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Host Spotlight: June 2007


I've been hosting since August of 2006. I was approached after playing regularly for a couple of months, after being gone for 10 years. I really enjoy meeting new characters, and getting to interact with a broader range of characters. Wyh's made quite a few friends by being a Host.

I started out with D&D way back many centuries ago, when I was about 12. I found the RDI on AOL in 1995, played for about a year, took a decade off, and rediscovered the RDI a year ago this June, and have been around since, and it's been an amazing time.

My advice to new players is to have a strong idea of who and what your character is, and complete the profile. It makes it easier to interact with others if you can show what you are. Also, don't give up. Keep an eye out for subtle interactions, little signals that someone wants to play. Everyone was new once!

A few words from Wyh:
"Good evening - may I get you something?"

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