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Official Character Information Thread

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Jenai Ravenlock
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 21 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:39 pm    Post subject: Official Character Information Thread Reply with quote

Official Character Information Thread

This is a Thread just for Profile Depth for those who play at the Sanctuary.

OOC information must remain so as stated in the TERMS of USE thread.

None of this may be used IC unless is it specified you have knowledge that was given IC or by the Mun. OOC information used incorrectly will and can be Ignored.
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Jenai Ravenlock
Ancient Wyrm
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 21 Jan 2006
Posts: 656
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Jobs: Doctor, Sword for Hire

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jenai Angelique

Race: Fae been told Human
Age : 19 years
Height: 5'7
Weight 145lbs of sculpted feminine muscle
Eyes: Light Violet circled with soft green
Hair : Red, wild waves and curls to her hips
Scars: none
1)Fire Orchids cover her back,
2)blue tattoos of scales of justice on the back of her left hand,
3)a pair of crossed blades on the right
4)tiny teeny muffin on the inner thigh. If you get a look your Brian or her doctor!
5)ring of Raven feathers on her left thigh

Theme Song: What ~ Eve
To Sisters: Gangsta B's ~Eve
To Brian: Underneath it all ~ No Doubt
To Haters: Weenie ~ Eminem & I hope you ~ Bloodhound Gang
Fight Songs: Out Comes the Evil, Superbeast, This is the New ***, Rubberdoll, LunchBox, Demonoid Phenomenon


Known Relatives: none

Relationship: Brian Ravenlock, in love, faithful, fiercely loyal and ready to kill for him and all that try to get in their way. Status: Living with at Sanctuary and at the Loft.

Sisterhood: Isuelt, Trixie, Eddie, Lauf, Rae are known living under same roof.

Pet: Tiki Cat, Hillary - Rock Lizard, Mojo- Monkey

Flaws Frenzy/Beszerker - Holy Spells only Used, can not treat undead with Healing Spells. Holy - Extreme Pain if she touches Evil, visa versa.

Talents: BLESSED Priestess of Scathach- extreme pain to Evil, if touched and visa versa.

Magic: Hidden Fae, untapped but in combat and some healing. Thought to be an extra gift from Scathach. Priestess Magic from Scathach as one of her most Faithful.

Fighting Disciplines: Krav Maga, Kali, Iaido, Grappling, Amazonian Beszerker

Favorite Weapons: Twin Swords, signature of Scathachian Warriors, One is Blessed and Blackened by Scathach the same style of the weapon that pierced her. A Sliver Blade, razor thin is kept tucked in her back belt loops, the size of her palm and perfect for shanking or surgery. When on patrol she keeps a chakram on her hip.

Jenai was found as an infant of unknown months and taken to the island of Shadows and raised by the hands of the Scathachian Warriors and Priestesses. She knows not her back ground nor her lineage. She is of Fae decent which will be discovered later.

While she can be kind and sweet to her family and friends, she has and will be known to kill. Once the switch is thrown, she is the A-Typical fire fed tempest prone to possession of her Goddess and her Wrath. She doesn't fight to wound, she only fights to kill.

Rhy'Din: the Scathachian Sanctuary with her Sisters and Brian where she runs the Temple with in. The walls, Temple, and the House have been Priestess/Cleric Blessed but allowed entrance by Sisters who are of Darker Blood that most Wards would not allow. The weave can only be seen by the most powerful, any tampering triggers other spells, traps, and the other wards as well as messaging Jenai the moment they are scryed upon.

Island of Shadows: Far across the sea from Rhy'Din's domain, Hidden from those not brought to it by a Priestess. No man sets foot on the Island that was not born there by one of the Sisterhood, then even he is removed from it's shores when old enough and may not return until guided back.


Jen's History:

Adopted by the Scathachian, she was raised in paradise. never a want and knowing nothing of life outside the shoreline of the Island of Shadows. She and the other few children lived in a child's idea of heaven with miles to explore and learn unbridled at every turn. Garden theme playgrounds and play houses, waterfalls and their pools to swim in, grand pillared halls to hide and seek, and no room locked. The Sisters made sure the children had every need tended as they mimicked the elders with stick swords and pouncing's.

It was a perfect utopia day when an 8 year old Jenai had to stop chasing peacocks and pick up her first real chakram. She was taught by various instructors, each having a specialty unmatched by others. That was until she was old enough to be sent to the Island's living legend, Isuelt.

Issy was everything Jenai wanted to be as she grew older. And Issy having left the island, sent more rumors and tales to her, spurring her on more to become her Idol's mirror image. At the age of 17 she, after years of requesting, was granted a blessing to leave the island. The youngest to leave in many years, she was bold, restless, curious and eager to track down the legend. For almost a year she dogged Issy's trail, meeting many dead ends and wrong turns. Money growing thin and threats growing thick, she would turn to Temples and lend aid in return for food and board.

Her search came to an end as she came to Rhy'din and the Red Dragon Inn. Isuelt recognized the younger sister as soon as Jenai's eyes fell on her Hero. The Doors of the Sanctuary opened and she's never looked back.

She's calmed her ways and grown, while she may have been naive she let her intelligence quietly blossom and redefined the peace and harmony to those under the shared room. But the realm had taken a toll to quickly as she was surrounded by many new things so rare for her Island home. New beasts, so many races from so many times and planes, it was time for her to look at things differently. And that included men as she befriended and grew a crush on the House's Cook and Ally Brian.

Quietly she kept her crush as she hurried to every breakfast, lunch, and dinner he cooked. Their talks while at first were of the mundane, a friendship and a love of food grew stronger crumbling the walls around her. But her world came tumbling too as the newly single Brian made a comment about Jen's dishwashing and revealed the crush in virginal blushing.

A first date, a first kiss, a first and last Love. She has gotten to know every form of love in the arms of Brian, she is spoiled by him now and has taken Tiki and some of her things to a New Loft as their get away spot.

*in works as story lines are still in works too*


Her heart belongs to Brian,
Her soul to her Sisters,
Her sword to Scathach,
Her Mind is her own.

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Brian Ravenlock

Great Wyrm
Great Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before we get started, this information is for OOC purposes only, and is to be used as such. None of this may be used IC unless is it specified your charrie has knowledge that was solely given IC. If any of this is used IC it will be promptly ignored, so ask ahead of time if any of this can be incorperated. Thanx

Secondly, I will not allow Brian to get involved in any kind with any kinds of forced moves or reactions, by ANY player. I am up for any kind of Free Form, note the word "Free" as in choice for us all. I also let Brian get his ass handed to him time and again, so this is not an ego thing. It is a control issue, as I have control of Brian and no one else will dictate it, I am insanely flexible with Brian and will play all sorts of things, but I will not force anything on your characters, so please hold the same courtesy. Thanx again

Also use of any NPC created by me without my permission if a HUGE no no unless is it part of an s/l you are DIRECTLY related in. If that isn't the case you can PM me for permission and we can talk. Thank you.

(edited for additional content 11/30/2006)

Brian Alexander McDineen-Ravenlock

Member of the "Forsaken Blades"

Race: Human (distant elf, via Llanawar)
Age : Late 20's to early 30's (he will rarely let anyone know)
Height: 6ft
Weight 220lbs
Eyes: Blue (can also turn green)
Hair : Black, shoulder lengthed
Scars: Various, along his back and upper arms.
Tattoos: One on his right arm (upper bicep area along the outside) of a Sword aimed downward with a red long stemmed thorned rose wrapped around it and blood droplets dripping from the thorns. The word "Forsaken" is written underneath it.

Personality: Brian is an easy going (yes, NOW he is) type of person, who is fiercely loyal to loved ones and friends alike. Brian had gone through a great deal of changes recently since he moved into the Sacnctuary. No longer does he look for fights, instead he tries to talk his way out of them, however he will fight when the need arises. His love for Jenai is unquestionable, and while it seems to be tested everyday by one thing or another, it has only served to strengthen what he feels. Brian will do anything he can to help people, it is just in his nature. But he recalls his mistakes of over extending himself as he had done before and makes sure to look after the homefront before anything else. Brian has now realized how much of his life was spent in anger and useless agression and now seeks to simply enjoy life with friends and loved ones alike. Still, he will put a foot in someone's ass of the need arises.. Don't assume the boy went soft. Sword-Chucks, yo..

