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A Nightmare of a Wild Card

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Jaycy Ashleana
Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Joined: 26 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:33 pm    Post subject: A Nightmare of a Wild Card Reply with quote

August 3, late in the evening.

One hand on the black hilt of the sword sheathed at her hip, she came into view of the Inn from a nearby side road and ascended the steps to the porch of the famous town centerpiece. As had been the norm, lately, she was covered neck to ankle in protective black fighting leathers, silver-streaked red hair in a no-nonsense single long braid down her back. Almost immediately Gem noted her and waved in hello.

Jaycy caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and she paused near the door, stepping aside long enough for a proper return greeting. That greeting was a polite nod, though eyes widened as she spied one of Gem's companions. "Skid," she grated, nodding to him as well.

Skid was in fine fettle despite a horrific loss in the Outback?s tournament that evening, especially as no one made mention of the imprint upon his face. Until Jaycy spoke to him. He looked her over, relatively warm. "Jaycy," until he spied something on her hip, "...It's been quite a while."

"It has," she quietly agreed. "It was nice to see you again." Her words held little of the warmth normally associated with her interactions with him, and after the pleasantries concluded she turned about to make her way into the Inn proper. She knew it was impolite to ignore the others but she needed to put as much distance between the two of them as possible, as quickly as possible.

"Jaycy." His voice had been stripped of cordiality. "Will you walk with me." The others peered at the monster with more than a little confusion, never having heard such a tone emanate from him before.

A long pause, heartbeat filling the redhead?s ears. Finally, she returned her focus to Skid, green-gold eyes shifting to meet his singular one. "Aye. Lead on." The distance remained in her voice, as well as the faint quiver nervousness brought. Her attention turned briefly to the others nearby, but soon her focus was drawn back to the Nightmare who, likely very soon, was going to be quite a bit more grumpy with her than his tone seemed to convey he already was.

What amounted to a hateful sneer distorted the mask as Skid turned about, avoiding eye contact with anyone there. He marched into the street and towards the Market; his tail arched tight behind him, and his fingers curled into fists.

Her head at least high when he wasn't glaring at her, she made tracks down the stairs in his wake, fingers curling ever tighter around the black hilt. The others might have followed and drifted away after a time, but she never noticed. All her attention was centered on the being.

He stopped at the fountain, and turned around slowly. He could barely contain the disgust in his voice. "Where did you get it."

Her steps were slower - she wasn't looking forward to this - but she did reach the fountain just in time to face the figurative firing squad contained in the monster. "I made it," she answered, aiming to keep her tone polite and calm in contrast to his obvious distaste. "I ripped my own rib out of my own body and had it made, because I needed it."

"You made it?" There was no chance of containing his displeasure. "You made something so sickening. And for what? Why do you need it?"

A deep breath and then a slow exhale. Remain calm, Jaycy. Don't fight his fire with your own. Another breath. "Because your ... girlfiriend ... or whatever she is to you, has two daggers just like it. One she used several years ago to attempt to kill Pslyder. My husband. Who has been permanently injured because of the attack." She leveled her gaze on him. "And a few weeks ago she promised to leave me .... alone." The pause that came between the words was intentional, the recurring threat to Psly's life implied in it.

"She is everything to me." His face darkened, and his brow tightened in some kind of silent seething... Rage, with the revelation of Dawn's possession of such weapons. "And she will not long possess such abominations." "

What will you do, then?" The moment passed. "Will you attempt to slaughter her? Be as vicious as she is?" He already seemed to be calming down.

A brow lifted, then, and she dared to allow a hint of contempt to seek into her voice. "And how do you intend to stop her, Skid? Ask her pretty please give me those two daggers you have? Do you think she just will, and give up her goals of revenge?" Her shining moment of anger then faded as swiftly as his did. "No. She will live because of you, and our feelings for you. I will not kill her. But I will defend the one who is everything to me."

He smirked in answering her volley of questions. "I will take them from her." Plainly. "So you will have no cause to defend anything. You will have no use for that wretched construct."

"Really, Skid?" She sighed, anger deflating fully even as her shoulders slumped and she moved to sit on the edge of the fountain. "Do you think she's going to give up wanting to destroy me and everything I love just because those daggers might be gone?" Looking up to him, a sheen of tears might have been forming at the corners of her eyes. "She blames me - not her body-mother, but me - for her father's death. And she blames Psly for what happened between us. I am, to her, a 'false dragon 'mongrel.' Do you really think I'm ever going to be safe from her?"

"She will give it up for her own reasons." Flat. "You think you can solve your problems with brute force? With death threats?" He turned, listened and sighed, but leaned close to her for this. "You can solve your problems in only one way."

Her mouth open and then snapped shut again, brows lifting a little in silent question.

