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A Conspiracy of Girls

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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:27 pm    Post subject: A Conspiracy of Girls Reply with quote

Senka was about five minutes early for her meeting so she headed inside and got settled in a booth. Her sketchbook was set out as was a sheet of paper for note taking.

It was the one place in this town she definitely knew how to get to, having been there twice already. On her third visit, Kami actually took note of its name, and in the noting she found herself laughing. Of course he liked this place, with a name like that. Shaking her head, she climbed the steps from the path to the parking lot and let herself in.

Standing just inside the entranceway, she shrugged out of her jacket, a black fleece lined fitted number with a designer label. Her silver grey locks were loosely curled, half hidden by an oversized knit slouch hat in deep cranberry. Her dark eyes scanned the room, looking for someone who looked like a Senka.

Folding the expensive coat over one arm, her attention landed on a woman sitting by herself in a booth. She?d turned in the booth since it was time, and watched the door. Her sketchbook was lifted in her hand in a way that if someone was looking for her, they'd likely notice it. That seemed promising, right? Closer examination revealed the sketchbook. Bingo. Kami moved in that direction, the heels of her boots clicking softly across the floorboards. "Hi," she announced herself. "Are you Senka?"

"I's is!" The book was set aside again and she stood up and stuck out her hand. Her puffy coat that she hadn't taken off yet detracted from the dress she was wearing while trying to appear somewhat professional. She had no idea how these things worked. Maybe her usual hobo-artist look would have worked. "Is nice for meetin' you, Kah-me?"

Kami wasn't real sure how these things worked, either. She'd been in tons of business meetings and not a few ...other... kinds of meetings, but never one quite like this. The woman stood, and she tipped her head back to look up at her. "Oh! You're taller than I expected. " She laughed, laughing at herself, not Senka.

"Yeah, I'm Kami. Nice to meet you." She stuck one hand out in formal greeting.

"I's tried to stop bot de legs jest kept goin'. V'was all dose veggies I's guess." She tried her hand at making a joke, she looked uncertain about it being funny. She gave the hand a shake and then motioned to the booth for the woman to join her. Senka took off her coat before sliding in. "So, did yous sink more about v'wat yous might v'want?"

Whether it was strictly funny or not, Kami smiled anyway, exhaling in a quiet laugh. "Maybe that's where I went wrong. Not enough vegetables."

Checking the security of her hat, the petite woman slid into the opposite side of the booth, tossing her coat into the corner once she'd settled. Her outfit was relatively plain tonight, skinny black jeans that fit her like they'd been made for her (probably they had), and an oversized sweater in heathered shades of black, grey and white. The outfit was simple, tasteful, and likely cost a small fortune.

"Ummm... well? I've never done this before..." she hadn't, either. Why haven't I done this before? "What do people normally do?" She was looking Senka over thoughtfully -- like there might be a clue to the answer hidden on her face somewhere -- when a flash of gold at the doorway distracted her. She blinked once, grinned, and then shifted her attention back, hoping like hell that where the one came, the other wouldn't follow.

The duels had ended earlier than expected, and burgers could only hold her attention for so long. After some celebration, Tahlia had headed over to the Inn, and quickstepped inside, since she hadn't bothered to change out of the gold hot pants and lace top she'd worn to the fight.

"I's sink it is sing wis people dat is v'where yous from? Yous v'remind Senka of she frend Tsoo. She is leetle an' cute too." She slid her sketchbook towards Kami if she wanted to see the work she had done before. There were copies of the Confessions Series tucked into it as well. " Yous can look if yous v'want. As for v'wat people normally do?" Senka laughed nervously. "Dis my first time tryin' dis. So, is v'really up to yous an' v'wat yous is comfortable wis."

A flutter of fingertips and a bright smile were shot over to the elegantly tiny woman in the booth, but Tahlia could recognize a private conversation from a hundred paces. Still smiling, she headed over to the bar, because that was where the bourbon was. And it was cold out there!

Kami grinned, pleased. "Thank you! I am pretty cute sometimes, I think." One set of mascara'd lashes dropped in a quick wink to show she was mostly just teasing. Taking the sketchbook when it was offered, she flipped through the pages, whistling low. "Wow. You're really good."

