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Oops - Through the Looking Glass

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Ammy Spiritor
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Great Wyrm

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ammy soon found herself abandoning her appetite for cookies leaving the plate alone to look pretty and unappealing. The context Atticus had placed things in helped sharpen her mind to the crisis lost among the dross of distractions philosophical hyperbole prompted. The mental image his words had brought was shivering indeed to her and what she stood for. Light, warmth, life giving salvation to hear of the entire weave of creation and life forces swallowed in a rising ocean of darkness. She rubbed at her head some and looked at Atticus, golden eyes glimmering like coins in a fountain of his cerulean blues.

"So it is not crimes or errant ways that have made people mad that has lead to this drowning of the light. It is the simple act of having not done what should have been done in the first place when anything steps into the light to breathe and take those first few, shaking steps of life. Existence as a whole lost to pinpricks like the stars in the velvet black of space." She paraphrased his words going over them with care.

"So if Oblivion is gaining more and more because the interconnections and for lack of better words, sharing of all life forms and realms is becoming so restrictive and cut off; then what do we do about it Atticus? If arrogance and pride is part of the problem that led to creations not touching and allowing Oblivion to grow more, the tasking of shrinking the encroaching emptiness is going to be beyond more than most, even those like us. I don't know how many of the High Ones or even the Elders still exist to work and rule and allow the reweaving of their borders among realms." Ammy leaned back looking quite daunted.

"Not to sound like a whining, pathetic wretch but have you seen lately the outlook of many in regards to anything with divine power or deities in general? Most are not believed in anymore, others outright shunned or hunted. Perhaps that is one more reason Oblivion wins. Many that can fight have lost their powers as their own followers turn upon them. So, what, do we do? A High Eternal and a burnt out Sun Goddess that by all rights is a has been in many regards. Not exactly a razzle dazzle team to weave together the fabric of the realms and triumph over darkness. Unless your plans include me sleeping with some very powerful higher ups, in which case, the answer is 'No' ahead of time." She sipped on her luke warm tea again.
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