple, the woman quietly offered comfort and connection, a grounded and centered place to hold to and be held by.

Kuori's whisper, the gentle confession of the something that had been off about her friend for some time now had Thorn nodding, a slow, near tender drag of skin over skin before she kissed the woman'sbrow. "What's been happening love?"

As of yet, she'd make no comment upon the state Kuori's clothes, skin, hair, appearances were in. They were signs, symptoms to be dealt with later.

"I've hurt people..." she murmurs against Thorn's neck. Kuori's breath comes in hot blasts.

" best friend." she continues. Her arms slowly wrap around Thorn, not nearly clinging to the other woman while being drawn in.

The petting, the soothing stroke of her hands flowed down Kuori's hair and across her shoulders in a continuous, smooth loop that seemed tireless.

"Why did you hurt them?" In some cases, possibly this as well, the how and the why were tangled together in a way that asking after the right one first, would kick loose both at once.

She'd hold on as long as Kuori needed her to. As long as the other woman could and would accept it. Reaching out, trusting enough to reach out was hard enough without feeling futher out in the cold while doing it.

Because it was fun... The malevolent words threaten to spill from her lips before they're choked back in a gasp. "I don't know why..." Once more that intimate whisper into Thorn's neck.

"I saw what I did to them, like in a dream...." Kuori trails off in a steadying shudder.

Someone, something knows why. Words unspoken, not a hint at their potential given. The choked gasp, so reminiscent of days long gone had her humming briefly, a hushing, soothing sound as one would for a distraught friend. A loved one.

"Like in a dream." A murmured echo in thoughtful tones. "You, but not you?"

Retribution, repayment, penance for those as-of-yet unowned acts would come eventually. For the now the redneck's intent was to steady her friend, help her find her own footing amid the morass of guilt and fear and terror and a thousand other bitter-bile salted emotions.

"Left Jak for dead in a cave..." she begins feeling her throat constrict. Like a hand is closing around her windpipe, threatening to crush it if she confesses any more. "Raped....Thea, took her from her home...."

Head to knees, Kuori is shaking in Thorn's arms. Disgusted and angry all at once by deluge of admission coming from her lips. "Humiliated men at work, emasculated them in front of others because they deserved it..." The words become harder to force out from between her teeth.

"I saw myself do all these things, but I wasn't in control. I lost control...."

For the span of a blink her hand stills, pauses in its soothing petting when Kuori's confessions begin before picking right up again.

"Lost control of yourself, or someone, something else Kuori?" She didn't offer absolution, because that wasn't her place. Wasn't her charge. Instead she offered help to change what could be changed. Support in facing what, eventually, would have to be faced.

A hand up while walking a path.

Her rats nest of sullied red shifts as she shakes her head. She doesn't know. "I heard myself, saw everything...felt...everything."

"and I liked it...enjoyed overpowering...knowing they couldn't..." she chokes on every word feeling her tongue start to swell i her own throat. A mind of it's own, she feels a powerful surge course through her muscles.

In an instant, her arms are crushing around Thorn as she surges to her feet. "And they deserved it for being weak and vulnerable!"

The broken, ragged speech pattern ends. Like a switch being thrown, her words become deep, silken, domineering. A whole different personality in the words, but all the same voice.

Whatever she might've said to Kuori, whatever she might've said to soothe and reassure the giant-woman was lost in that change. The suddenness of it was surprising.

It was likely the surprise that had her still for a heartbeat's span. Amethyst eyes narrowed, all the warmth and welcome smothered in brittle cold. And the hearth fire's warmth within her went from tender and kind, to raging.

Hot enough to melt and warp stone before the other woman's last word died in the air. Here was a Power wrapped in giant's arms. This was no easy meat.

"Let me go, or die here." Coldly, calmly, utterly truth. Much as she loved Kuori, she'd sear the woman to ash and cinder to stop the other.

Undeterred by the words, the shift within Thorn, her arms squeeze powerfully as she says. "There's the real you...thought you'd never come out." Not taunting, not mocking. An admission followed by velvety insane laughter.

"I'm always the real me." Power touched or not, the redneck was always herself.

Wrists snapped up, her hands tipped down. Handflowers flowed and shifted as the metal receded, ran down her wrists and hands to pool at the base of her fingers before coalescing, stretching into blades. Long enough, sharp enough, strong enough, to pierce the scaled hide of a Wyrm, four per hand curving forward. Curling to press against Kuori's skin at the nape of her neck and throat. The heat surged, stealing the oxygen from the air and sending the fish to deeper waters in the now steaming pond. Stone cracked and softened under the giant's feet.

"Last chance."

A darkness floats behind Kuori's eyes, looking out behind their lovely shade. "Yes, yes it is...." Legs bend slightly and then hurl them skyward.

"No." Blades bit and dug where they'd tickled moments before. And whether or not they did damage, the redneck was gone. Shadows and shade pooled between them, and through those the redneck stepped.

Once more on the ground. This time outside the Brambles.

"This place is closed to you." Power sang in the Sealing. The giantess would no longer be allowed to enter the Brambles.

The landing is heavy when Kuori comes down. Cobble and asphalt crack and splinter in a webwork around her frame. Blood flows in a river from the wounds about her neck. Her smile remains as she looks down at her own reflection. Kuori's facial features twist and contort. Two minds fighting for control of a single face as she collapses in a growing pool of her own blood. "You've no friends left...I win..."

Closed as the Brambles were, the redneck was not. Right hand snapped again, reversing the motion that had enacted the spell that brought about the blades. Bare handed there now, and cautious, she approached. Her left hand poised in what would be a mortally damaging strike should it be needed, she wasn't dropping her guard.

Mindless of the blood she walked through the redneck checked the giant's pulse, and cast a spell to seal the wounds. To close the flesh to prevent further blood loss.

"Now, what the *** am I going to do with you?" A rhetorical question really, as for the moment, the only thing she could do was bind the other woman and pen her. And hope that would hold her.

Time moves slowly when it feels like you’re dying. Floating in the space between wakefulness and a deep sleep, Kuori’s mind wanders. A steady chill builds.
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