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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:30 pm    Post subject: Resolutions Reply with quote

The best thing about the winter, Isuelt thought to herself, was the sub-freezing temperatures. Not that she was out and about building snowmen or having snowball fights or sledding. But those frigid temperatures did their fair share of the job in keeping miscreants off the streets. Truly, the best place to be on a winter?s night was cuddled up before a fireplace perhaps with a hot drink and a loved one to watch the snow fall or listen to the wind roar; basking in the warmth and glow of the flames and of the hope of the new year. Certainly on a bitingly cold night such as this, only ne?er-do-wells and criminals were out and about.

At least it was a thought that brought a shadow of a smirk to her usual scowling expression. Isuelt was leaning up against the recessed door frame of an abandoned warehouse deep in the West End, her arms folded over her chest for warmth. After all, she?d been the only miscreant out on the streets tonight (at least the only one she?d seen in a few hours). Instead, the windows of Rhydin were aglow with light and the cityscape silhouette was dotted with smoking tendrils being offered to the sky?s gods. It was so quiet out tonight that the silence gave time to the Judge to think. Listening to her own breath exhale in puffs beneath her scarf, she stared across the vacant street at a set of diamond lattice patterned windows and glow beyond. She watched a few figures walk past the window and at one point watched them dance to the delight of a few smaller shadows who jumped up and down. Yes, this was the crime-laden West End, yes, these people had very little, still they didn?t seem to care or even notice. After a long blink, Isuelt looked down and swallowed as she shifted her weight from leg to leg, tried to get a bit warmer. What was she doing out here? Her Sisters had the region more than under control, even on their abbreviated winter patrols. Her dark eyes looked up and down the empty street once more, the sidewalks had yet to see a set of footprints, save hers, this entire night. Why was she so bent on clinging to rooftops, skulking in alleyways? What the hell was she hiding from? The toe of her boot kicked at the ground before her. Keeping people safe, she thought to herself. Making sure criminals are apprehended? She rolled her eyes to herself, even Isuelt knew she was grasping at straws?even to herself.

?What the *** are you out here for, Iz?? her nearly chattering lips spat out the words. ?Get your ass in gear, get your priorities straight?.get inside.? The chink of self-loathing that had come to be a fixture in the Scathachian?s armor made its entrance. Her cage of solitude, once so cozy and welcoming, had become stifling and cold; it had become more of a prison lately than solace. She had had a conversation with a dear friend lately that somehow put so much of her life in perspective. As difficult and heartbreaking as that conversation was to have, she appreciated it. And like the card shark she fancied herself to be, she didn't show her whole hand. She had tried to remain guarded. And for what? For whom? Her friend was in dire straights and she was at her wits end trying to think of how she could help. The kicker was, she couldn't. She was completely and totally powerless and that, above all else, had her trolling the streets, craving the need to do something, anything.

With one deep breath and exhale, she pushed off of the doorframe that had acted like her only friend in the world. ? *** this,? she breathed and decided to not only take shelter in the nearest pub for the night, but maybe?just maybe?start to actually live a little. After all, wasn?t this the time of year when people made lofty promises to change their lives? Why not? How about a change to be a little more social? A little warmer? A little chummier? Her Sisters would be so thrilled. And as for the denizens of Rhydin? Well, that remained to be seen.

Her long legs, nearly numb from the hours in the cold, made their strides with a business-like gait. Isuelt had a long way to go to shed the layers...and that didn't just apply to the clothing she had on. This would be an interesting year she thought to herself. But what was best about the future? It was unknown. It could be everything one wanted. She mused that that was the 'hope' that philosophers chased after, and it was hope was very dear to her just now.
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