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Good Tidings

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:35 pm    Post subject: Good Tidings Reply with quote

Merry Date-ma... or was it the Dativersary?

Will wasn't certain. This was something akin to uncharted territory. The getting together part, that was easy. The pair of them had little else in the way of people to spend the holidays with other than each other, so it only seemed natural that they would spend the time together. The passage of months saw the hollow expanse of his warehouse loft apartment become something more homey, a sparse grouping of simple but eclectic tastes that had been drawn together and then eccentrically festooned with gaudy Christmas cheer. Christmas lights hung wherever they could be draped and even in some places they couldn't thanks to a well placed nail. The tree itself wasn't real, but looked real enough to pass a cursory inspection; it was much less loud with simple white lights and red/white poinsettias. A wealth of poorly wrapped packages made a semi-circle around the base.

The Fundane himself lounged idly on the couch nearby, a tired half-smile on his mouth as Die Hard played itself out on the television and he fought a valiant battle against the after effects of an extended work shift. Bare feet, cotton lounge pants, and a sleeveless Rockies shirt were made easy with the help of the crackling fire in the old fireplace.

"But why would Snape want to do it during a Christmas party of all things? That doesn't seem very tactically sound..." Nicanora asked from her spot on the floor, just in front of the couch. Her head tipped back to look at him from a half upside down angle, her smile pulled crooked as she eyed him. In contrast, she countered his sleeveless tee and PJ pants with a soft black sweater with a plunging neckline and plush lambskin leather leggings that wrapped her stretched out legs like a second skin. Her feet were bare, her soles warmed by the heat of the fire and her toes curled into the ambient glow.

Christmas wasn't a very Shadowhuntery sort of thing but it had weaseled its way into her heart for the sentimentality of it all and so she found herself content to spend it with the paramedic amidst what looked to be the result of Saint Nick spewing the epitome of capitalist Christmas cheer all over the loft. It was an odd sort of comfortable but one she didn't mind.

"Lower hostage to security guard ratio," he replied blithely. "And the likelihood of diminished police activity in the area due to most places of it's like being closed for business." Will, for all of his pacifistic mannerisms, had apparently thought this one out. It didn't stop him from returning her smile, one hand slipping around the slimness of her neck to so that fingers could catch her beneath the chin and hold her in upside down state. It offered up all the time he needed to ply her lips with a lingering kiss.

"Then why not wait for the party to almost conclude, snag the one guy you need in order to get to the vault, and save the possibility of exposure? Distraction or not, you end up with that many eyes on you and it's nearly impossible to have any sort of wiggle room. Then the next thing you know, you're falling off Nakatomi Plaza." Quieted by the touch of his mouth, she first smiled into it then grinned fully when she finally broke away. Nica dragged a few fingertips along his wrist then climbed to her feet. "I'm gonna grab a drink. You want anything?"

"Then there wouldn't be a movie." Will bit at her bottom lip and reaching to give her a fond ( and inappropriate) caress a she rose. "I'll take another beer and a kiss. Make it so!"

"I'm just saying, it doesn't make a whole lot of logical sense." She gave him a good natured huff and bent just long enough to smear another kiss across his mouth, ending it with a nip at his bottom lip. With that she sashayed away from the couch, rounding it in favor of the kitchen across the apartment.

"Make it so, make it so, make it sooooo." A la 'Let it Snow', the tune accompanied the wrangling of two new bottles from the fridge and a brief side quest to a bag that she had dropped by the front door. Wedging the bottles in the crook of her arm, she dug out a pair of neatly wrapped presents. That was a thing during Christmas, right? Nica hadn't been the one to wrap them even if she took the credit for it. Both were taken with her back to where Will sprawled and she offered him a tempting choice; bottle or boxes. "Feliz Navidad, ay?"

With the movie winding down, the sway of her hips was far more interesting, catching up his attention in her departure and her return. The offer produced a moment or two of indecision, before the paramedic first took the bottle. It was placed on the end table next to him. The boxes were placed on the couch to the other side of him. Finally, his hands found her hips, clenching possessively and drawing her slowly back down towards his lap.

"Merry Christmas, Fanny." His arms snaked around her slender frame, drawing her closer and closer until she was like a second skin. "Good tidings of comfort and joy, for which you're a source of both."

Soon empty handed, she sank with ease into his grasp until at last she settled with a brush of her mouth to the tip of his nose. "Makes two of us then, Senor Loaf. You've been a highlight of the year. So open those and laugh at how lame they are."

"But I'm already holding what I wanna unwrap," Will teased and raked his fingertips along her spine. "What's inside is the only present I need."

For a few more moments, he made a show of teasing and antagonizing her with his fingers and his mouth, before drawing away to sag back against the couch cushions. With a stretch, he reached for the two boxes she had originally offered and pulled them close. With a half-amused gusto, Will began tearing into the paper.

"That comes later, don't worry." She shivered under his touch, capturing her bottom lip between her teeth. He teased, testing her resolve and pushing her to consider skipping to the good stuff, but he relented just in time. With a slow exhale past pursed lips, she watched him unwrap with a small smile. "I've never really had a reason to do the Christmas thing, so at the very least I get an A for Effort."

Deft fingers made short work of the colored paper, which was soon piled up beside him in shreds. A quirky smile curled his mouth at the corners when the razor and knife sets were freed from their boxes, the meaningful twinkle in his eye contrasting the tease in his tone. "I'm not surprised they're sharp things," he chuckled. "But is this also your way of tellin' me I should cook for you more?"

