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Reaching for Tokens

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 1:45 am    Post subject: Reaching for Tokens Reply with quote

Almost a month had passed since Skyler's death. Wyheree finally was spending her nights at home, as Jewell was slowly coming back to herself. The shadows in her sister's eyes haunted her as she stared out the window at the sea crashing upon the rocks, her head resting on the cool glass. Her thoughts drifted, and Wyh closed her eyes, reaching for the tokens she made for her friends long ago,

She smiled softly as she brushed past the little eagle she made for Rosie, sensing her contentment with Dean, and their joy in their son Daniel. Wyh made a promise to visit theDeli more often, especially in the days before she and James set sail again aboard the Sea Wolf.

Next, she gently brushed the interlocking roses she had given Gav and Des as a belated wedding gift to repay the kindness they both had shown her. She felt the love they had for each other, and for their newborn daughter Gwenilbeth. Wyh decided to set aside a day for Des, as lately the only time she had spent with her best friend was during the Duel of Fists nights - hardly quality time.

It took some effort, but she was able to reach the rose she had crafted for Toby. Wyh could not sense much, save that he was far away, and that he was happy in the vastness between the stars. Another wistful smile crossed her face as she thought of baby Ally, her little goddaughter, so tiny and delicate, yet so very strong. So many children, so much hope for the future.

Children made her think of Charlotte, and Dakota. A soft brush past his eagle, the first token she made, assured her he and his growing family were well, making her smile. Wyh was happy for them both.

A light touch of Kairee's rose assured her that her friend was well, busy with her new realm. A gentle caress of the comb she had crafted for Sakura showed her old friend was also well, but she was unable to sense where she went on her extended trips away from RhyDin. A whisper against the crossed swords she made for Issy and the other Scathachian Sisters revealed they were all well, but under great stress and pressure to capture the vicious killer stalking the West End. Wyh decided to pay the Sanctuary a visit as well.

Wyh called for a token she had been unable to reach for some time, and was delighted when she once again could touch Bernie's little gryphon. She knew he had spent an extended time in his world, his land of Dreams, and she was very happy he had returned here at last. She had missed her friend, and had much to share with him.

She was beginning to tire, but she pressed on to touch the bracelet that had once been Skyler's, that Jewell wore now. The rawness of her sister's pain had eased slightly, but Wyh knew, even without the charm, how much her Sissy missed her beau. Silvery tears fell from her eyes, for Wyh missed Skyler very much, and she would do all within her power to insure no one else she loved met the same cruel fate.

At last, Wyh turned from the window, sending gentle waves through the ice to brush past Icer and her brother. She was able to find Brian without the dragon charm, which she still wore in her hair, and was assured he was well, working on his new house with Jenai.

Wyh slipped into her bed, and snuggled against James as he slept, smiling as she ran her fingers through his dark hair. The little model of the Sea Wolf she made for him during their first dinner together was in their stateroom. She did not use it like the others, for it served as a beacon for her so that she would always be able to find her ship no matter where it was. James was her anchor, her heart, and indeed her very soul. She would gladly give her life for his. Her arm curled around her husband as sleep finally proved too powerful to resist, her mind filled with dreams of her Pirate King and the sea.
"Like a sign, like a dream, you're my Amaranthine."
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