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Host Spotlight: February 2008

Perceval Tucker

How long have you been Hosting?

I started hosting approximately 1 year ago. Panther approached me about it in IM's one night while one of my characters was goofing around behind the bar serving drinks. I was thrilled to say the least. The idea of being able to give back to something that I enjoy so thoroughly was exciting for me and have enjoyed it ever since.

What do you like about it?

I especially like to be able to promote folks' storylines while tending. I try to keep on top of the Playables and other going's on so that I can strike up conversations about things that are affecting the character's lives. And, like Gav, I love being able to make a drink to suit the mood of the patron. Just ask, Tucker'll whip you up a cocktail you've never heard of!
Now I'll tell you what I hate about it. When I miss someone's drink order! Arrgh!

How long have you been RPing?

I started way back when D&D came out using those crappy paper maps where you had to do the same quest every time. You know? The one where you kill the dragon at the end?..every time? Then I moved on to Boot Hill, Gamma World, Battle Cars, Paranoia, and other spinoffs but D&D was always my favorite simply because of the setting. I found the RDI back in '97 and played for a good four or five years until I got rid of AOL. I had figured that the RDI was lost to me forever until I found Dragon's Mark in late '06. It was like coming home.

Any advice to new players?

Remember that everyone was new once.
Know your character.
Have a well developed Profile before you begin.
Get involved in the Storyboards.
Don't quit.

Some words from your Host character.
"Alright People! I don't get paid to stand around and look pretty! Order up!"

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