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Galactic Factions

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:38 pm    Post subject: Galactic Factions Reply with quote

The United Systems Spacing Guild
A galactic organization that monitors and attempts to bring peace and order to a lawless galaxy. Made up of an Coalition of over 12,000 planets, they have instituted trade routes, colonization, and paved the way for exploration further and further into the galaxy. The Guild is based on the planet of Boros, the core world of the galaxy. Often accused of being mired by bureaucracy, they are the closest thing to government that exists for many, though their influence is widespread, the galaxy is even bigger and it can be often difficult for them to keep the peace everywhere.

The Guild is run, not by a single figurehead, but a committee of elected personnel from the core planets of each system.

The United Systems Military
Made up of beings from across the universe, the United Systems Military is one of the largest, most powerful forces the galaxy has ever known. With outposts, garrisons, and bases in most civilized systems and a mobilized fleet of thousands upon thousands of battleships, capital ships, carriers and countless fighters, they are a symbol of the Spacing Guild's might. Often squaring off against insurrectionists, pirates, and dealing with the fallout that sometimes comes with first contact with a new race, they have been accused of over-extending their power.

Currently under the command of Fleet Admiral Simon Lanning.

Smuggler's Coalition
An underground, loosely constructed group that helps add a measure of regulation to the smuggling trade, acting as a liaison for clientele and ship captains. They have no central location, and the people behind it remain unknown, making them notoriously difficult for the Guild to keep in check.

The NeoTarran Alliance

A race of genetically engineered humanoids created as a labor force during the early years of terraforming, more than a century ago. After 100 years of labor in the harshest conditions imaginable, the NeoTarran's staged an uprising against their human creators. A war broke out as the powerful Neo's managed to gain control over planet after planet. After 14 years of brutal war, the NeoTarran Concordant was drawn up and the Neo Tarrans were given their own planet where they would thrive without the interference of humans. Today, they are largely peaceful, proving themselves intelligent and capable of creating art, poetry, and running a functional society.

The Order Of The Wolf
A league of assassins based in the capital city of the outer rim planet, Broma. Little is known about them, aside from the fact that they operate in secrecy and have had several kills attributed to them throughout the galaxy.

The Scourge
One of many pirate crews who seek out ships traveling throughout the FTL routes. The Scourge employ the use of gravity well projectors, pulling a passing ship out of FTL. Usually they cripple and then board their prey, looting the ships and in some cases...doing worse to the crew.

Autons Inc.
Based on Boros, Autons is the leading developer and manufacturer of autonomous robotics in galaxy. From household assistance droids to prosthesis to artificial organs, they are the authority on modern robotics. Their newest line showcasing androids indistinguishable from humans is under development.
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