Poring over a few more pages, she thought about what she wanted. "Something...really classy. Like... " She tried to picture it in her mind. "Like a painting? Something you could frame and put on a wall, if you wanted."

"Dat can be done. Do yous v'want ashual paintin'? I's v'was gonna do jest drawins bot paintin' can be done. An' classy is good, I's like classy. It don' have to be like old fashion bootyrawr," boudoir "pishure. I's v'want it to be classy an' mmm modern tv'wist. V'we can do jest yous or add background."

Still thumbing through the images, she paused here and there to examine one more closely, sometimes shifting the book to look at it from other angles. The Confessions pieces in particular drew her interest, a murmur of approval on her lips. "These are really great," she said, her finger tracing the outline of a particular drawing just an inch above the actual work so as not to hurt it. "I love the tension you've captured here."

Listening all the while, Kami glanced up suddenly, brows lifted. "You can? I would of course pay extra." You could afford to be generous if it wasn't your money. "That sounds great. I'm up for whatever, so long as it's classic. A little racy, but not all out tacky, you know?" She turned more pages, nearing the end of the book, and paused on a face turned in quarter profile. "...Is this your friend? What did you call her... Tsu?"

Slipping behind the bar, Tahlia stretched up on tiptoe with a frown - someone had moved her favorite bottle of bourbon. Luckily, she was familiar with this trick, since it was a favorite at The Line, and managed to snag the bottle without dropping it. In the mood for something a little different, she grabbed a shaker, and added bourbon, bitters and sweet vermouth, along with just a splash of maraschino cherry juice, before shaking and straining into two glasses, and adding double cherries to each. Because splurging was a thing. One glass in each hand, she headed over to the booth where Kami was sitting with Senka.

It was hard to miss all that gold lam?, you know? Or... how little of it there was, really. Kami couldn't not look that direction, and a grin painted her mouth when she saw both glasses. Oh, I think I'm gonna like this one... Watching Tahlia approach gave her an idea. "Actually... can I hire you to do one of her, too?" She pointed out Tahlia. "Whatever style she wants. If you have enough time."

"Hey, Tahlia." She looked up from her conversation with a smile. "Thank you," her voice was practically a purr as she took the drink, scooting over so Tahlia could sit with her. Not that there wasn't plenty of room already, but hey. Sometimes gestures are important. She held a finger to her lips conspiratorially. "Presents for Ace. Want in?"

"Tank yous." She was proud of the collection, but modest enough to be appreciative when complimented on it. "I's can do de paintin' if yous v'wish. No problem. An' da, dat is Tsoo. Tell'd yous she is cute." She grinned at the paper and then looked to the approaching woman and waved. She remembered Tahlia. "I's can do she too. An' yes, Senka is de artist."

"Very cute," she agreed. "And you're right, looks like she's from Japan, too." That was reassuring; sometimes people who were really good at drawing one ethnicity managed to make others look like cartoons. She spent a moment looking at the portrait of the Japanese man on the opposite page. "...You know a lot of Japanese people here?" That was interesting.

Tahlia?s eyes widened, and a conspiratorial smile lit her face. "OOooohh...and of course, sexy...plotting requires liquid refreshment." Breathing required liquid refreshment, in her opinion. Winking at Kami, she slid in, and studied the drawings. "Those are beautiful..."

"I's know- uhm like dose two. Maybe Harry, I's dunno if she is from Jepen bot she kind of look like it. Dere v'was cute guy dat v'was not from dere but sum place not so far." Looking down to the man at the page, she glanced aside. "Dat v'was ah- boyfrend of Senka. Is cute, no?"
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Young Wyrm
Young Wyrm

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Picking up on the past tense, she cast a glance back down over the man's face and nodded. "Very cute," she agreed quietly, then pushed the sketchbook closer to Tahlia so she could look through it, too. "I picked up her card when we were here the other night," she explained for the blonde, grinning. "Seemed like a good idea at the time, and yes. Liquid refreshment is definitely in order."

Trading the book for the drink, her dark gaze re-affixed itself to Senka. "So... do you have a studio? Should I get a hotel room? How should we do this?" Clearly, Kami had never yet met a credit card with anything so gauche as a limit on it.

"I's do have studio bot I's not owner an' dere is o'der artists who go dere so-- is probably best do dis somev'where else. V'we can do at Senka's apartment, yous place, hotel, v'watever is comfy for yous." She smiled to Tahlia as well to let her know she was included in the options.

