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Host Spotlight: October 2006


I've been Hosting here on Dragon's Mark since it opened, more or less. I did a little bit of unofficial Hosting before that on AOL; Panther just begged me to do so officially here and... well, what can I say? I gave in eventually. I don't regret it either.

I really enjoy Hosting because I'm in the position to welcome new people into the RDI both In Character and Out. I love when I welcome a new person Out of Character and they excitedly tell me how they used to RP in the RDI years ago and how happy they are to find it again?that makes my day.

I also love sharing my excitement for the game with brand new players, giving them little tips that I would have died for years ago when I started out; anything to help people get into the groove here and feel comfortable, even if it's just a friendly hello.

Embracing new players In Character is probably the most fun for me, especially if I don't scare them away and they play along with my eccentric character. I remember how nervous I was to reentering the RDI after years of not playing and what a relief it was for someone to just take me under their wing IC and make me feel at home again and if I can do that for one person?well, that's cool.

I've been Role Playing online since early 1998 (maybe 1997, I can never remember). I've never played a single table top game before that or any of those MMORPGs that are so popular. I don't even play video games now. I just stumbled upon a butchered version of Free Form in an anime room on AOL one day and I was hooked.

For all the new players out there:

Every single one of us was new at some point. We've all made the same mistakes and we continue to make mistakes. Even I, as amazingly perfect as I am, made a huge mistake in the room a few weeks back. I was horribly embarrassed but you know what, who cares? I laughed it off and the game went on!

Ask questions. I can't even emphasize how important this is. There are a million questions I wish I had asked back in the day instead of just stumbling along like I did for years before finding my own way. Almost everyone will point you in the right direction, all you have to do is ask.

Don't worry about not having instant popularity. That's not what this game should be about anyways. Spend time in the room, even if you're just watching sometimes. Make one friend and you'll be surprised how quickly one will turn into ten and so on. And please approach the Hosts In Character?besides being friendly, they'll be willing to introduce you to just about any other character in the room! Use us!

From the Empress:
"Don't underestimate me just because I'm beautiful."

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