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Her First Time

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Rose DeRomiano

Joined: 04 Aug 2014
Posts: 6
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Can Be Found: Scathachian Sanctuary, Rhy'din
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:53 am    Post subject: Her First Time Reply with quote

It was a good thing how wrapped up she was. It was absolutely freezing! Her newly acquired cape-coat, fuzzy arm, fingerless gloves and bobble hat; courtesy of Katt Batten, on top of a thick white woolly jumper did its best to lock in as much heat as possible, but even still, her single layer of tight fitting blue jeans and white sneakers did little next to nothing to stop her legs and toes from feeling like they were about to drop off.

Struggling to restrain a yawn, Rose trudged through the light snow that whitened the Marketplace?s square, shivering as the bright moonlight threw an eerily enchanting glow across the city during the early hours of the morning.

The Docks had been in an uproar as of late with the fires, that much she knew. However, more specifically, she had been told not to patrol the area by Isuelt, clearly outlining that it was far too dangerous for someone her age.

Okay, granted, she shouldn?t be on patrol at all.

She was still too young and clearly not experienced enough as a Scathachian to warrant being out alone at night, especially in Rhy?din. Rose knew it was not because she couldn?t handle herself? but moreover, she suspected, perhaps Isuelt feared what would happen to anyone else that would run into her and get on her ?bad side.?

They had enemies running about all over the place, after all? and some pretty powerful and terrifying ones at that... but Rose was the amalgamation of once sworn enemies. Maybe it was them Isuelt was protecting from the latent darkness that could just be glimpsed from just under the young girl?s eyes, even though she had yet to break from her high moral compass, to which proudly inherited from her Mother.

In fact, almost every redeeming quality about Rose came directly from Isuelt and while she barely had any vices to speak of, there was always the underlying threat of that other side of the coin, that was genetically purged from her body specifically to prevent it from breaking through the skin.

Under the microscope, Rose was genetically more of a clone of Isuelt, with some minor impurities inherited from the Egorwrathian bloodline.

It was just enough taint to twist even the most pious and despite her smiling face and confident, happy attitude, Rose fought a battle against herself every single moment of every single day since she first opened her eyes.

Rose?s walk through the Marketplace was interrupted to a sudden stop when she caught something move just out of the corner of her eye, disappearing quickly as if ducking to hide out of view.

Her smile wavered as she closed her eyes, her taking in a sharp breath as if to steel her resolve when in fact, she drinking in the scent of a male upon the wind and it was fading fast.

What got her attention was not because there was another occupant of the Marketplace, but because the scent was laced with blood.

Her eyes sprang open as concern grew upon her features.

Was he injured?

Turning about, she walked in a brisk pace boldly in the direction she saw the figure disappear down a side-street and once there, she peered down there to discover absolutely nothing staring back at her.

Her eyebrows knitted close together as she looked all around her, clearly confused as to what to do about the situation.

Upon glancing down, Rose slowly dipped down into a crouch, staring at a spot between her legs while reaching out a finger to run it against the cobblestone below.

The liquid she touched was cooling, though tepid, sticky and slick when she rubbed thumb and forefinger together.

?Blood?? Rose whispered, her heart clenching as the scent infected her senses and drew saliva to collect about her tongue.

Swallowing hard, she wiped her hand in her jeans and stood up slowly, suddenly feeling very uncertain as to whether she were able to deal with this alone.

But somebody could be hurt. She reasoned internally. I can?t just leave.

?Hello?? Rose called out, taking cautious steps into the blackened street, a lamp ahead flickering its light as it desperately tried to cling to life. ?Are you injured? It's okay, I know some healing magic that can help you-?

It was then that Rose felt something far colder than the icy air bite at her back and wrap its cruel fingers around her lips, cutting off her yelp as hot breath washed over the back of her neck.

?What?re you doin? up so late? Isn?t it past ya bed time?? An insidious chuckle grunted next to her ear. ?I?m sorry honey, but give me what I want an? you can go on home to Mommy, otherwise??

Rose screamed into the palm of the man?s hand, as he clenched at her face tighter still to restrain her cry, the blade sinking deeper into her flesh.

?You?re just gonna be another statistic in this hell hole.?
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Rose DeRomiano

Joined: 04 Aug 2014
Posts: 6
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Can Be Found: Scathachian Sanctuary, Rhy'din
483.30 Silver Crowns


PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A bruise here and a cut there, that was all Rose ever sustained since her awakening into this roller coaster of a life, where nothing was simple. She understood pain and what it meant; moreover, for what it stood for. It reminded you that you were alive. A method of which the body told you where the injury was?

But nothing like this.

The knife in her back burnt like hot coals and yet the metal that slipped in between the muscles of her ribs, was icy cold.