"It's a really good idea..." There was a moment where Tahlia wondered if it was one of the postcards, and if so, which one. "Actually I was considering something similar...but photos, not...these are fantastic though. Unique." Which, really, seemed perfect, given the recipient. Flipping through the book, she paused over one particular image with a thin smile, before turning the page decisively.

Hm. Other people didn't sound like much fun, really. "Well, I don't really have a place yet, we're going house shopping tomorrow, I think? I do have a hotel room already--" A really, really nice one -- "But there's a good chance he'll be there. So... we can do your place or...." Her gaze lifted to Tahlia. "What does your place look like?" all she knew about it was that it had a hot tub. "You can do both! He likes pictures but...yeah. This is Unique. Special."

Senka did her best not to preen at the mention of this being unique or special. She looked to Tahlia to see if she wanted to use her place.

"We can absolutely do it at my place - it has three bedrooms, two's really neutral right now. I was planning to redecorate after IFL this week, so we can do whatever we think works best." She looked over at Kami with a laugh. "You mean we could do both? I'll cover photos if you're planning on covering this..." Well, someone would cover it. Tahlia had a similar mindset when it came to credit cards, and spending. "But there's no-one else there, so we could take our time."

Having been the designated guard for her departed junior, Eri walked in once she found herself free of that duty. A drink seemed in order now, and she was pushing through the door with a tilt of her head to see who was in. Hobnails tapped the floor from her old creased boots, wind swirling the fabric of the seifuku outfit she wore over black leggings. Stubbornly in place in spite of the cold, the satin and rayon sukajan with the embroidery of Mt. Fuji and soaring dragons was on proud display as the outer layer. Once inside, she was looking around to the bar, spotting familiar faces and waving gleefully.

Oh see, those were the magic words. Kami's eyes practically lit up. "I can help you decorate..." Someone would cover it, for sure. Someone being the gift's recipient, but whatever. "Alright, cool. So we can do it at your place, then. Does that work for you?" This last was back to Senka, looking for confirmation. She'd totally just invited the woman to another woman's house, and none of them really knew each other yet.

Naturally, this meant they were going to need to go shopping for new outfits, too. Man, Kami was getting so excited.

"Dis v'works. Jest test Senka de address? Oh an' v'wat day an' time?" And that was text?

"Definitely!" She agreed immediately, without actually, you know. Having the address in the first place.

It took Tahlia a second. "Oh, sure thing. It's over in Seaside...I'll just have to let Brett know you're coming." She slid out her team-logo'd phone, transcribed the number from the card Kami had put on the table, and sent Senka the building information. "Would you? That would be are just not particularly helpful for picking out couches..." Paying for them, yes.

The yanki was bound for the break in the bar. Once back at the drawer she produced a thick amount of brightly colored paper notes, counting some out to drop in with the alleged snake. A small hand lifted to search the bottles available, and naturally, it was the jolly bird she selected.

Senka felt her phone go off but didn't check it since she knew who it was. "Perfect. V'we v'will make dis really cool. Its goin' to be so good."

Although she had no idea who or what a Brett was, it didn't seem to phase Kami. "Great! So we'll go shopping for some outfits and we'll do this and some photographs and then we'll decorate your house!" Ace would probably come to rue the day he'd put these two in close proximity.

There was a small smile for all of the plans the women had. Senka couldn't imagine being quite so free with money. "Sounds like yous bose have many plans. V'will be fun time."

Eri wasn't lingering back there for long. Once she had a glass and her bottle in hand, she was on the move again. Her playfully shambling gait carried her to a table, one foot hooking the leg of a chair to pull it out for perching. Drinks settled on the surface in front of her as she settled in.

"This...sounds just...heavenly." Shopping was one of her favorite activities, shopping with someone else's money was significantly higher on the list. "Were we thinking anything in particular for the paintings?" She smiled around the table, including Senka in the plotting. "You're the artist...any suggestions?"

Senka looked like a deer in the headlights. Maybe she hadn't thought this idea through and how much would be involved. "Uh- I's - mmm- no." She looked down, a little embarrassed.

"That's okay," the smaller woman said breezily, trying to get Senka to look up again. "We'll figure something out together. Want to go shopping with us?" The offer was instinctive, unplanned, but she meant it. Kami was a generous soul.