Known Relatives:

Ex-Wife: Charlotte Ravenlock

Daughter (Adopted): Lucy Ravenlock- She was taken in by Brian at the request of Lucy Ren aka Renna. She currently lives in the Den of Shadows with Alex Ravenlock, and the Twins. The Lucy we have currently, is the culmination of Brian, Renna and their respective powers (Including Darkin's Gauntlet, Prior to the re-sealing), therefore in a sense she is literally Renna and Brian's daughter.

Sisters: Midara Ravenlock-Munsetter, Jewell Ravenlock, Wyheree Ravenlock, Icer Trouble Shimmerscale-Ravenlock, Acada Bellme-Ravenlock, Edea Ravenlock (Heart sister, currently living in Vana'diel), Merille (Half sister, deceased, was killed by Brian in order to save the lives of Midara and Jewell after she went insane and buried them alive)

Brothers: Woody Ravenlock (aka the nude dude), Jacyn Douglas Ravenlock (known now as Deth and deceased), Alex Ravenlock (disowned the family, and went his own way and is now reported as deceased)

Cousins: Jitter and Thyme, Narin Hidero-Ravenlock (Retainer to the Clan and living in Vana'diel), Atheala Hidero-Ravenlock (wife of Narin and living in Rhy'din)

Nieces: Julie (Daughter of Jacyn), Amanda Ravenlock

Nephews: Erik Ravenlock-Munsetter (deceased, son of Midara)

Friends and Family gone but remembered: Jacyn, Erik, Merille, Ayla, Jitter, Thyme, Gwyn, Midara. God rest their souls.

Magicks: None, Brian was sealed from mana as punishment for his involvement with Renna and Lucy, and his improper use of Magick on various occasions.

Fighting Disciplines: Tenshodo Ninjistu, Aht Urghan Samurai styled sword, Close Quarters hand to hand & Grappling, Tai kwan Do, Tang Soo Do, Jeet Kun Do.


"Utsusemi :Ichi" -Where Brian can cloak himself within three shadows to draw attacks away from him

"Third Eye"- Where Brian can anticipate an attack directed at him.

"Wide Scan"- Where Brian can feel and see objects in a given surrounding area, with no direct eye sight.

"Cover"-A technique that when used will place Brian in front of a specific target, and literally make him an immovable force for a short duration. This is not a use after use techinque, as it leaves Brian drained when used. Brian has only used this techinque when the need has been most desperate.

Favoured Weapon: Hunter's Long Bow, Tachiganata (Type of full sized Katana), Hand & a half sword, Wakizashi blades, various full sized daggers and basically anything else he can get his hands on.

Enchanted Weapon & Items

Pulgasari: (Invincible)

Origin: Created from the Holy energies of Rhydin by the shapeshifting Deity known as Theron, a very mysterious new god from a plain of existance known only as the Grey Lands. Given to Brian Ravenlock on 7/16 after he stated "I would sell my soul to exact revenge upon them all."

Form: It is a katana shaped weapon with a glowing white blade, its sheath is a dark green.

Purpose and Functions: ultimate undead slayer weapon of Rhydin, Created from the holy energies its very presence can make the undead feel sick, its blade is sharp eternal and unbreakable, it causes damage to the undead that they cannot heal as they could with a normal weapon damaging them. Its sheath is powerful enough to heal the vampire condition to new vampires and the just bitten.

Current location: Brian Ravenlock wields this powerful weapon in his quest to destroy the vampires who have moved against his clan, and those would move against the people.

Yuritsuko: A full sized katana (called a Tachigatana in Vana'diel) that was created in the far eastern nation of Aht Urghan with the sole purpose of fighting demonic beings, the blade was comprised of an mythril like alloy imbued with the soul of a banished demon from the Eldieme Necropolis. It's blade is a dark tint and has various runes etched along its side. It's sheath is black in colour with its own set of runes as well, each set keeps the banished soul gem in place, and the demon from breaking free. The cost, simple.. The soul of the bearer. Currently in the care of Theron.

Renna's Charm: A polished piece of skull of Renna the Betrayer, in fact it is the pentram portion of Renna's skull that Brian pierced to end her life at her own request, it was polished and attached to a black choker he wears it with. It can protect him and at times has embued him with extra strength and agility, some wintesses claim to have seen more than two arms, when Brian used it once in a sword fight, it will not however work against Lucy or her creations, but will alert Brian to her presence, and his to her. Currently this charm has been put away in the Scathachian Sanctuary at Brian's request, as he felt he was once again becoming dependant in regards to it's powers. Returned to Renna, upon her return by Brian.

Kairee's Summon ring: A beautiful gold ring, with a large emerald stone centered upon it, inside the gem is a living flame. This is worn by Brian on his right hand index finger, and provides a link directly between he and Kairee, when she requires his aide she can contact and summon him no matter what the distance.

Wyheree's Charm: A beautifully crafted charm created by the Ice Queen herself, and attached to a small necklace Brian wears. It provides a direct link between Brian and Wyheree in regards to communication. Returned to Wyheree by Brian on the evening of 09/28

Jewel Dirk: A silver coated dirk, with a jewel encrusted hilt. Said to have an affinity against lycans, etched runes along the blade enhance it's effectiveness. A plain leather sheath accompained it. It was given to Brian by Faith Wallace prior to his dispatch to a farming village, so he could deal with a Lycan problem at the request of Kairee. It was used and was proven a most valuable weapon on that mission, and remains with Brian in the Sanctuary.

LinkPearl: A small device used for communication in the realm known as Vana'diel. It is a tiny pearl set into a small hoop earring made of gold. The user only need to 'think' of the person they wish to speak to and speak softly, and they can he heard by the other party as if they were right next to them. These cam cover any distance, and more than one user can use them. They proved invaluable for tactical missions and more. There are no magicks involved for the bearers, only the pearls themselves. The pearls can 'only' be activated with the thought and voice trigger together, meaning you can speak freely without the other hearing you until you 'want' them to. Jenai and Brian have the only match set, other may be created if the need arose.


Brian is also Immune to Vampirism due to him taking the Montessi Formula, and also due in part to it's mixing with the blood of the Vampiress Faera, which flowed within Brian during a procedure that was required to save both of their lives, which was governed by Whisper and Katharine. When bitten, Brian will encounter severe pains within a few hours, and they will increase till normally he will pass out. In the end the Vampirism will have been ridden from his body. Another side effect of the mixture of the blood and formula, is that if a vampire drinks from Brian, they in turn will have taken the formula into themselves and may become ill. (within a few hours).

Brian is also part Elf (though it is distant): and in part has an advanced range of hearing and his senses are slightly above average, he also has limited night sight as well. Which aids him well in his profession.

Brian has also had extensive training in mind shielding, and blocking mental attacks of various kinds, during his stay in Vana'diel. Make note, his thoughts are guarded and it will be hard for anyone to just leap in and assume they can read him in that manner.

Brian is the second eldest member of the Clan Followed by Midara,Merille Acada, Alex, Jewell, then their cousins Jitter and Thyme. Jacyn was the eldest and is deceased.

Granted none of the Ravenlocks are blood related (Save Brian and Jacyn). Brian was adopted by Lord Jason and Lady Mari-Elena McDineen-Ravenlock after he was found abandoned the side of a trail that was used for refugees fleeing into the sister Kingoms of Tiersis and Tantagel. Brian was raised as their son, but his origin is all together another story.

The Clan as a whole at one time consisted of 15 core members, people who were bound by one purpose. The fall of the man known simply as Gannon as he was the sole reason these people even came to be associated.

Brian, Alex, Jewell, Cher, Midara, Acada, Ayla, Link, Megan, Dillon, Kat, Kitter, Thyme, Christine, Devin, Alana Fyrefall, Lady Alanna, Whsiper, Amy, Faera and a few others were just some of those gathred for one cause. The family grew and soon trouble started coming to them.

The current Clan core roster consists of : Brian, Jewell (and her cadre of children), Wyheree, Icer, Lucy, Woody, Julie, Atheala, and Narin. Note: The self proclaimed black sheep who were once associated with the family went their own way, this being Charlotte, Cassandra and the deceased Alexander. Note the surviving 'Black Sheep are 'NOT' considered Ravenlocks, save 'name' only. The only exception being Lucy, who understood what it meant to be a family no matter how bad one's actions were.