Translation: I am pretty damned impressed with these things.

"Either that or I'm saying you're scruffy." She scratched her fingers along the five o'clock shadow on his jaw. For the teasing, a light tint of red touched the crests of her cheeks, pulling her smile sheepish to go with the one shouldered shrug. Sitting back on his knees, she gently freed the straight razor from his grasp and smoothly flipped it open, holding it up to eye level. It was dangerously sharp, that much was certain. Satisfied with it, she shut it and tucked it back into his hand then leaned forward to steal a kiss.

"But I'm not gonna say no to you cooking for me more."

"Yeah? I could be persuaded." The gifts were set aside, onto the table next to his beer. His hands found her hips again. "I might've gone a little overboard on stuff for you. Some of it's for Ronnie and his family, plus one for Cris if I ever catch up with him... but the rest are yours. You wanna tear into them? Never know what you might find."

"You know I'm quite persuasive." She smirked but made no move to get out of his lap. It was a perch she was quite fond of and his hands to her hips made her even less inclined to move. The lift of her brows gave away her surprise and she glanced briefly over to the errantly wrapped gifts. "Para mi? I could always use your line about wanting to unwrap you instead..."

For emphasis her fingers walked down his chest and stomach toward the edge of his shirt.

"Unwrapping me is a given." He grinned. "But there might be something in there you wanna include in the fun. You never know. It could be an adventure." The last words were given no small amount of emphasis when murmur against her ear, his tongue flicking out to tease her earlobe.

Nica laughed, dragging her teeth along her lip as she reluctantly drew back from him. Her fingers curled against his shirt as if she might still follow through with removing it but at the last moment, she slid off of his lap, making a show out of the saunter to the red, white, and green Christmas tree to retrieve the boxes marked for her.

"You threaten me with a good time and then send me on a hunt through these things. Dastardly, Will. Simply incorrigible." She brought them back to the couch and took up a seat beside him to rip into the paper with all of the grace of a badger.

"You love me this way." He told her this without a shred of guilt, instead choosing turn towards the gift opening in progress with a smug curiosity. The gifts themselves were very simple in nature: some shirts, some athletic and underwear, and (unsurprisingly) some shockingly fun sex toys. The last among the boxes was the smallest and seemed to hold Will's interest the most, but he was all smiles throughout it all.

"Perhaps." She admitted with a coquettish tip of her head. As she peeled paper and popped tape on boxes, she laughed her way through half of the presents, leaning with each to smother him with a peppering of kisses that seemed to become less pecks and more heated as they progressed. Amidst Star Wars themed underthings and some rather interesting light up toys, she nearly missed the tiny box, lost beneath a discarded shred of paper. It wasn't until she collected the scraps that she realized she had missed it. The ball of garbage was set aside so she could take up the last present and carefully tore the paper from it as well. Thumbing open the box, her brows lifted as she plucked up the key within.

"And this?" With it pinched between her thumb and index finger, she looked to him for some sort of explanation.

It had been a small box, round and velvety on the outside. It was the sort men used to offer up rings and proposals. He would have denied the wry amusement when he saw maybe the small flicker of panic before the key was retrieved. Will licked his lips and lifted his chin towards it. "It's engraved. Read it."

The words along the ornate key were simple: I want you to live with me.

It wasn't her fault that she briefly wondered just what the hell he was trying to do to her but once the box was popped open she relaxed. With the key in hand she turned it over in her grasp, leveling it sideways to take a closer look at the engraving. Her eyes widened then lifted to meet his intent gaze. It was a proposal of sorts and though it was still slightly scary, the rational side of her brain kicked in and reminded her that she spent most of her time over here anyways so was moving in really a stretch? Brushing a chestnut lock over her ear she finally gave him a smile and the start of a nod. "Alright, ummmm, yeah. If you want, that is."

"Pretty sure the key said I did." He reached out with a hand and hooked two fingers into the waistband of her pants. "You're here most of the time anyway and we can turn the downstairs into a place for you to train. I want you here. With me."

"Hey, maybe it was just the key talking to me." His gravitational pull was undeniable. She pushed the paper out of her lap, set her gifts aside, and reclaimed her spot over top of him. "You're right though. It makes sense... and I wanna be here, with you. I'm month to month right now but we could probably make it happen by the end of January."

"It'll guarantee more cooking," he told her, hands slipping back around to take a firm hold on her. A biting kiss raked across her neck when he leaned in. "No more ships passing in the night when our schedules don't align. One of us will be here when the other gets home. The sex will happen that much faster... I want this. The sooner we make it happen, the better. So say yes. The sooner I get the official yes, the sooner I'll use the lightsaber vibrator on you."

"See, that's all you had to say." She teased, tilting her head aside to allow him as much access as he wanted. It wasn't as though he had to continue convincing her but still, the more he said, the more he put her at ease until finally she leaned back, her fingers catching at his chin to meet his gaze. "Okay, fiiiiiine. Yes, Will St. Jude, I will move in with you."

"Good." Lapis blue eyes met hers and he grinned. "My laundry smells better when you do it."

"And so the hidden motives reveal themselves." She groaned but the underlying grin was undeniable. "You got your yes, now show me just how strong the Force is with this one."

"Pants. Off. Now."
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