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Host Spotlight: March 2007

Antonio Falconne

How long have you been Hosting?
I started hosting back in the AOL RDI in 1996, and stopped in 1998. I picked things back up here in 2005. So as of now, I've been hosting for six or so years.

What do you like about it?
There are many things I love about hosting. In every endeavor that I attempt, it is important for me to give something back to the community. Hosting is a very real way that I can help make a difference in our virtual shared interactions. It also gives me an opportunity to get to know the alter-egos (and in some cases, the face behind the RP mask) of some truly amazing and wonderful people!

How long have you been RPing?
I've been RPing now for 28 years. I started "paper, pencil, and legions of dice" RP with the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set (the one with the blue and white cover, with the cheesy blue dice that you had to color in the numbers using that waxy white crayon) back in 1979, while I was in sixth grade. I played my first online RPG in seventh grade with Mines of Moria on the PLATO educational computer network. My first stand-alone computer RPG was Wizardry on an Apple IIC clone. I've also been involved in historical re-creation/ live action RP since the early 1990s.

Any advice to new players?
If I were to give some advice to other players, there would be three things that pop almost immediately to mind:

a. The mantra that should always be running in the background of your psyche is: "This is only a game." The shared illusions that we are able to create in our interactions are always interesting, sometimes emotional, and often very powerful. For some people, it is very easy to get sucked into this shared fantasy world, to the point where one can begin to neglect the rest of their responsibilities in life - that can lead to problems.

b. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, and coming back later - sometimes even much later. It is nice to let the people you play with regularly that you are going to do this. It is not nice to drop off the face of the earth without telling people what's going on. You will make friends in this game, and these friends will care what happens to you and worry about you. But DO take a break if you need it. If things stop being fun, its time to stop.

c. If you have a question, please ask someone. Most everyone here - hosts and players alike - want you to have a good time. Its always easier to enjoy yourself if you are comfortable in your surroundings.

A few words from Falcon:
If you tip me, please do not be offended when I put the money in the "RhyDin Widows and Orphans" charity collection jar.

"Real men" (whatever that means) can wear lace. "Really stylish men" can wear lace and pull it off with aplomb.

The one true chocolate is "Dark."

"And what would you like me to sing for you tonight?"

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