Looking up, Senka nodded. She wasn't sure she could keep up with them but it was a nice offer. "I's should get new dress maybe, I's v'will have date soon."

"Is this a first date?" Kami immediately wanted to know, interested.

"Like- like official. V'we hung out v'once before."

Reaching over, Tahlia patted Senka's hand. "Oh, don't worry - I was just curious. I'm sure we can come up with something he'll like. Put our heads together." Picking up her glass she took a sip, and nodded. "Oh! You definitely need a new dress for that."

"I's haven't done de date stoff mush." She looked nervous. "Sum help from v'womens might not be so bad."

She agreed, completely. "It's settled, then. You're coming shopping with us." Kami didn't really... do..."no".

Jade eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "Waaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiit...Danny? From the other night? You guys were talking about nun outfits, right?"

"Oh-kay," Senka agreed without protest. Looking to Tahlia, she nodded once again and smiled down at the table. "Dat is him."

There was an immediate gaze-shift to Tahlia. "Oh, you know the guy? Do tell."

"Not really well - other than him being just absolutely immune to my efforts to be charming." She winked at Senka. "Of course, now I know why. He seems like...a nice guy. Cute." These words might mean something a little different to the conspiring pair.

"He is nice guy, very nice." She winced a little and her forehead creased with worry. "An' cute wis his smile an' dimples."
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Smiling brightly, she looked from Tahlia to Senka. The woman's hesitation was kind of adorable. Snagging her drink, she sipped it thoughtfully. "Mm, your charms have found a fine audience, fear not." She murmured aside to Tahlia. "Well this is exciting. You'll need a new dress and some gorgeous lingerie."

"Oh- oh- I- v'we v'well- - " Why were words so hard around these two women? Senka used to be able to keep up with others like them back home. "Is new, I's don't know if dat v'will be needed."

"Gorgeous lingerie is always needed," she assured Senka. "Let's see, I need to look at houses tomorrow... how about Saturday?"

"Oooooooooooooh - Kami...are you thinking spa day?" Because the lingerie and the dress were a given...and shoes. "Better to have it and not need it...nothing worse than having to abandon a natural conclusion because things don't match." Not that she ever didn't...but she could imagine. Kami got a wink, and a nod of agreement. "They certainly have."

"I's see. Saturday v'works."

This was the weirdest business meeting ever. Senka was pretty sure this is not how they usually went. Her fingers toyed at the short hem of her black dress. It was supposed to be business attire but it kind of suggested she was into a different business entirely. Oops. She reached out to draw her sketchbook away from the women and back to herself. "I's not sure dat I's can join for dat. I's don't have v'one of dose magik cards wis de monies."

"Yes!" Kami practically squealed. "Definitely spa day." Lifting her hands off the book so Senka could reclaim it, her makeup-lined brows lifted. "What? Oh! Oh, no worries. You don't invite someone out and then expect them to pay. It's on me." Ace. It was on Ace.

Her cheeks puffed up as she stared at Kami. "Uh- bot yous is Senka's client, v'recall dat? I's not sure yous gettin' good end of deal."

The front door opened, letting in a gust of cold air along with Danny. Bundled in his coat, he scanned the tavern, fingers at work on his buttons. The sight of a few familiar faces brought a smile to his face, especially when he caught sight of Senka. Danny tossed his jacket up on a hook and made his way first toward the bar, letting her finish up business before butting in.

After one drink, Eri tipped herself back in her seat to better prop her boots up on the tabletop. Ankles crossed and legs stretched, while the delinquent stared up into the rafter beams.

"Magic card with the....oh! Oh, I think it's our treat..see?" Because Kami had beat her to it. If Ace didn't regret introducing them, his credit card balance might. But somehow she didn't think he'd mind much. "Oh...please...I'm pretty sure I speak for both of us when I say it?s our pleasure..."

Nodding her head several times, Kami hooked a gold-tipped thumb at Tahlia. What she said.

"Wis de v'way yous two is talkin' I's sink it is gonna be his pleasure..." She tipped her head over towards Danny who she spotted walking towards the bar.

"That too," Kami grinned, dropping one set of lashes in a playful wink.

