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Stealing Time

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Ancient Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:27 pm    Post subject: Stealing Time Reply with quote


And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's meant to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
~ John T Rzeznik

Four, well closer to seven over the past three days, it was only four on that first one. Not that the doctor’s nurses, the pet Gio or anyone else would let Kruger anywhere near Claire’s room. He’d been thwarted on his first attempt, and all others he tried to be far more stealthy. Problem was that Cooper was constantly present. Almost constantly, it had taken a few hours but that last pass had the room free. He could see that through the open door, and even caught a glimpse of the big man striding away down the hall. He thought he it was going to be smooth sailing, but one of the nurses had caught Cooper’s leaving as well, and took that moment to enter the room and close the door behind her. Probably just in case something accidentally peeked out of a hospital gown. He stood in front of the closed door staring, and for a moment nearly reached for the handle. Down the hall he heard a familiar voice though. He liked Cooper, he really did but it was impossible to face him. Rather than try, he slipped into an unoccupied room across the hall and waited for the door to click shut again.

Kruger’s next attempt had come precisely at the moment of Gio’s press conference. Nobody was getting anywhere near Claire’s room that hadn’t been there before and would be recognized. He wanted to put a few orderlies in their own hospital at that point. He even might have, but it was late and he was supposed to be at the arena already to participate in the Talon Tournament. That had been a huge fiasco, sure he’d basically tied for second with Grace but… he’d said so many things that normally he wouldn’t have. The next day, he’d gone and managed to get into Claire’s room. Would have been nice if Claire was still there. It took him all day to track her down, which only brought up his shift on Twilight Island. It was like everything was working against him. At least that was how it seemed until now.

She was more alive than she had been the last few times he’d actually gotten any kind of visual on her. Just that was enough to destroy him inside. Too much was said that couldn’t be unsaid, to her to everyone. Maybe, there was a chance though to salvage something even if it was just a grain of sand compared to what it once had been. She’d been vocal enough that the closed door was not enough to fully mute the sounds within. Kruger was waiting again, but differently this time. Now he just waited for the doctor to exit, he didn’t know where everyone else was. Well except Raven, he’d done his best but she spotted him anyway. At least she’d given him the room number to keep him from wandering aimlessly.

Silence met his knock, she hadn’t gone to sleep, in fact it looked for all intents and purposes that she was about to say something until she saw him. Then her gaze turned so cold his lips felt like they’d chapped under it. She said nothing, he knew what it meant, go away. The problem with unspoken requests is that without being expressed definitively they can be surreptitiously ignored. Especially if your name was Kruger.

“I’m glad you’re alive. I’ve been worried.” There was still nothing from Claire, including a change in the temperature of the look she gave him. That likely backfired as well, as Kruger only entered further.

“Look, I wanted to apologize the moment I said things. The second I opened my big mouth, I wanted to take back the words, but you can’t unhear a thing can you? I do trust you, and while there are things I said that I wish you hadn’t heard. I can’t, and I guess I mean I don’t want to take those back.” Kruger looked over his shoulder half expecting to have company at any moment.

“I don’t have much time here before your life comes back, I don’t need much. I brought you a gift, something to read… you know, to help pass the time. You can do whatever with it, but I mean, if you read it maybe you’ll understand at least that I do still trust you.” He’d been slowly moving forward, and was next to the bed when he dropped the book on it where she could reach it or knock it to the floor. The cover was neatly bound leather, if simple in it’s scroll work. The thing looked to be brand new. In fact it was oddly warm, as though it had just come off the printer.

“You don’t have to talk. Don’t need to tell me to go away… I’m going. I’ll check on you tomorrow though, and probably every day after that until you either get out of the bed and kick my ass or maybe you’re gone and home.” She reacted to that, but there was still silence from her, now she was probably just being stubborn about it because she had to know he was going to do exactly what he said.

“Feel better Claire.” Kruger wiped his eyes, as he looked at her not ashamed of shedding tears in front of her. He’d been doing a lot of that lately at random times when something would catch his attention. He reached out, taking with just his fingertips a wisp of hair he’d often seen her blow out of her face when she was upset or frustrated and pulling it away from her face. It was as close as he came to actually touching her. The smith backed two steps licked his chapped lips one last time, turned and left. It wouldn’t be long before Cooper returned to her bringing reality back and maybe leaving his stolen moment like a ghost dream. Except for the solidity of the book that lay on the bed.

The pages within would appear blank to any eye that looked besides the woman on the bed. He had Serah to thank for it, one wish charm put to simple but good use.
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