"Me." He was completely, deadly serious.
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Jaycy Ashleana
Adult Wyrm
Adult Wyrm

Joined: 26 Oct 2006
Posts: 191
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Jobs: Sword for Hire, Messenger
Can Be Found: Her ship, with various friends, or at the dueling Arena and Outback
11851.72 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A barked laugh escaped. "You." She echoed. "I love you, Skid, but ... " The sentence trailed off as she shook her head. "I'm not threatening her death, or using brute force. I just want Psly and I to be left alone. If you can do that..." Brows lifted again, this time in skepticism. "... if anything can do that, I'll destroy the weapon." She paused, then finally admitted. "I don't want it anywhere near Psly; it's too dangerous. But." And her tone took on the fierce protectiveness. "... I'll do what I have to do to keep me and mine safe."

"I can do it. But you have to give it to me when the time comes. I don't care if it came from you. I don't about any extenuating circumstances. You have all but destroyed my faith in you by creating this monstrosity, and you will only regain it by letting me dispose of it myself." He looked at her, even. "Do we have an agreement?"

"Aye, we do." There wasn't even a moment's hesitation in her answer. She looked up to him, toward that singular eye of his. "We have an agreement." She put all her faith in those words, in him. For once there were no contingencies, no stipulations as to how it would be determined that he would have 'suceeded.' For once, though, she interestingly didn't seem deflated by his condemnation of her. In fact, she seemed stronger in the face of it, truly convicted in her belief she what she'd done was necessary and right.

"What is your plan to kill her, then." Immediately.

"I don't plan to kill her, Skid," she replied evenly. "At most we planned to trap her, to trade her life for the daggers. But because of you, we would not kill her. Out of respect for your feelings for her. Because of my feelings for you." She felt compelled to add to her answer almost immediately after stating her first intention; full disclosure was demanded and then given.

"Your plan will fail." He responded, plainly. "She is smarter than you. She is smarter than me, in most ways." He sat down next to her. "You will be lulled into a false sense of empowerment, and then you will be torn down to your very foundations. She will win." He turned then, to look at her. "You will allow this to happen."

Brows furrowed at his admission. "I doubt that, hon. That she's smarter than yo -- what?" Creased lines increased on the forehead as he further confused her. "Let her ... kill us? Or do you mean if we don't do anything we'll let it happen?"

He ignored her assertion. Even if it were true, and in all likeliness it was, he needed Jaycy to think that Dawn was smarter than him. To impress upon her how important it was that she do exactly as he said. "She will not kill you. Not right away. She is as theatrical as Anubis."

"Let her trap us, then," she amended.

"She needs you to watch her, to acknowledge her victory and your defeat. Otherwise it's meaningless. She will kill Pslyder first. You will ask her not to but that's what she's hoping you will do-" His head jerked to the side, and he stared off into space with a disconcerted look for a few moments.

The frown returned but she nodded slowly, mutely, allowing him time to collect whatever thoughts he needed to manage before continuing with his plan.

"I.. What did... Oh, of course. She wants you to beg for him before she takes him away from you. This will be how you buy the time I need to get to you."
"Alright..." she agreed slowly. "And, erm, how should we let her trap us? When? What should we do while I'm begging for her not to kill him?" She paused. "More importantly," her voice gentled when she continued. "How would you saving us cause her to feel victory?"

"You will attempt to trap her. You will carry on as though we never had this conversation. You will take every precaution to make sure she is alone and helpless and you will trap her." An eyeridge rose. "It will not work, and you will be trapped."

She gave another slow nod, watching him closely, fingers white from digging into that damnable hilt.

"She will crucify you. Or something like that. You'll probably be facing each other. Or he'll be hanging over you. I don't know. She's moody when she thinks out loud about it." He waved it aside. "I will not be saving you." He put a finger up. "I will be punishing her. The distinction is important."

The sour look on her face indicated her displeasure at this plan, but her silence indicated acquiescence to his designs. "The distinction is important," she agreed. "We don't like it, but... aye." She purposely denoted the dual pronoun to let him know she had already silently conferred with Psly - there could be no plan without agreement from him - and had found it disgusting but necessary.

"If she thinks I'm saving you specifically, her victory will be denied." Blinking hard, coming back from some kind of daze. "That cannot be allowed. That is the point at which I will begin to distort things. And retrieve those abominations from her."

"And we will leave her alone as she does us." She finished. That tiny terrified quiver remained in her voice with those few words.

"Yes." Skid said easily. "Or your bull-headedness will undoubtedly strike a feud that will end with everyone either of you ever knew killing one another." Judging by the tone, he was talking about both of the women.

She suddenly fell back into the fountain, cascading water all about. What she meant to do was leap up to her feet, but she .... well. She tripped over herself. A dark, unbidden growl rumbled from deep within. "Skid, I need to go." Kids? Psly decided he needed to tell her he wanted kids now?

"We'd planned to trap her the night I dueled challenge next." Her words came quickly, perfunctorily. She suddenly had something else on her mind.

"Very well. I will see you when you need me most. Remember, we did not discuss this, and you will undoubtedly die if you deviate from this plan." He stood up, and stretched. "I wish I could say it was nice seeing you, Jaycy, but it wasn't." The ground at the side of the fountain to the left of Skid exploded, the debris and shrapnel of the piping beneath the ground moving out past him, then stopping and pulling him back into the ground where it had come from. When it settled, everything was as it should've been, but for the scent of burnt ash and oak, as well as an absence of Skid.

(( Adapted from live play! ))
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