"That is, usually, the desired result, yes." Tahlia looked over to Danny with a smile that may have resembled a feline who had caught itself something small and feathery.

He caught Senka's eyes, a little smirk on his lips as he winked to her. Behind, the bar, he went right for the bottle rack, pulling down a bottle of Irish whiskey, and setting to the task of pouring himself a drink. He noted Tahlia, tossing a little wave off of his temple to her as he poured.

Kami looked that way too, her subtly tilted eyes widening a little. "Ohhhh, is that him?" Her voice was hushed, at least. Her posture was ...less subtle, possibly. She practically bounced in her seat.

"Dat is heeem." She tried to say without moving her lips as she wiggled her fingers at Danny to say hello.

Tahlia blew a kiss over at the unsuspecting Danny, and subtly nudged the bouncing Kami with a hip. "It is. See what I mean?"

"Oh, he is cute." Kami nodded.

Now Eri had spotted Senka over there, once she was reclined enough to tip her head far enough back. She didn't bother with returning her feet to the floor or anything as sensible and well mannered as that. Instead she waved both hands and continued to observe her upside down as she cried. "Senka!"

"Don' tell him dat, he get all beeg wis his smile an' it jest make it v'worse." Cuter.

"Hi-low Harry!" Senka waved when she heard her name.

Why did he feel like he was about to walk into an ambush? He put the stopper back on the bottle and picked up his glass, heading back around the bar. That dimpled smile was offered to someone else as he walked. "Heya, Strawberry." He greeted his friend in passing.

Senka got a wide eyed, totally innocent look from Tahlia. Which totally hid the fact that she had every intention of doing just that as soon as possible.

Kami snickered, dividing her attention between each of them. She touched Tahlia's hip lightly underneath the table, either knowing or encouraging her to do it anyway. Of course! She had to see this amazing smile. There was a quick side glance at the upside down Eri, which brought a different smile altogether. This must be the other Japanese person Senka'd mentioned.

Danny came up alongside Senka, leaning in an planting a quick kiss at her cheek. "Hey there." He said with a grin. "Cool if I join you?" He checked with Tahlia and the stranger as much as Senka.

"Please do!" That's Kami, table spokesperson.

Intent on greeting Senka, Eri didn't realize she was tipping over backward in her chair until it was nearly too late. She flailed for a moment and managed to right herself, looking around self-consciously to see who might have observed the near crash. Catching Kami's eyes, she grinned sheepishly and gave her the v for victory sign along with a wink.

Tahlia chimed in with her assent as well. "Please do. Kami, this is Danny...Danny, Kami. You know Senka, obviously." Kami might be spokeswoman, but Tahlia was taking care of introductions.

Kami's dark eyes flashed with mirth, and she shot one back. Tahlia needed to make introductions! Kami was just making sweeping decisions for the entire group, don't mind her. "Nice to meet you, Danny."

A brow quirked along with his lopsided, bemused grin. He was well aware of Tahlia. "Kami?" He double checked with her and offered his hand to her. "Lovely to meet you."

Senka saw Danny was on the move. There was one seat open by her on the bench seat. She spread out, leaned to the side, kicked out a leg over the seat. One leg up on the table.. Nope that didn't work in a dress. She cleared her throat and tried to play it casual. Of course she wanted to hang out with him, but doing so in present company could be dangerous. Aww damn it. "Yous can join." She sulked and scooted over into the corner. "Don' believe any sing dey say. Dey is liars. Bose of dem."

"Senka! How could you say such things." Tahlia's bottom lip plumped, in an angelic little pout. "Just because we were discussing shopping and spa days and redecorating...and how cute Danny's dimples are."

"V'we did no sush sing." She shook her head no. "Dem dimples, bleck. No good." She put her hand to Danny's face and gave a little shove.
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Young Wyrm
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

At four foot nine, Kami was a "China doll? among gorgeous amazons, comparatively speaking. But she took the offered hand in kind. "Kami, yes. and those much-heralded dimples are amazing."

He snorted, his head lolling away from senka's playful shove. He took Kami's hand and gave a squeeze. "Ah, yeah. They're the money makers, aren't they?" He said sarcastically.

"Can I join too? I'll bring the jolly bird and I won't tell any rambling stories!" Eri called over to the booth where Senka, Tahlia, Kami and now Danny had settled. One diminutive hand held up the enormous bottle of Wild Turkey and gave it a shake.