It was an indescribable feeling she could only scream to fully express it, and even then, it was restrained within a palm that cruelly muffled the sound.

?Stop screaming!? His fingers gripped tighter against her mouth, squashing her cheeks against her teeth as he shook her head, as if that would get his point across. ?Or I?ll? I?ll kill you!?

The threat itself had caused Rose to stop, but still, she whispered, wide teary eyes turning left to try and see the face of her assailant and yet, all she could manage was the man?s shoulder. He wore a heavy black raincoat. She could identify nothing else.

Slowly, she nodded.

?Good? now? you?re gonna come with me, got it? All nice and quiet.?

This was bad. Slavers existed on the streets. In fact, she knew far more of the criminal underbelly than most kids her age, knowing full well that this guy could in fact be one of the many hounds that were sent to sniff out and abduct unsuspecting candidates from the streets.

Although it had not been as prevalent as of late, the city will always be under threat from the worst of the scum. That is why Scathachians exist. Or at least, that is why Rose wanted to become one.

To be like her Mother.

To be the hammer of justice that strikes against the skull that dare opposes what is good in this world.

Rose nodded once more, her breathing heavy.

Rage simmered beneath her skin, her pale blue eyes shimmering grey for a moment as she entertained a darker method of which to remove herself from such a perilous situation. But that not be good, would it?

That, would be murder and Rose was no murderer.

She would not stoop so low.

On the other hand, she would go low.

Rose bent her foot up behind her, cracking the man straight between his legs while she pushed forward against the hand, her movement swift enough to slip the blade from out of her body while he released her to stumble backwards and nurse his privates, the satisfying yelp causing Rose to wheel about on the spot, swinging a balled first out to crack against the side of the man?s jaw, flooring him in an instant.

As he hit the ground hard, groaning, Rose stole some distance between them by stepping backwards, retreating so she could better assess the situation.

Glancing down, her clothes were ruined. Her blood soaked them, but there was no other significant damage for her to warrant any concern.

?C-come quietly,? Rose wept, tears still streaming down her agonized face despite her confident display of posture; her legs parted just so and fists balled up before her face, ready to fight, ?or? get knocked down? got it, asswipe??

?Y-you little? ***, bitch!? He was still clutching his crotch, although, he had managed to recover himself back to his feet, still holding the bloodied knife out towards the younger girl. ?I?m gonna enjoy breaking you in,? he licked his lips, ?then I?m gonna rough up that pretty lil? ass of yours until ya insides hang out.?

Rose didn?t take the bait. She remained where she was. ?Drop the knife.?

The assailant took a threatening step forward, twisting the knife in the air as he spoke. ?How ?bout you take me home to ya Mommy, too? I bet she has the same spunk as you, kid? ooo, I do like a bit of Mother-Daughter play? maybe force ya Daddy to watch, hm??

Rose closed her eyes, breathing in sharply to subdue her initial reaction of just beating the living hell out of him.

It was an opening he needed. As she closed her eyes he launched forward, knife raised high into the air, ready to slash downwards over Rose?s abdomen.

The very moment the knife bit into Rose?s collarbone did he suddenly get launched into the air as if an invisible force had pushed him back.

However, he did not land hard upon the ground to which he had expected to happen. Instead, he found himself hanging upside down at perfect eye level staring into a set of glowing crimson irises.

The man yelped, feeling a sudden sense of dread at the girl?s very calm and very placid expression.

?M-magic??? He stuttered. ?You freaky little-?

He words was cut short by a sharp pain from his nose, as her fist connected with it, crushing it against his face. He dropped the knife and threw up both of his hands to nurse his face, howling out in pain various obscenities directed towards Rose.

And she only ignored them, for despite the one-sided battle that was evidently before her, Rose was warring a far more vital skirmish with something far darker.


A part of her wanted to beat the man down and drag his ass all the way to the nearest stationed Watch member, and yet, another more sinister side wanted to do something far worse altogether? and she was not entirely sure which to entertain.

Rose lowered her gaze to the ground.

?I have no right, to pass judgement on you? I?m not a Judge. Not yet.? She gripped at the man?s coat and pulled his floating form close enough for her to stare deep into his eyes. ?But I?m going to make an exception, considering you spoke about my Mommy in such a bad way.?

The man threw out his hands, as if that would help in his defense. ?L-listen kid, why don?t we talk about this? m-maybe if you help me find someone else, I-?

His words was cut off as he felt his own teeth fold into his mouth.

Rose?s heart pulsed at the sight of blood and teeth falling out of him and it only spurred her on.

It was exhilarating.

She was in control.

His life was in her hands? and she was going to beat it all out of him.
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