As stated before the family has thinned. Only a few remain. After the defeat of Ganon and Darkin, other troubles arose. The loss of Midara and Cher the family went into a bit of reflection. Many directions were taken and explored by each of them. But all roads lead home and Brian returned after 2 years away in Vana'diel.


Current Home- The Scathachian Sanctuary, where Brian resides with Jenai, Isuelt, Trixie, Laufeia, Rae and Eddie. He cooks for the sisters, and also takes patrol shifts, and assists in whatever else he can do. Brian has been staying there for roughly a few months.

Brian owns a Villa outside of Rhydin proper to the North nestled on a small farm. It is right off the main road leading into Rhydin and is about 300 feet inland from the roadside. It is a small 4 bedroom villa and has stable, and small garden. It isnt used much but it is home.

Brian also owns : Ravenlock Rooms : Boarding & Bathhouse. Which is just down from the Market Place and close in proximity to the Inn. Current Residents are: Atheala Hidero-Ravenlock, Kerrithra, Julie Ponomorenko, and Garet Jax.

Brian's original Rhy'dinian home is Tyrsis and Tantagel.. 2 sister Kingdoms divided by the Tyresian mountian range. Tyrsis is set in the highlands, and nestled in a valley roughly a few weeks ride north of Rhydin Proper. Tantagel is settled in a low lying region east of Tantagel in the low lying area known as the Ravenshorn Range. Tantagel is also surrounded by a very large loch and is considered a water kingdom by many. Brian remained there until his parents were killed, and then he was sent to the Abbey of Marfa.

Marfa's Abbey: A large Abbey just to the North of the city of Rhy'din, it is here those who serve Marfa the Goddess of the Earth gather and work. Mainly dealing in charity works, and other undertakings not known to the general public at large. It' current Matron Mother is Melinda Iscariott. Brian first was brought this place at the age of 10, this was also home to Garet Jax, and Lucy Ravenlock.

Brian's History:

Brian was originally born on Earth, in a country known as the Highland which lay in what was simply known as the "Four Lands", which in all reality was Earth hundreds of years after a nuclear war had literally destroyed the planet at the height of it's modern era, and thus releasing olde world magicks once more beginning with the Fae and Elves and eventually other races long since forgotten, which reshaped the land into what is now known as the "Four Lands".

At the age of nine Brian was taken away by the Nexus, and brought to Rhy'din, and literally ended up on the side of the road being used by refugess fleeing a village under seige. He was taken along with the refugess, and when no one claimed him was passed around from orphanage to orphanage, until he was adopted by Lord Jacyn Ravenlock and Lady Mari-Elena Ravenlock, and taken to live with them in their Castle in the small highland kingdom of Tyrsis settled in valleys of the Tyresian mountain range, a few weeks ride north of Rhy'din itself. This is where the real confusion begins, when Brian was found he was four years old. He had regressed five years, and to add to everything else, could not speak the language.

Brian was accepted as one of Lord Jacyn and Mari-Elena's own, as they could not have their own children and was named first son to their family. He was taught in their ways the customs, and soon forgot his any memory or relation to his life prior to Rhy'din or the family name McDineen, that he previously went by. As far as he knew or wanted to know, he was a Ravenlock and nothing else.

When Brian was ten years old, his parents were murdered by a man who was simply known as Gannon. A council then took over the governing duties, and Brian was sent to the Abbey of Marfa and taken in by the Matron Mother Melinda Iscariott, and her daughters Rienna, and Nyu. This was Brian's home for the next ten years where he was trained in various forms of fighting disciplines, both at home and abroad.

Offworld History

In Vana'diel Brian was hire by the Tenshodo Trade Federation as a Freelance Operative and was trained by Masters from Aht Urghan in their respective styles of Ninjitsu and Samurai. Brian also spent a great deal of time in the Windhurstian Culinary Guild and obtained the title of "Apprentice Master". This is where Brian and Narin encountered Edea, Jes, Kerri and Atheala. Edea and Atheala would later become known as Edea Ravenlock, and Atheala Hidero-Ravenlock.

Brian also spent 2 years in the Ragol system, specifically on the planet Ragol IV, where he served as a merc hunter for the Provisional Counsel with his android partner "Dorothy" and took part in the investigation of the Dark Falz incident. After an accicent during the Incident, Brian underwent a surgical procedure which literally replaced his knee, with one recreated from his own DNA, with the assistance of Nanites. This is also the first time Brian had encountered Narin Hidero, who would later be given the name Narin Hidero-Ravenlock.

Brian spent three years training as a Ranger by the Elves of the Fynnhorn Region. Brian then travelled abroad and learned trade negotiations under the One True Pirate Queen (Her name is not spoken), he spent two years with Dillon Jones learning guerilla fighting tactics and hand to hand strategies.

He also spent one year learning the art of Bushido (but he will readily admit to failing that utterly as far as morals go, his combat however was another deal entirely)


In service to the Scathachian Sanctuary

Owner of the Ravenlock Rooms: Boarding & Japanese styled Bath House.

Retainer to Lady Kairee of the Red Dragon

Rhy'din Springs Water Company : Chief Financial Officer

Recently & Currently:

Brian and Charlotte split when she left a letter and explain she was going home. Brian sank himself into his work, and let everything else handle itself. A huge mistake on his part, as he was forced to take action on many fronts. Time passed and Brian found himself burned out, Brian picked up and moved into the Scathachian Sacntuary and ended up working with the sisters full time, in regards to kitchen duties, and patrols and whatever else they needed. It is here where changes in his life on many levels began.

Brian met Laufeia, the Eldest Scath and in her found a somewhat kindred spirit in her no nonsense, and take action approach, and the fact she has been around a great deal longer than most others, something Brian can relate to. Her words sticking with Brian and pushing him further.

Brian also met Jenai.. Well he had met her before, but they hardly spoke. They then found themselves having early breakfasts together, and enjoying each other's company. This had gone on for a while, and really shifted gears when Brian opened his mouth without thinking and really stuck his foot in it, as he commented on Jen's plate mannerisms with syrup. But, in the end it opened the door to something wonderful. As they spent more time together and soon realized they loved eachother a great deal and have been together since.

Brian remains at the Sanctuary with the sisters, he cooks and patrols, and still owns the boarding house. Most of his free time is spent with Jenai, and he also freelance writes for the Oracle.

Brian is now preparing to accompany Lady Kairee to the Kingdom of Appleburg. Lucy had related to Brian that Renna is indeed alive and well, and this was made evident by the return of Renna herself. After a series of discussions between the two, Brian finds himself concerned on a number of fronts, basically over what Lucy had divulged to him, and what Renna herself advised. Brian was offered to take an oath to Kairee, and has since refused to do so, opting instead to deal with whatever comes on his own accord. Brian and Jenai are coping with the events, and vow to push ahead and through all of this. After realizing he is indeed over extending himself, Brian has also decided to sever many of the ties that bind so to speak, as he want to live his life quietly with Jenai and strives for that goal, upon his return from Appleburg.

On the date of 10/03/XXXX Wyheree was adopted into the Clan Ravenlock and hence forth shall be known as Lady Wyheree Ravenlock.

on 10/XXXX Brian removed himself from the service of Marfa, and the Abbey. He has been stricken from their records and has no affiliations whatsoever with the Abbey or goddess.

On 10/04/XXXX Brian set out with the Lady Kairee for the kingdom of Appleburg.

On 10/XXXX Icer was adopted into the Clan Ravenlock, and hence forth shall be known as Icer Trouble Shimmerscale Ravenlock
"Respect---never came to those just waiting for it."

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Isuelt Blywthe DeRomiano
Race: Human
Age: 41
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175 lbs of solid muscle, baby!
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Scars: Various marks from battles over her body, particularly, one mean-looking gash across her midsection and another along her left shoulder. Her wrists and forearms bear the evidence of no fewer than two suicide attempts. The back of her left hand was scarred by fire.

Tattoos: The back of her right hand: Two crossed blades, blue. The back of her left hand used to display the Scales of Justice, blue.

Personality: Usually easy-going, Isuelt's temper can run hot if she's provoked or irritated. Irritation can run the gamut from some fool hitting on her to one of her Sisters having a run-in with an enemy. It's also fairly well known that her mood can swing to either side of the spectrum when she's drinking...which is pretty much always. Her sense of humor is sharp, to say the least. And sarcasm? She employs it almost exclusively.