"And how are you doing, Tahlia?" He greeted the familiar blonde next, taking a sip from his glass.

Returning that squeeze, she released his hand a moment later. If he noticed, there might be a lingering heat to her touch, but then... maybe everyone's hands were hot given the contrast with the frosty weather. She sipped her drink, smiling lightly around the straw. "They certainly could be, if you wanted." No, she wasn't propositioning him no matter how it might have sounded!

Senka waved Harry over. Leaning into Danny, her nose scrunched as she shook her head no. "Yous bott is yous money maker. I's espert on dis."

"They are - I bet women just swoon whenever you smile..." Side by side, she barely topped Kami by much, "Me? Oh, I'm just wonderful...ooooooooooooooh...his butt? I think we might have to judge this..." She could have behaved, but why?

See, that was the wrong thing to say. Now Kami wants proof. She's looking all expectantly now.

He glanced over to Eri, it wasn't his place to invite. His green eyes turned to Kami "I'd be the worst male prostitute." He said with faux sincerity. "I'd end up paying the clients for their trouble."

"Is dat v'warnin'? Senka leetle v'worried." She was staring down at his "lap."

Elbows on the table, chin in her hands, she glanced at Tahlia and then back to Danny. "I dunno. Depends how good this butt is." More scooting over, so there was room for Eri on the other side of Tahlia. Ace was going to kill her for being gone this long, but that's okay. She didn't look worried.

Back on her feet, the hobnail soles of her boots tapped a cadence as Eri made her way over to the booth. On her way she raised the bottle for a drink right from the mouth and then offered it out to Senka upon arriving as if in tribute. "I'm Eri," she introduced herself upon tumbling into the bench.

He really had no idea what he was getting himself into, did he? Tahlia smiled. "I'm sure we would be happy to evaluate...completely objectively, of course."

He grinned to Senka, his arm draping over the back of the booth seat, leaning a bit on her as well. "I cannot vouch for the quality of my backside. But I'm told it's quite nice, apparently." By Senka. He was told that by Senka.

"Is oh-kay bott." She shrugged it off, totally hadn't said that.

That friendly smile was offered up to Eri. He was certain they'd met once or twice. "Heya, Eri."

"Oh yes, dis is Harry. An' Kah-me."

Tahlia flashed another smile at the tumbling Eri...she was certain they'd met a few times. "Hey!" She glanced at Kami. "Do we take his word for it?"
Danny leaned over to Senka and said something quietly, who hid a smile against his shoulder and when she lifted her head she kissed his cheek. It wasn't an answer, but he settled in with her anyway and took another sip of whiskey.

"Thankyuu" the yanki chimed, flashing teeth that weren?t crowned to even perfection at all as she got seated. She set the bottle down on the table within reach of all. "It's fun to meet you," she said with a tip of head to Kami. Lips curved into a smile as she recalled meeting Danny and Tahlia.

"Mm... no," she said after a long moment of appraisal. "I think we need a show." There was a totally serious nod of her head to go with it, and then she glanced past Tahlia at Eri. "Hi!" she said in Japanese.

"Oh precious are they?" She nudged Kami with a hip, and then nodded emphatically. "We do. Demonstration is required, clearly."

She nodded several times at Tahlia, too. "So precious."

Oh he was totally correct, no use in denying. She gave a pat to his leg. "Yous should show de ladies v'wat deys askin' for." She might be just as bad as them.

Hearing that a demonstration might be in order, but not what it would be, Eri was letting an elbow rest on the booth's table and her chin propped on that hand's palm to watch closely. Chocolate hued eyes had an expectant look as well as a cheery gleam.

His brow furrowed as he chuckled. "What, are you whoring me out now?"

?Yous not whore! Yous jest got good bott an' dey is like judgin' team. Yous should jest go wis it, I's only known dem like v'one hour an' I's know dat dey is relentless."

Somebody is looking quite pleased at that assessment. Kami. Tahlia blinked at Senka, and grinned. "Smart lady." That would be two somebodies.

He sighed theatrically as he pushed up off the bench. "So objectifying." he said shaking his head. Though, he wasn't exactly stopping. "I'm not dropping trou' in the Inn, so, hope you can make a judgement through jeans." He told them. Danny always wore jeans that were somewhat close-fitting. Not skinny jeans, but flattering on him. The man spent serious time taking care himself. It started as necessity and became habit. He turned to one side and gave a little Elvis hip swivel.

