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Host Spotlight: August 2007


How long have you been Hosting?

I've been an RDI Host for the last year, however Gav's unofficial "bar tending" goes back many, many years, and he still has the "KISS ME ? I SERVE THE DRINKS!" apron that he stole from another Rhy'Din denizen of long ago. He'll seldom wear that apron while hosting because Des has that wooden spoon she keeps behind the bar, and she'll klunk her loving husband if he tries to get kisses for drinks.

What do you like about it?

I love the interactions with all the different types of characters who come through the door ? the mysterious woman, the brutal warrior, the silly patron, the small child, people with IC problems, dragons, slavers, and all the others make for a very interesting night and require a lot of flexibility.

I really like being able to help people who IM me as I host. Most of the time it's a simple explanation or instruction, but providing help is very satisfying.

I actually like making drinks. I have a well-stocked wet bar in the home and have fun making drinks. If you order a martini, Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, or nearly anything else, and if I have the time, you can watch Gav actually make the "real" drink for you.

The only thing I don't like is being too busy to devote the time to make good responses to people; and what I really hate is missing someone's send and have it appear that I'm ignoring them. It happens, but I try really hard not to miss any. No one gets ignored by Gav on purpose.

How long have you been RPing?

I never played D&D or any other multi-player role play games online or offline. That never interested me for some reason. Instead I was active in real life SCA medieval reenactment. I did a little with Q-Link (and a Commodore 64 with 3 baud modem and GEOS operating system), but Gav first came to the Red Dragon Inn in 1993 when a certain beautiful woman by the name of Amaltea invited a flirt named Gavilean into the RDI.

Gav was wild in those days. He was the Prince of Westridge, but soon became known as "The Prince of Romance." Back then he would have given the Gossip GangSTAR pages of juicy material every day of the week. He became a Warlord in the duels but never aspired to any rank higher than that. He has pretty much retired from the duels, although every once in a while he'll pick it up for a little fun.

Today Gav is very happily married to Tera Destre Starfare and they have a beautiful daughter named Gwen?lb?th.

Any advice to new players?

My advice would be this:
1. Don't let this or any other online game become your life. It's fun, but it shouldn't take any more of your time than other fun activities. In the end, it's nothing more than a game.
2. Be very careful of what you reveal of your real life and to whom.
3. Try your best to keep the illusion by paying attention to the scene and using "visuals". It's fun to try to write so that other players are actually "seeing" what YOU are "seeing". When their response corresponds perfectly with what you are seeing in your mind, you know you've got it right.
4. Try to become better in what we do here. In WOW you gain levels and there is accomplishment. Here we don't have levels to measure accomplishment, but you can grow as a writer and/or role player and you can notice the difference in yourself.

Some words from your Host character.
"Don't mess with my hair! It's already perfect."
"Taneth, I'm NOT late!"
"Des! My love, I desperately need your kisses."

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