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Just In Case...

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Lucius DeAuster
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Old Wyrm

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 12:28 pm    Post subject: Just In Case... Reply with quote

?All is in place, milord, and the soldiers have begun their patrols of the North Road, as you wished.? Standing at the head of the path leading to the nondescript two story building that now served as the embassy, Wilfried Jaegar finished his report to Lucius. ?The warriors are finishing their?renovations to their quarters now.?

Lucius couldn?t help but smile at that last. The ?renovations? Wilfried spoke of was the fortification of the outbuilding being used to garrison the ?ducal guard?. Walls were being reinforced, a new armory built in the heart of the building and, most importantly, an earthen dike was slowly taking shape around the small property. When completed, masons would be brought in to build a low wall atop the dike, further refining the defenses of the place.

A soft chuckle rumbled deep in Lucius?s chest, as he thought about his plans. ?I almost feel the need to thank the West End killer.? An absent comment, as he started toward the building, Wilfried beside him.

?Milord?? The shorter man was clearly in the dark. Previously a liaison with the kingdom of Malirid, Wilfried Jaegar was not Northras, but hailed from Verrok, a realm far to the north of where Lucius? family called home. A diplomat by trade, he was a civilized face to the barbarian tribes. ?Why would you wish to do that??

?Because those murders, including the ones so close, have opened an opportunity for me.? Stepping into the well-appointed office, Lucius made certain the door was closed behind him and Wilfried before continuing. ?This governor?s race, while admittedly a farce, could become more than a mere nuisance. Steps must be taken to ensure that doesn?t happen.?

?I would think a central government and strong leader would be good for a realm such as this.? Taking a seat behind the large desk, Wilfried watched Lucius begin a slow pacing along the length of the office. ?After all, with key elements of society having to fend for themselves, the living conditions for many are sorely lacking.?

?One would think so, but the last time RhyDin had a governmental body was back in the days of the Dragon Wars, with the RhyDin Council.? Lucius paused for a moment, his thoughts cast back to those elder days, when he had fought alongside the dragons and humans of that time in the great battles of old. How many were lost, he thought to himself. And how many remain? ?The Council was corrupt, funneling money for the people into their own pockets, and basically running the realm as their own personal fiefdom. Several of the day?s organized guilds ended up attacking and destroying it. Afterward, RhyDin grew under the current system of mayoral administration.?

?And you think the same is about to happen now??

?I have no idea. It would depend on who wins the election.? Stopping near the door, Lucius looked back to Wilfried, his eyes glittering in the afternoon light streaming through the window behind the ambassador. ?That will be for you to determine, once we know who the new governor shall be.? Wilfried nodded slowly as he let that sink in.

?What if the governor elected is as corrupt as the old Council??

?That, my dear Wilfried, is why we have the ?Ducal Guard?.? Lucius snickered softly as he glanced out the window. ?It was easy enough to convince the city guards to allow for a small patrol of the North Road area, and they have to allow for an ambassadorial guard.? The chaos lord?s smile grew, a predatory gleam as he returned his gaze to Winfried. ?Having them walk a patrol makes the people in the area feel better, and that in return helps justify thier presence. And, should our new ?governor? overstep his bounds?well, we?ll have the tools in place to ensure he or she will regret it.?
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