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Host Spotlight: July 2006

Tera "Des" Starfare

I started hosting over on AOL in the RDI, and all the other RP areas as many faces and names, and ended up training and mentoring hosts over there before I left. Spent some time training AOL system wide hosts as well.

I found DM in Feb of this year and thought sure I'd died and gone to heaven. I still feel that way. I have been hosting here since and recently started doing the training for new hosts here.

The total time I have been hosting in the RDI is about 9 1/2 years now.

My favorite part of hosting is helping people. Whether that takes the form of answering a question that they have or playing with them in the room and everything you can imagine in between I really do enjoy it all.

I love the time that I spend in the room as Des. The many different characters are just amazing in how they are played and brought to life on the screen. Some nights I just sit back and watch in awe. Then I remember I am supposed to be playing too and have to type really fast to catch up! LOL

I have been role-playing myself for about 12 years I guess it would be now online.

My advice to new players would be to first and foremost stay safe online.

Don't give out your personally identifying information to anyone. Your first name alone and age is fine. Anything more than that could be a risk that you may not want to be taking with the person you are giving that information to.

Don't get discouraged if you don't find players that you feel you fit in with at first. There are players out there for everyone to play with. It may take a while to find them but they honestly are out there.

Don't ever hesitate to approach a host to play or with a question. Those are the main reasons we are here.

Don't be afraid to use the ignore feature. There are times that it can come in handy instead of you getting into a heated debate out of character. In my personal opinion life is far too short to spend your online fun time debating with another player out of character when the ignore feature is available and works for both chat and IMs now.

Remember that only you decide what happens to your character and no one else.

Let your imagination soar as the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity. Be original and one of a kind. RhyDin is a place where anything at all is possible and anything at all can happen.

Take the time to visit the "Getting Started" area over on the Dragon's Mark side and be sure and read everything there. If you still have questions ask. No question is ever silly because I am pretty sure that at some point in time someone else has had that same question. So just ask.

Take a look over on the Dragon's Mark side for other information there as well. There are really good topics of discussion and you can even start your own where other players can answer your questions too. Or you may find that your question has already been asked and answered over there somewhere.

A few words from RDI Destre:
"Drinks! Refills! Smiles! Winks!"

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