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Tranquil Arts - Magical Art Shop

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Tranquility Alcar

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:00 am    Post subject: Tranquil Arts - Magical Art Shop Reply with quote

Situated within the marketplace, down one of the side roads, sits a two story building with a sign hanging out front reading 'Tranquil Arts - Magical Art Shop'. Depicted on the sign below the shops name is a collection of glowing, colored lights, depicting regal looking white and gold dragoness.

In the window, one could see examples of the art available in this shop - More gatherings of glowing, enchanted, incorporeal lights taking on various shapes. In one instance was a smooth, transparent glass orb with a pair of dragons in flight contained within. Another instance was a sheet of glass, about the size of a normal painting, showing a large, dormant black volcano. Despite being made of enchanted light, the pieces looked of high quality - The artist clearly knew how to manipulate the lights and shadows within these glass 'frames' to provide a shaded, colorful, and in the case of the orbs, fully three-dimensional images.

Were one to enter the shop, they would be greeted with the light tinkling of a bell and a modestly sized store. To the left was a counter with a simple till. Behind the counter was a door, and settled on the wall next to the door was a poster saying 'Custom art commissions accepted and encouraged'. The remainder of the store consisted of shelves showing more forms of this enchanted light art in both glass orbs and glass sheets.

During standard open hours, the store seemed to almost solely be run by a white-haired woman with blue eyes, usually wearing robes that hinted of her status as some form of officiated magical user. She would always introduce herself as Tranquility Alcar with a friendly smile.

About a year ago, the shop was closed up, with a notice on the door stating Tranquility would be leaving town to provide humanitarian aid efforts for region at war. As of today, the shop has officially re-opened with Tranquility once more running the store with a new apprentice.


Regular Hours
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 12 PM
Sunday: CLOSED
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