Known Living Relatives: None

Deceased: Father: Rhoald, Mother: Abigale, Four brothers: Willac, Gareth, Luc, Eric. Husband: Merry DeRomiano

Home: Hailing from Po'ert Sound, but she thinks of her home as being the Island of Shadow. She has spent time in Metro and Rhy'Din.

Magic: None!

Fighting Disciplines and Techniques: Battojitsu/Iaijitsu, Kendo, Scathachian Foot Fighting, Thang-ta, Chakram, Archery, Wrestling, Grappling

Favored Weapon: Twin blades, blessed by the Avatar of Scathach at her initiation. A pair of chakrums and, though it is less favored, a carved ash bow (all three also blessed).

History: Please click HERE for Isuelt's biography.

Factoids: Isuelt is an alcoholic. She has also been placed under suicide watch by the Priestesses on the Island of Shadow (after the death of her husband), and Scorpion Wraitharan (during her stay in Metro).

Isuelt was employed by Scorpion Wraitharan as a top assassin for a number of years.

Although she tries to keep her personal relationship status under wraps, Scorpion Wraitharan is her lover and the closest thing she's found to a match. Although his time is chiefly spent in Metro, she has been known to often filter in and out of his life (and his bed) sporadically.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((OOC: I thought I might introduce my character here, since I had planned on playing here a bit myself. I find the storyline of the current conflict intriguing, after having read it a bit more in depth, and this is just the sort of trouble Lupinius would go looking for.))

Name: Lupinius

Other Names: Gabriel Wolfe, or just Wolfe

Origin: The Isle of Britain - conjured by The Lord High Magus Alexander Gothien Telorrcanis - sometime prior to the reign of Arthur Pendragon

Race: Wolf or Demon, depending on his current form

Age: Unknown - in the thousands

Height, Wolf: 3'2" at the shoulder

Height, Human: 6'6"

Weight, Wolf: 285 lbs.

Weight, Human: 263 lbs.

Eyes: Brilliant sapphire blue, with the occasional flicker of deep violet

Hair: Black, streaked with silvery-grey

Scars: A long, diagonal slash from the upper left shoulder to the right lower side of his ribs

Tattoos: None

Other distinguishing features: A 'birthmark' on his right shoulderblade, resembling a howling wolf's head

Theme Song: 'Sympathy for the Devil' - Rolling Stones, 'Of Wolf and Man' - Metallica

Fight Song: 'Don't Tread on Me' - Metallica, 'You Spin Me Right Round' - Dope

Relatives: None

Relationships: None, by choice rather than design

Skills: Exceptional armed and unarmed combatant (both trained and innate), telekinesis, healing, empathy, exceptional senses of smell, sight and hearing, regenerative powers, shapeshift (between man and wolf forms)

Weaknesses: Utter fearlessness - while some see this as an advantage, it is in fact a disadvantage, lending him to bouts of extreme recklessness - and despite his immortality, he is not invulnerable - even he can't live without his head attached, after all!

Persona: Lupinius is, for the most part, the strong, silent type. His habit of sitting outside a situation and calmly observing in minutiae has often led others to believe he is cold and detached, when in fact he is picking apart the scene with the depth and passion of one who has all his life lived outside the norm, wishing he could truly be a part of it. The stigma of being detached is not helped by the fact that he very carefully conceals his thoughts and feelings, not seeming to come to life until he is threatened or angered.

Weapons and other items

Sword: Angelis

Origin: Angelis was created using the same process used to conjure Lupinius himself, from demonic energies bonded and aligned with him. As such, the sword is neither inherently good nor evil, but is dependent on the alignment of its owner. Though it is solid enough in the hands of its wielder, no one but Lupinius may use this sword - any other who takes it and attempts to use it will only be able to watch as it dissipates in a flickering of amethyst light. The sword CAN be broken, but this is not enough to destroy the blade - it will simply dissipate and return to its original form.

Form: Angelis is a simple, sleek longsword, composed of folded titanium-silver-molybdenum-orichalcum alloy, upon close inspection, when it is solid.

Purpose and Function: Angelis was created and designed straight from the mind of Telorrcanis himself, a masterwork of beautiful simplicity. Its composition and design have the end result of being able to do harm to quite literally anything, living, dead, or otherwise, while being tough enough to stand up to all but the most powerful of blows. Even spirits are not safe from this weapon. In short, this sword, while not being the most lethal in existence, is quite possibly the most universal.

The Third Amulet of Avalon

Qualities: Indestructible, only separable from the owner by being gifted, magical item

Origin: The Third Amulet of Avalon is one of five given only to the Guardians of Avalon, the only males given access to the Isle of Avalon without having to have an escort. All five stones were created by the Lady of the Lake.

Form: The Third Amulet is a teardrop of jet-black stone which glows violet in the center, giving it the appearance of having a flaw of amethyst in its heart. It is always fastened to its owner by silver.

Purpose and Function: The Amulets provide protection to the bearer, healing wounds and even regenerating most body parts should they become lost. Additionally, the amulet is designed to not only enhance the wearer's natural talents and abilities, but to sense which magical powers would be best suited to its bearer and grant them accordingly. (In Lupinius' case, those powers are telekinesis and healing.) The amulets also allow access to those places that are not open to those without the magical ability and/or training to pass through them (places that exist on a different plane, pocket dimensions, etc.). Finally, the amulet can conjure at a moment's notice nearly anything the wearer needs, from money to food to clothing - provided it is a need. Typically, the people given these amulets are the type who would not abuse such a power.

Facts about Lupinius

Lupinius is the only demon ever to have been employed in the service of (or for that matter, set foot on) Avalon, though it was not known to most of them that he was in fact a demon.

He is also the only being to have possession of an Amulet - the other four have been lost to parts unknown.

When Lupinius shifts forms, he is bound only to the restrictions of that form. In his human form, he is in fact a demon, with all the advantages and restrictions that come with it. When he assumes the shape of a wolf, he is a wolf only, though he remains capable of sentient thought.

Despite being a demon, Lupinius is somewhat unique in that he retains a human soul, a gift from the Witch and High Priestess of Avalon Hazel, who took pity on him when she saw what he truly was - a slave. Unfortunately, even though his soul is human, he is still - irrevocably - a demon, a fact which he has come to terms with but does not enjoy.


Lupinius was created by The Lord High Magus Alexander Gothien Telorrcanis, a self-titled and egocentric wizard who had thought to rule the world with an army of demons. Granted, he was a most gifted wizard, capable of magics that would have been beyond the capability of most, but he was also mentally unstable, even if he was a genius. Lupinius was his first and most favored creation, a being capable of not only murder and bloodlust, but able to enter most any place without being suspected, since he was able to change his form to defy most magical protections. For nearly a decade, even after creating a host of other equally capable soldiers, Lupinius would be his personal assassin, sent out to deal with the most powerful of Telorrcanis' opposition.

The one mistake he made, however, was sending Lupinius out to deal with a threat that would defeat him with the only thing he was not equipped to match - love.

The High Priestess of Avalon was a witch named Hazel, a woman unique in that she could see past the restraints of good and evil, and that no one was beyond salvation. When Lupinius came for her on Telorrcanis' orders, she saw him for what he truly was - a slave without a will of his own, but beginning to be aware that he desired to be free. Rather than seeking to protect herself, she allowed him to come to her, an action that sparked within the assassin his first emotion - curiousity. He had never dealt with anyone who had not put up a fight before, and he himself had slaughtered thousands in a variety of ways, all seeking to slay him in return. Rather than fight, this one offered a proposal - simply drink a potion in a bottle she held in her possession. If he still desired to kill her after drinking it, he would be allowed to do so.

The decision to do so was the defining moment that Lupinius became truly free. He had made his first choice of his own free will.

The potion was a formula modified from an alchemist's brew, and as Lupinius drank, it filled him with something he did not anticipate - warmth. Feeling. Love.

And most painful of all...guilt.

As the deaths of thousands piled onto his conscience, he collapsed, literally knocked unconcious by the weight of the evil he had done.
In truth, the potion nearly ended his existence. A demon was not meant to hold the weight of a human soul, and doing so was nearly the death of Lupinius - but something made him hold on, something that forced him to accept what he had done and face it. He had been created with the singular purpose of not only combat, but survival, and it was this that not only held him to life, but also proved to be his creator's undoing.