Senka watched from the corner of her eye and smothered her smile behind her hand.

Objectifying? Kami could do objectifying alright. Her lips pursing in a perfect O, she gave a clear and piercing wolf whistle, and even tacked on an exaggerated "Damn, baby, you is fiiiiiiiine" for good measure. While Danny's back was still turned, she flashed Senka a double thumbs' up. Nice job!

Senka's head thunked against her forearms which had ended up on the table. Her body was shaking. She was definitely laughing.

"Next time...we need scorecards." This was an aside to the girls. "Just...index cards to keep in our bags. Or pockets." She watched Danny's little swivel with an appraising eye, one brow quirked. If Kami was going all Randy Jackson, she would happily channel Simon Cowell. "Hmmm...not bad. So hard to judge through fabric though..."

"When's the swimsuit portion of the competition?" Kami asked next.

Eri, who had missed the early part of the discussion believed that they were judging a demonstration of Danny's dancing ability. She still seemed impressed and clapped her hands briskly together once. "Very good, yes," she chimed all singsong.

He couldn't help but laugh at Kami's appraisal. "Well, thank you." He blushed a little bit, and then looked at Tahlia "Yeah, keep dreamin' on that one."

She sobered up instantly and pointed a finger at Tahlia. "Don't yous even sink abouts it. Dat is Senka's." Oh declarations being made! "Mine." She repeated for Kami. "Mine?" She looked up to Danny. That hadn't been discussed. Maybe now wasn't the time. "Uhhh I's need drink." She was getting out of that booth!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kami held both hands up to declare her innocence. "All yours. I'm just getting into the spirit of the beauty pagea---I mean, scholarship competition."

There was a long pause, and then Tahlia burst into a musical burst of laughter. "Oooooooooh...I see. Don't worry, darlings...I have more than enough willing suitors than to have to chase the unwilling."

"Damn right, m'dear." He said and slapped his ass. "All yours." He stepped aside to let her out. He slipped back down into the booth and ran a hand through his auburn curls. "So...have you all been just sitting here discussing my finer attributes all night, or is this ego boost a recent development?"

Kami exchanged a meaningful look with Tahlia. This definitely called for gorgeous lingerie. "Actually, we were discussing taking Senka on a girl's day to get her all ready for your date."

She yelped and looked over her shoulder at him. Scandalized! Still needed a drink, yep.

He felt the urge to make sure they all knew he wasn't ACTUALLY that arrogant, know. Danny. But he overcame it. Kami lived with a man who was, though, so she didn?t particularly notice or mind it. There was a nod of understanding from Tahlia. The arrogance barely phased her. She'd been surrounded with it her whole life, and Rhydin hadn't proven any different. "Spa day, shopping...the usual." Speaking of drinks, she took one of her own.

"Oh, drink, yeah" Eri seemed reminded as Senka got up to get one. She took up her bottle for another gulp of the jolly bird. Senka waved to someone else she knew as she went behind the bar to grab her favorite bottle of ice cold vodka and a shotglass. She was back to her booth a few seconds later.

His brows raised. "Really? That's...actually really nice of you." He said, mostly to Tahlia, who he knew mainly as kind of a smart-ass.

Tahlia gave Danny a rather hurt look. "Rejection AND insulting my character...I don't know if I can bear it...Kamiiii...why does he think such awful things about me?"

"Hey, now." He said, scooting over for Senka. "I said it was NICE...I implied an insult to your character." He grinned.

Senka sat down and started to pour. One shot down and another poured just in case. Danny put his arm up along the back of the booth again, his hand rested lightly upon Senka's back.

Ace's words came back to her, then. The more time we spent,I came to realize she had all of them. She looked Tahlia over thoughtfully, considering that a moment. What she said, though, was "...I don't know, Tahlia. Maybe he's just too good." She stressed the word like it was a private joke between them.

Senka's legs crossed under the table and she rested one hand on her bare knee and leaned into Danny. "Hi." She finally said. An appropriate greeting. Had she given him one before? She didn't think so but he deserved a new one regardless.

