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Host Spotlight: February 2007


How long have you been Hosting?
When one takes the time with AOL in account, then I've been slinging drinks and making promises I won't keep for about seven years. There was some unofficial hosting going on before that, but who's counting? Oh, we are. However, if you want to know how long I've been hosting here then it is closer to six months.

What do you like about it?
Panther didn't say I had to like it. Oh, you're serious. Okay. Honestly, I enjoy seeing new characters develop. I like seeing them come in, order a drink, and then know they can trust me to ask a question about what?s going on while in character, or how I might see a scene out of character. I like being there for everyone to maybe give that little twist to a storyline. I?m just someone on the fringes that can be used to enhance the general scene.

How long have you been RPing?
Since I was a wee child pestering my brothers' to join them as they diced Dungeons and Dragons -- was that really twenty years ago? That's when role playing became a hobby, and probably the longest one with which I've kept up. I did not only role play with paper and dice, but I would role play parts for TV shows, movies, and books. I made a character for anything that caught my imagination.

In my college days, I came upon online text based RP in a lovely AOL room called The Forest. A few months later I was in the RDI, and it just took off from there. So online I've been role playing for about eleven years.

Any advice to new players?
So many have touched on the "don't be afraid" aspect; don't be afraid to make mistakes or interact. These are great starter points, because you've got to remember, we all learned how to interact in this virtual community at some point in time. I'd like to take it just a step further though. You've got the "no fear" down, but you're wondering why people seem so distant from you. Here I'm going to give you some harsh truths:

1) We love new characters to interact with, it makes the world richer, but each of us (new, veteran, etc) has limited time to be online because of the real world. If we don't greet your new person with a parade and a party, it isn't that we don't like you, it is because we might be in the middle of a scene. There will be other chances.

2) Give your character life. It is difficult to open up a conversation with someone who walks in and sits. You can narrate until you are blue in the face that you are ::so bored:: but that won't help. Some of the easiest real life habits or quirks can open up a scene.

3) Not everything is drama. Yes, drama is good, but if you come in and immediately shoot into a sob story about how your family was slaughtered and you're out for revenge, well, you?ve given us drama but we aren?t caring about the character just yet. We need to care about who you?ve created -- same goes for movies and books.

A few words from Sylvia:
"If you need a drink, let me know, I can?t read your mind, nor do I want to. Some things are best left unknown. That being said, if you?ve something troubling you, I?ll listen. I might even give advice if I think you can take honest opinions and realize they are opinions. So, drinks? Refills? Random words?"

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