A month later, he awoke. Alone. He made his way back to his creator, who immediately inquired as to the success of his mission. When Lupinius attempted to explain what happened, to show him that perhaps what he was doing was wrong, Telorrcanis tried in his rage to vanquish the demon he had created. Unfortunately, by this time, Lupinius was far too strong for him to affect - changed, irrevocably, by the soul he had taken into himself by his own choice. The magics Telorrcanis attempted to use on him rebounded onto himself, and he was wiped from the earth as if he had never been - taking all those he had bound to him, all the demons in his army, with him.

Lupinius was spared, having become unbound from his creator by a single act of free will.

Alone and adrift, Lupinius left his creator's haven, and sought out the only person who could give him a purpose - Hazel. He told her of what had happened, of what he had tried to do before his mad creator had tried to kill him. She could see that this one needed a purpose in life, a way to atone for the grief and terror and evil he had inflicted upon a world. She could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice. She appointed him the Third Guardian of Avalon, and from then until the time it vanished from the earth, Lupinius served faithfully.

Even to this day, he exists to serve as a guardian of those who would need it of him.
How can you hope to defeat me, when you are just a man, and I am forever?
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Trixie McAllister
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Trixie McAllister

Birthname: Agnes Dagmar McAllister

Scathachian Alias: The Harlequin

Birthday: December 21st

Race: Once upon a time, she was human. Now she?s the product of a curse?parts vampire, parts werewolf (Clarification: She just has the TRAITS of both, she isn?t really either one of the other, considering she wasn?t bitten or turned in the known sense of the word.)?.and parts just Trixie.

Homes: Birthplace- Denmark. From there, she moved to upstate NY. After her ?rebirth? as Trixie, she moved from place to place, making temporary homes all over the United States and in Europe, as well. The Island of Shadows adopted her, then, but there were many breaks between her years of training on the Island where she continued her vagrant life-style, favoring Cali, London, Philly, and NYC as her favored locales. For now, though? She?s chilling in RhyDin.

Age: 114 years, but her aging stopped at 24.

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135 lbs, but thanks to her make-up, she doesn?t always feel it. She can seem heavier or lighter depending on the current arrangement of muscles.

Eyes: Green. Very green.

Hair: Short and blonde. It looks like it might be bleached, but then?it seems kind of natural, too.

Scars: She heals like you wouldn?t believe. She doesn?t have scars.

Tattoos: The Scathachian symbols?blue crossed blades on her right hand, the scales on her left, a small black heart below her left eye, a picture of Harley Quinn to the lower right side of her back (call it a tramp stamp and get beaten), and a full moon on her left butt-cheek.

Piercings: A horizontal lip piercing at the lower right corner of her mouth and a horizontal piercing through the top of her left ear.

Jobs: Musician, piercer at her friend Tone-E?s parlor, and Scathachian mercenary.

Biological Relatives: Mother- Jytte McAllister. Father- Lee McAllister. Her immediate family died off almost a century ago. There?s probably some weird extended family lurking around?

Scathachian Relatives: She?s got oodles of those. The ones she lives with? Izzy, Rae, JenJen (who moved out. Boo), Eddie, Serena, Reeni, Laufie (her idol), and Mari.

Relationship: Keaton J. Fox. She digs him real hard.

Other Crew that needs noting: Tone-E (her closest pal outside of the sisterhood and next to Keats), Brant (the bitch boy), Smell Good, Andy X, Regal, Skeeny, Osh?Tosh, Rocky, and Bermuda. Most of those guys are her bandmates, but above all, they?re her NGC boys.
Kristia is her appointed chick BFF outside of the sisterhood.

Strengths: Rocking drummer (she?s been doing it since 1979), fiercely loyal to her closest, set in her purpose and cause, strong-willed (incredibly so. She has to be to fight the need to feed), sometimes used as the intimidation factor in interrogations, but generally a lift you up kinda chick.

Weaknesses: Silver, can?t enter homes without being invited, the smell of blood, pain, and death make her kind of whacked out, not that hard to rile, can stress out easily to the point where she?ll start to lose control of herself.

Powers: Can heal at an amazing speed, super-human strength, agility, can turn into either 1) a rolling fog, 2) a wolf, 3) an incomplete lycan (In this form she is bigger, at about 6?6?, and parts of her body have morphed, but she is not a true werewolf), extraordinary scent and hearing, better sight at night as compared to humans.

Favorite Weapons: Her hands, her twin blades, and her teeth. She was formally trained as all the Scathachians are, which is the style she uses when wielding her blades. However, when she is too excited, she?ll always resort back to primitive grappling and wrestling, which she?s honed over years of moshing and being a street punk. Her fighting tends to get more animalistic the further her other side is provoked.

She doesn?t go barefoot like the majority of her sisters.

She has particular hunting attire. When on patrol, she dons stage make-up and a modified catsuit intended to looks like Harley Quinn from the Batman series. Specifics are in the Highway to Hell thread in the Harlequin folder.

Has a Harley. Sensing a theme, here? It?s black and red.

Likes her music loud.

Likes to drink. She can drink a lot, too, since her system gets rid of substances quicker than the human body can. She?s done all sorts of drugs, but again, her body flushes them out faster, meaning the effects don?t last as long on her. Bonus? Her body fixes the nasty damage most drugs inflict upon mortals.

Very smitten with her Keaton, now, but is bi. Spending a good deal of her time on Earth through the 60s, 70s, and 80s, she slept with more than her fair share of boys and girls. A portion of them were famous, too, but she doesn?t name-drop. Nor will she confirm speculation that a song or two was written about her.

( Author?s note: Eventually, I SWEAR I?ll put up a thing about Trixie?s history with more substance than this provided. ;D )

Got to be a joker, she just do what she please.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 3:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name:; Shea GreenStone-Walsh

Race: Elf, Mith'quessir and Ithil'Quessir Mix. Elemental Wind Mage by birth.

Age : 147 elven years:Looks not a day older than 26 human

Birthdate: April 8th

Height:5' 6''

Weight: 115-125 lean and muscular

Eyes: pure silver

Hair : long dark blue hair now streaked with strands of briallant silver.These streaks are not from age but from power.

Scars: A few she bears them all with pride.

Personallity: sweet and kind,slightly innocent at least she looks it. Tough as nails when she has to be,blood,guts,gore.Death shes seen them all and is well used to war and battle. Yet unknown to most she does have a soft side.

Blood Relatives : the living kind

Elder sister: Salice GreenStone: High Queen of GreenStone

Younger Sister: Shavyn Binoa-GreenStone:Second Knight of GreenStone:Daughter of the Rose.

Son: Aiden GreenStone

Daughter: Adamina Walsh

Neice: Lona GreenStone

Nephew : Dalyrn GreenStone

Grandson: Adaron GreenStone

Granddaughter: Amaleigh GreenStone

Daughter-in-law :Mila GreenStone

Uncles: Nenime and Dagor FairWinds

Cousin :Duchan Fairwinds

Family not of blood but of marriage or other::

Audrey Alcar Sister-in-law & Kahn Alcar brother -in- law

Vanya Alcar:Neice

Jousha Alcar:Nephew

Kulbin Binoa:Shavyns husband

Etten :Salices husband

Mae Alulale Aelayrn: Ally

Elenya Seldarine:Aunt

Cermie FairWinds:Aunt

Allied Family and Friends

Those of Crendia,Sim'Tahl, and Nosgoth as well as the other kingdoms of Edhel Ndor.

Relatives: Deceased

Her father Alcander GreenStone and mother Adamina FairWinds-GreenStone are both dead, as well as her brother Jinnalt GreenStone.

Relatoionships::Married to Victor Walsh:heart and soul for the rest of her days.

She calls GreenStone home, but all the allied kingdoms are her home.

Magic:: magic is in her blood,it is part of her.Over the last year her magic has become more powerful, though still very much a wind elemental.Sheas powers have changed.

Known Powers: find out for your self...

Fighting Style:: she carries two swords two daggers, a bow and arrows and those arent just for looks she can use them all, on their own an in combos with magic, and less it be known her weapons are enchanted. Skilled at a wide arrangement of melee, and ranged attacks as well as magic.