Danny turned his head to her and smiled warmly. "Hi." His thumb brushed the hairs at the back of her neck lightly before returning to where his hand had been. "Why do I feel like I'm the butt of a joke that started before I got here and still hasn't gotten to the punchline yet?" He didn't sound malicious or upset by it, more amused. He could laugh at himself, and he CERTAINLY did not take himself that seriously.

"Yous not a bott." She turned her head to look at him. "Dey v'was talkin' about shoppin' an' dey ask if Senka v'wanna go. I's say'd dat I's might need new dress because I's got date to go on wis yous. Dey say'd I's need leenjeryay." Lingerie. "I's say'd v'we not dere yet. Do I's need it?" One eyebrow ticked up.

"I'm often nice to people..." Tahlia sniffed petulantly, wide green eyes batting, and her lower lip a bit more prominent. She wasn't wrong, although her definition of nice might be a smidge different than some. Kami got a subtle wink, and a sigh for her efforts. "I suppose so. The good ones always judge first, don't they? Never really give a girl a chance to show her...hidden depths."

He snorted at that. "For a...well...technically a second date? Nah." He waved her off. "Frankly...even if we WERE just gets in the way, doesn't it?"

"Second date? Oh, congratulations!" the delinquent offered with another softer single clap of hands. She raised the bottle she was drinking from and downed another considerable gulp to salute the sentiment.

"It is first v'real one doh." At least she thought so. There was an uncertain looked passed between Danny and Pinky and The Brain. Looking over at Eri, she smiled.

That ever-present cheery smile turned to Eri. "Thank you! Though...would we count dinner last night?" Annnnd then he had his answer. "Fair enough."

"I had my very first date ever last spring" Eri recalled wistfully. "I wore a dress and everything, and had trouble sleeping cause I was excited."

His brows raised. "Really? First ever?" He said, thinking back. "I don't even remember how long ago...ugh. That's depressing." He made a face, feeling a bit old.

"Eri, sugar, would you mind terribly scooting? I'm suddenly just...exhausted." Tahlia leaned over and brushed a kiss to Kami's cheek. "Shopping on Saturday, and let me know if you want to grab drinks tomorrow after house hunting." And suddenly she wasn't the only one.

"Senka, we'll see you for girls was a pleasure, etc, etc."

Though she'd fallen quiet for a moment, Kami suddenly sat up perfectly straight, her back arching as a stifled whimper escaped her throat. It was barely audible, but she couldn't suppress it entirely. ****, what time was it anyway? Peeling her phone out of her pocket, the tiny thing squirmed in her seat as she clicked the display to bring up the time. Oh ****. No wonder. She pressed her fingertips lightly to her side as though brushing something off her sweater. "I've never been on a date," she announced suddenly, "--not a real one, anyway. Buuuuuuut it seems I need to go." Like, immediately.

He rose his palm, offering a little wave to Kami. "Cheers. And have a good night, Tahlia." Danny smiled to her and downed the last of his drink.

"V'we did go to dinner lass night bot v'was like not planned sing. I's v'wanted to -" She pointed to Eri. All of that. The dress and the everything. "Senka's first v'was Joo-lie forse dis year." She looked over to Kami then. "It v'was good for meetin' yous. Don' forget to test Senka." Text.

"Sure thing" Eri nodded and got up to let Tahlia and then Kami out. "Have a nice night!" A moment later. "Good night Kami!" Eri piped up, giving another v for victory as the versatile signal, this time for farewell.

"I's v'will see yous." She waved to both of them and then downed another shot.

Tahlia waved to someone else as she started moving, with a warm smile. "Night Droet." Danny got a rather bratty flash of her tongue in response. Kidding or not, seems he might have touched a nerve. Slipping out of the booth, she waved good night, and started toward the door.

"Nice meeting all of you. Senka, we'll hit you up Saturday, yeah?" She tilted her cheek into Tahlia's kiss. "Thanks, gorgeous. That'll be great." She followed Tahlia out of the booth, snagging her jacket as she went, and flashed Eri a V for victory right back before stuffing her arms in the sleeves. Then she was headed for the door on Tahlia's heels. Somebody wasn't always all that patient.

((OOC: Edited (heavily) from the room log, inspired by this playable. With thanks to Tahlia Faras, Senka, Eri Maeda, and Dah!))
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