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Ideas in the Dark.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:05 pm    Post subject: Ideas in the Dark. Reply with quote

Somewhere, out far in the docks, looking over the dirty waters that polluted the docks and ships that boarded close, was a warehouse. Nothing too strange. Decrepit. Ageing. Peeling. But behind barred doors, there were other thoughts drifting within, looking past the shoddy exterior...

Large enough.


Plenty of room for improvement.

Still smells of bloody fish...The previous owners will need to be contacted about this appalling stench.

Footsteps lifted in the dank, empty space of the interior, sharp clicks of thick, leather heels formed with each one as he casually strolled through the area as though a walk through the park. Care free. Contemplating. The area seemed to suit him well, the dark hall moulding against his black attire as though shadows formed the basis of his suit, yet the crimson tie struck out like a river of blood down from his neck, glistening in whatever murky light passed through the high, side windows, stained yellow. One finger, boney and sharp, tapped his rough chin whilst eyes of dark brown tracked each corner of the large room with a neutral expression. A faint noise buzzed from shut lips, until eventually they broke free to let the first few soft words fill the hall,

"I can work with this."

Heels shifted on the cold, damp floor of solid stone, no reason to be fancy here, it was more for practical use than aesthetics at first...But when the cash flows in...There will be changes. But dreams had to be achieved rather than just milled about and soon forgotten, take that chance. Fingers swept through the wave of thick, oily hair that snaked back till it ended in a slick dagger's point to the back of his neck, and finally he smiled.

Sharp and pointed, it stabbed at his cheeks and forced flesh back into two sets of jagged dimples beneath the bristles of dark hair, thin thinning as they were stretched wide enough that he could almost touch ear to ear. Two rows of thick, glistening white teeth snapped together in rich enjoyment, like the predator who found his perfect lair, able to calculate and strike the prey from, to go and lick his wounds and strike out once more. Thoughts flew through his head, dizzying and wild but he'd manage to breathe slowly, warm air lost in the humid stank of the warehouse.

"And I like it."
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