Favored weapon: That sword at her left or the very winds that surround her eneimes.

Pets: Violette a brown mare. Losa, a white snowy owl and Adaron a hawk upon the winds.


That bow: its is a long bow with elvin runes upon it. Her Arrows are simple yet she is a great shot with it. She has a few silver enchanted arrows.

The sword to her right: sheathed tightly::
The long blade is made from mithral and light iron, embedded near the cross bar is a diamond shaped sapphire which laid on soft curves of white gold. The cross bar is made from the black willow tree and then lightly brushed with mithral. The handle is mithral and iron and it tapers up to a white gold ring which holds a flat circle of sapphire at the top.

Her dagger: lovely mithral blade shone in the room light, near the cross bar is a soft sapphire, inlayed in gold. The cross bar is mithral and light iron, and it tapers up to a soft point at each end, the handle was light iron and mithral it softly tapered up to a point.

The sword at her left: tis is her mothers blade: bound tot he magic of the wind. She uses this swept hilt sword with grace and cunning. This blade shimmers silver made with mithral and iron. In the hilt is embedded a diamond shaped light blue stone, the stone of FairWinds. This blade hums with magic, when Shea wields it.

A powerful ally and a powerfull enemy.

Immortal by blood, and more so through the magic of the gods of her home lands. Yet Shea has her weaknesses. Like everyone else.

Shea GreenStone Arwen en' Me'a ar' Mori

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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 1:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Jadden Elinore Ravenlock Rogue
Jadey Eli Ravenlock Rogue
Muffin Shady
Etc. Etc.

Age: 206. She only looks 23
race: vampiress
gender: FEMALE!
Weight: we may never know, thin... we might guess 125
Height: A short 5' 2" when not in heels
Eye color: jade green
hair: Black locks that come to her shoulder blades, straight or wavy at times.
Ink, peircings, or scars: Scars- 2 small scars, both of which from the blessed bullets in the December fight. One in her neck and the other in her right shoulder.
Ink- none. Come on, she might live forever... she doesn't want anything she's going to regret... forever...
Peircings- 4 in her ears: cartilage, middle ear, lower ear in both. Then a peircing in her left brow.

Theme song: Sweet Child of Mine - G'n'R & The Doom song - Gir
Fight song: F*ck it all - SlipKnot, Choke Me - The Used, One Step Closer - Linkin Park, or Made of Scars - Stone Sour
Groove song: Ride - The Vines

Relationship status: Single, but a flirt here and there never hurt.

BREIF history: She became a vampire early 1800's, animalistic for many years, changed her ways, lived in a null for about 80 years, became a stripper the late 1970's and met Casidy, met Eric and went to Bon Temps to help out with the vamps there, 1999 vamps "came out of the Coffin", came to Rhydin by accident, and became the MUFFIN SHADEY! ... and the rest is history.
(Anything else ya need ta know... read the threads)

Soul sistahs: Casidy Stackhouse, Wyh, Jen, Icer, Tara, Jewell, Issy, etc.

Brothas from anotha motha: Brian, Chris, Woody, Mark, Masky, and Ty.

Fun Facts: Jade loves cooking Muffins and other sweets even though she is a Vampire. Hint the phrase Muffin Shadey, love. Oh yea, is a vampire. The hawtest 206 year old vampiress around! Jade has resently spent about 4 monthes in Bon Temps helping to clear out the bad vamp population. Had a huge fight in RhyDin that nearly killed her in December - The Alucard fight. She'll get up and start doing the Gir dance out of no-where. Former stripper and waitress. Loves to bartend.
Favorite drink: Bloody Mary. B negative, babes.
Favorite weapons: her own two hands, feet, and fangs. A 22 or 45 mm on a hyped event. But as been seen whielding a katana she likes to call "Ai".

Body Type: Curvy in just the right places. Big bust, big assets... so on. Toned as all get out after years of having to protect herself.
Style: always donned in corsets and dresses of such or on her off days, a tank top or band tees and jeans.

Personality: Fun, bubblely, bouncey, sometimes spazzy, and energetic. Loves to have a good time and laugh. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a serious side, oooooh she does. But after being so serious and over worked in Bon Temps, she just prefers to be happy in Rhydin. All work and no play makes Jadey a Dull girl. Jadey is a rockstar in her own mind... so leave her be. She can resite almost any 80's hairband song and even the new stuff. She loves Rock-n-Roll.

Where she lives: Currently she's staying in Brian and Jen's Villa that they do not use.

Powers: Vampire Supa-strength, Glitting (kinda like Teleportation only to short distances from where she is at), eyes change from jade to red when she's mad (But is that really a power?), makes bitchin' muffins, Glitter (attraction, alluring.), on RARE occations she can do small magic & can grow wings for a short time. Heals faster than humans... WAY faster. Like give her 5 minutes for something small. Being super Rad. And no, she can't turn into a bat.

Jobs: A cook, Member of Brian's Bounty Hunter team, part-time town drunk (only on the good days!), a singer (a talent NO ONE knows about... and she'll keep it that way), French maid, spazz, and former stripper.

Strengths: Rockin out, being sexy, baking goodies, loyalty (if you're one of her closest friends, she WILL die for you and your safety), being quick, strong-willed (Hey she stopped drinking from humans [unless out of protection] a long time ago), and making people's day a little bit brighter.

Weaknesses: Her friends, her heart (even though she is a vamp, she's not like the rest... she cares), love, hawt guys, blessed bullets, closets (don't ask), doors (Yea... don't ask again), the sun, cute animals, anything blessed, large amounts of blood, freaks out from the feeling of spider webs, can get pretty hot-headed, Gir, and good music.
Smile on her face, she does what she damn well please.
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Dark Lover Night
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2007 8:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Laufeia Shanra Odette

Race: Lamai

Age: Unknown.

Height: 5?7

Weight: 121lbs

Eyes: Eye colour changes seasonally.

Hair: Blonde

Scars: Several small scar lines dance over her thighs and arms. She also bares a nasty slash scar to her left hip.

Tattoos: One blue tattoo of the ?Scales of Justice? upon the back of her left hand, and a tattoo of the pair of crossed blue Scathachian blades on the back of the right hand, though both are somewhat faded due to their age.

Personality: Laufeia wears an air of matured indifference. She tends to give herself over to others ? and to the Scathachians, as the caring guardian baring a strong emotional attachment towards the Sisters she once called students, and is commonly displayed as a near-maternal instinct. She would gladly throw her life for away for the preservation of anyone of the Sisters ? though would be reluctant in that aspect to anyone not within the Sisterhood
Her reclusive nature though involving the past on the Island of Shadow indeed gives the impression she has something to hide, or something she wants to forget.

Known Living Relatives: No blood or non-blood kin are currently known to be alive, though considers the Sisterhood as part of her extensive family.

Deceased: Shanra Odette ? surrogate mother.

Home: The Scathachian Sanctuary and the Island of Shadow.

Magic: Rumour has it that she has the ability to shift her shape into some kind of creature. This has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Fighting Disciplines and Techniques: Chakram, Dual Blades, Wrestling/Brawling, Acrobatic, Expert at Stealth and Assassination and of course the deadly and widely feared foot techniques.

Favored Weapon: Her fists and feet are her common weapons for bringing down injustice to its knees, though when the going gets tough, then it is time to get serious with those twin blades?

History: (To be written.)
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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 12:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[Taken from my RhydinWiki page]

Name: Delphinea Renee Quinn, Scathachain name: Phin
Age: 30
Date of Birth: Celebrated during the Summer Festival
Race/Species: Human
Gender: (Duh!) Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 240
Build: Muscular
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: The vivid green of spring's first blades

Appearance: She is looming and bulky, Phin's muscular frame cuts and impressive outline even among her Scathachian counterparts. Sun bleached blonde hair and deeply tanned skin convey her love of the outdoors and most specifically the beach.

Physical assessment: Obviously strong, Phin prides herself on her stamina as well. She has uncanny battle endurance and lengthy resilience. She is also the reigning wrestling champion on the Island of Shadow and current Champion for the Festival of Scathach.

Identifying features: Two tattoos, like all Scathachians, on her hands. Left hand: The Scales of Justice. Right hand: Crossed blades. Crimson sash at her waist, another telltale sign of her Scathachian heritage.

Inventory and equipment: Her beloved and blessed bow (which was her Grandmother's) is always strapped to her back, and a quiver of arrows is perpetually within reach. A single chakram at her waist on the right side. Smaller twin blades on her left side. It is also not uncommon for her to have a book on her person if she is not on duty or on patrol in the WestEnd.

Personality and traits: Phin is a pious warrior, holding true to her priestess roots. She takes her devotion to Scathach seriously and lets nothing interfere with her daily worship of her Goddess. She is most often soft-spoken and extremely polite. She is highly educated for the methods on the Island of Shadow and tremendously well-read. Phin possesses a natural gift for figuring out riddles and puzzles.

Mannerisms: While Phin is most probably the gentlest of the Scathachians on an everyday level, she will not abide by the oft-raucous behavior of men. She will always be a champion for women, and is therefore often seen in female-only company. While Phin does not hate men, she prefers them further away from her than nearer.

  • Her Goddess
  • Her Sisters
  • Her daily devotions
  • The goddess-given strength of women-kind
  • Doing good deeds

  • Most men
  • The wronging of women
  • Being kept from finishing a book
  • Having to prove herself

Training, education and skills: Phin was born and trained on the Island home of the Scathachians. She, of course, is well-versed in all manners of Scathachian battle training: dual blades, archery and chakrams. She holds the ranks of Warrior, 3rd Degree and Priestess, Sagesse (Presently, she is training for the rank of Sybil). She has additionally spent a large part of her training in the Archival sect, although she did not receive ranking. Instead, she used her time there to voraciously read all she could, thereby creating a well-formed intellect.

  1. Archery champion
  2. Dual blades
  3. Chakram
  4. Wrestling champion


Phin is a Scathachian legacy, able to trace her roots on the Island of Shadow back through the Archives. It is tradition for the women in her family to be sired by men, but come to the Island to give birth and never marry. Boy-children are given to orphanages on the mainland, while girl-children are cloaked within the veil of Scathach on the Island of Shadow and are guided to weild the bow and to serve on the High Circle.

  • Mother = Castalia, Scathachian of the High Circle and Warrior Rite. Chosen weapon: the bow (location: The Island of Shadow)
  • Father = Unknown
  • Brothers = None known
  • Biological Sisters = None known
  • Grandmother = Euterpe, Scathachian of the High Circle and Warrior Rite. Chosen weapon: the bow (deceased)
  • Great-Grandmother = Agalia, Scathachian of the High Circle and Warrior Rite. Held the rank of High Priestess for 28 years until her death. Chosen weapon: the bow (deceased)
  • Great-Great-Grandmother = Dirae, Scathachian of the High Circle and Warrior Rite. Held the rank of High Priestess for 13 years until her death in battle. Chosen weapon: the bow (deceased)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Sheryl Resendei, Scathachain name: Rhiannon (Highly underused)
Age: 20
Date of Birth: May 21
Race/Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 149
Build: Athletic
Hair: Blonde/Curly (sometimes left in dreadlocks)
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Sheryl is not as tanned as some of the other girls. Her hair is a constant reminder to her mother of who her father is. Blond, naturally curly hair is left to hang in ringlets (when properly cared for with extravagant products), or in its more common dreads. Her large, sometimes luminous blue eyes are the focal point of her face.

Physical assessment: She is not as tanned or as muscular as her sisters. Although she is just as trained as the next Scathachian in battle prowess, Sheryl's form is more conducive to her days upon days of spending time in the great library on the Island. She is soft-spoken and highly intelligent.

Identifying features: Two tattoos, like all Scathachians, on her hands. Left hand: The Scales of Justice. Right hand: Crossed blades. Crimson sash at her waist, another telltale sign of her Scathachian heritage. In addition, her curly blond head is a dead give-away!

Inventory and equipment: Sheryl almost always has scrolls and books on her person, except when going into battle or a training exercise (as she has yet to see a true battlefield!). Her signature weapons are the chakrams, her aim is as sharp as the edges of those elegant weapons.

Personality and traits: Extremely loyal, Sheryl would go to the depths of hell to retrieve a friend's forgotten purse! Friendship to her is something richer than all the gold in the world. Her family relations, most specifically her strained relationship with her mother the High Priestess Lenai, are little more than a polite connection. She has been under appreciated by her demanding and strict mother for most of her life. Lenai has always viewed her daughter as little more than a huge disappointment and a constant reminder of one night's indiscretion. For this reason, Sheryl prizes her few friends above all else in her life. Even her books!

* Her Goddess
* Her Sisters
* The Great Library (on the Island of Shadow)
* Being naturally curious
* Her "research"

* Being discounted
* Being lonely
* Disappointing her mother

Training, education and skills: Like all Scathachians, Sheryl's training was complete with the achievement of 3rd degree in the Order of the Warrior. From there (although it was frowned upon my her mother) she pursued the Order of the Archive, where she has achieved the position of Head of the Scathachian Histories in the Great Library on the Island. This is something she takes quite seriously, even if her Sisters sometimes jeer her as being little more than "a bookish librarian."

Dual blades
Martial arts

Mother = Lenai, Scathachian High Priestess
Father = Unknown
Brothers = None
Biological Sisters = None
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Hera Fyre
Old Wyrm
Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Hera Darkwing (Fyre)
Age: 28
Date of Birth: A mid Summers Day: June 25th
Race/Species: Half Elven
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: The Shores of Haloisi
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: A trim and tone 135lbs
Body Type: Trim, tone and strong. Long legs and long arms matched with stength.
Skin Tone: fair faced with hints of tan upon arms and legs.
Hair color/style: Chestunt Brown, with hints of blonde and red, kept long past her shoudlers.
Eye Color:Cyan with undertones of green.

Apperance: Hera is not a woman to be taken lightly. Her long chestnut hair falls long past her waist. She used her hair to hide that mark upon her face when she can, but in battle her hair is tied back,and that ceremonial marking upon her face shows.

Bright cyan toned eyes with undertones of green look out from a fair toned face. On the right side of her fair face just under her right eye there is a tribal tattoo, done in red and black ink. It is a tribal sign for fire. She has full deep colored lips that can curl in to the slightest of smirks and grins. Her wit is as sharp as her sword.

Clothing Style: She wears the grab of a warrior well fitted clothing, some times skin tight black leather, if she's working. Tall black boots are her usual foot wear, but she has been known to go in sandals as well, ones that lace about her ankles. She's also known for going barefoot when both the weather and place she is in permits. She's also been known to wear armor when needed.

Hera carries an array of weapons, but not all at once. The weapons in her possession are a pair of long scimitars, of Elven make. One had a golden hilt and a dark toned blade She calls it Alfirin. The other has a silver toned hilt and a blue toned blade She calls itMeneluin. When she carries them, they are across her back in an X. She owns many throwing blades, from knives to daggers. She carries at least four on her at all times, and they can range in style and size. She holds them along her belt at her left hip.

She owns a finely crafted Elven long bow it is called Morthond crafted from the darkest of Elven woods, and enchanted. Her arrows are simple, silver or iron tipped on a long shaft of hardy wood, some are fetched with goose or duck feathers others she leaves un fetched.

Other Markings/Tattoos She has a tattoo on her lower back, the mark of The Haloisi Akh'Velahr . It is a black inked tattoo of an ornate Elven dagger.

Personality and traits.: Underneath that hard shell of a warrior, Hera is rather sweet, loving and kind. But behind the shell she is tough as nails and often has a fiery temper to match her magical powers.
She can be quite the flirt, but doesn't mind bloodshed, "Killing is what I do best." Is a saying she has used and continues to use. Hera enjoys the outdoors and is not much one for close living spaces or any other spaces for that matter. She's been known to set "things" on fire from time to time when needed.


Her family was killed by those she trusted most.

Father:Alexander Fyre ~Decesed

Mother: Melina (Leona) Fyre ~Decesed

Brother:Logan Fyre ~Decesed

Now married to

Lang Darkwing

Mother to: Kane Darkwing

Training, education and skills:

Trained by the Mighty Haloisi Akh'Velahr as a "First Rank Assassin".

Trained in sword play with that pair of long scimitars, daggers, other various thrown weapons, and the bow and arrow. Trained in deadly bare foot combat of the Haloisi breed. Hera knows some Elven magic; she was born a child of fire.

She speaks both Elven, common and also knows some of the tongue of the dark elves.

She is skilled in blending into the night around her, and using that fire element as a way to burn those who get in her way. She shows no mercy as she was always taught, but as of late she is getting to be more law abiding.

The Affairs of Love:

As of July 22, 2009 Hera is Married to one Lang Darkwing. And shes also become a mother.One son: Kane.
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Jane "Janie" Devonstone
Scathachian name: Nimue (The Temptress)
Age: Definitely legal
Date of Birth: Late Summer
Race/Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130
Build: Heavenly
Hair: Sun bleached Blonde
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Her sisters refer to her as "Bait." Janie is definitely a bombshell, and she knows it. Her long limbs, ample bosom and backside are the tools of your above-average stripper, though she uses her assets in a slightly different way. Her face is the comely sum of conventional beauty and sultry experience.

Physical assessment: A fan of outdoor activities, as much as "indoor" ones, Janie is an avid swimmer and surfer. While her build is not bulky like some other Scathachians, her limbs are extremely strong and toned due to her favored pastimes.

Identifying features: A few piercings: ears, navel. Only two tattoos, like all Scathachians, on her hands. Left hand: The Scales of Justice. Right hand: Crossed blades. While she usually is sporting little more than a bikini, she does wear her crimson sash at the waist. Her loud laughter is also a dead giveaway in any crowded room.

Inventory and equipment: Along with the usual Scathachian accoutrements, Janie is never far from her surfboard and wax. Waves can happen anytime!

Personality and traits: Fun and up for just about anything. She is a class-A flirt and always on the prowl for a man (at least one to use for the time being). Janie is extremely laid back and ruled by her daily yearns, be they for food, drink, drugs or sex. She is practically the embodiment of the "Id."

* Men
* Scathachian camaraderie
* Recreational -ahem- vices

* Kill joys
* Too many rules

Combat: Usual Scathachian training - swords, archery, chakram, wrestling, foot skills, and fist fighting. She would rather spend her day at the beach rather than in a scrimmage, however.

Home & Family: Her mother and father still reside in the Unknown Southern Lands of Terra Australius, along with her brother, Cooper. She visits once a year on Cooper?s birthday (mid-Spring). Her accent is a dead giveaway of her heritage.

Fun Facts: Janie is known to pop off the Island of Shadow for ?R & R? more often than most Scathachians. Usually found in port city pubs, she selects her ?distractions? for the night, then is out the door before the sun is up.

Janie is a practical joker, often using her sisters as her victims.

Aside from surfing, dancing is Janie?s favorite hobby.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Derinoe but named at birth as Brigid Apalacha
Race: Human
Gender Female
Height: 6?5?
Weight: 250 lbs of steeled muscle
Eyes: Brown
Hair: A Wispy Dirty Blonde

Place of Origin: Pontus
Home: Island of Shadow
Current Location: Rhy?Din

Profession: Warrior of Scathach - Scathachian Warrior Order. Trainer and Fitness Coordinator ? However now assigned to a troubled Temple Location.

Scars: Four. A long thing scar down her back marks the passage of an enemies blade. A jagged scar mars her midsection under her breasts just above her navel where her need to stop injustice overcame her common sense. A small scar on the back of her hand; a token from a youthful adventure... a night out with lots of drinking and perhaps a bit too much bragging. And the last, but never the least, an old somewhat faded ragged scar on her right forearm, a reminder of a darker time in her personal history of which she never speaks.

Tattoos: None currently but she does favor war paint.

Personality: Fiercely loyal and devoted to the Goddess and her fellow Sisters. Although she would proclaim herself as ?easy going and laid back? many might say she can be quite the tyrant in training. (De prefers to see it as ?tough love? however.)

Known Living Relatives: None but she counts the Sisters as her Family now.

Magic: She avoids it if at all possible.

Skills and Favored Weapons: Expert in the use of bow and arrow, twin blades and the chakrums, she is also adept with sword, staff and spear but it is her hand-to-hand, (foot-to-foot?), combat skills at which she excels. Enemies should be most wary of her FOOT SKILLS! She has several well-known signature moves; ?Foot Masking?, ?Tonsil Tickle? and the oft used ?Silencer?. (Best to avoid asking what any of them are or do? simply wait to witness them from afar!) An exceptional and strong swimmer; water or land makes little difference her skills are deadly in both.

History: Born Brigid Apalacha, to an Amazonian Warrior and a Scythe Lord. Her mother raised her to be an independent warrior like herself. She grew up in a small fishing village, honing her muscles and her swimming skills from an early age. De never got along with her high-born father and has spent less time with him than any other living soul she claims a kinship with. She took Derinoe as her Scathachian name because of the mythical Amazonian Warrior of phenomenal prowess and strength. She is a zealous Scathachian, renowned as a physical trainer of the Sisterhood and has spent most of her life on the Island of Shadows pursing this passion. She was loath to depart from her ?home? but when Sisters are in trouble, even she is willing to relocate for a good cause or three.

Point of Interest and WARNING: Dee has monstrously large feet and never bothers to wear shoes. Rarely does she bother to wash them as she believes the viler they are the better weapons they prove to be. Her toes are as dexterous as her fingers and she has learned to use them nearly as well. Beware her feet! They are her most deadly of weapons! Avoid asking about her signature moves, or she may well demonstrate them on you.

Edit: Messed up her height! That's what I get for getting too excited and posting without double checking! Apologies all!
Scathachian Sisterhood

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Kaitlyn Fairchild
Scathachian Name: Athena
Birthplace: Rhy'din
Birthday: May 1
Occupation: Scathachian Judge; Teacher of Strategic Warfare, Combat Tactics and Battlefield Survival

Orders and Rankings:
Order of the Warrior - Master/Instructor
Order of the Priestess - Cleric

Vital Statistics

Age: 41
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red/Burgundy

Distinguishing Features

Tattoos: Crossed Scathachian Swords, back of right hand; Scales of Justice, back of left hand
Scars: Numerous
Other: N/A

Personal Data

Strengths: Where most Scathachian warrior women tend to specialize in one of three weapons - swords, bow, or chakram - Athena is well acquainted with all three and how to deploy them to maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. However, these three are not Kaitlyn's favored weapon - her skill truly shines when she pulls out the black leather bullwhip she carries everywhere on her person. Also like most Scathachians, she is very good with her feet.

Weaknesses: Despite having been born in Rhy'din, Kaitlyn has no superhuman abilities, unless you count her prowess in battle - she is completely human, with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies. Despite her ability and skills in combat, for much of her life since joining the Sisterhood, Kaitlyn has been more teacher than warrior, and while she does have combat experience, it is not quite as extensive as her fellow sisters in Rhy'din.

Relatives: None (all deceased)

Relationships: N/A

Known Adversaries: Temple Bhaal, any other enemy of the Scathachians

Known Allies: The Scathachian Sisterhood and their allies

Theme Song: Chumbawumba - Mary Mary (Stigmatic Mix)

Standard Equipment

Item Name: Bullwhip
Item Description: A seven-foot-long, black bullwhip that appears to be braided from some leather-like material. At the business end is attached a small but very heavy ball bearing of some unknown metal.

Background Information

Factoids: Since she was a very young child, Kaitlyn has lived on the Isle of Shadow for the most part, only leaving a few times, and then not for very long, just enough to fulfill an assignment before returning to the island.

Since joining the Sisterhood and completing her training with them, Kaitlyn has been spending the majority of her life teaching others in the art of combat and survival, the two things she excels at. With the exception of the Order's elders (that is, those closest to her age or older than her), Athena has served as teacher to nearly all of the Sisterhood's current membership.


(Coming soon!)
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RR Cullen

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Name: Richard Robert Cullen
Birthplace: Rydin
Birthday: October 1
Occupation: Watchman

Orders and Rankings: Recently promoted to Lieutenant. Current post: Rhydin's West End

Vital Statistics
Age: 51
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Salt and pepper/graying

Distinguishing Features: Usually sporting a thick stubble


Tattoos: None that can be seen
Scars: A ragged 3-inch gash of a scar across the right side of his ribcage from a knife-wielding assailant.
Other: Smoker

Personal Information

Relationships: None known
Family: Mother ran a sandwich shop in the Market District most of her life. Father was a lawman for a time. He is a third generation Rhydinian.
Personality and Traits: Buried in the job. Soft on the Scathachians, especially Isuelt.
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