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Host Spotlight: April 2006

Sid a.k.a. Obsidian Shayd

I have been Hosting since last summer (2005) for Dragon's Mark/RDI. Well, up until this "little thing" called Katrina happened and turned my life upside down, pretty much literally! ::Can grin now about this, somewhat.:: From the time of the storm until about the first of this year I was on a Leave of Absence from actual Hosting, though I did check in to the forums when I could.

Before that, I came from a stint of Hosting the AOL's RDI (also worked the SEB a few times) and started that in September of 1997 and remained there until Hosts were no more. I also did a short period as a Guide for AOL during the time between first "firings" and the "rehire".

All total I've Hosted Role-playing chats and Mentored other Hosts for NINE years!! ::Is a masochist.::

I think the part I enjoy the most about Hosting is helping a new player discover the wonder and magic that can be found through this kind of role-play, the interactive/collaborative fiction we do as a whole when RPing in the chat room. I love helping someone discover that and then watching as they blossom into a great player.

Beyond that, I just love being here to help the other players, seeing the setting come alive and just breathe right before my eyes. There really is magic in this world, I see it every time I go into the Inn.

How long have I been RPing? ::Groans.:: I'm really showing my age on this one. ::Laughs.::

I started RPing not long after D&D first came out. I think it was still just a pamphlet back then. That would have been sometime around 1977!!

I played about a year or two and then didn't pick it up again until the early 80's when I went to college. I pretty much stuck with table-topping through that decade into the early 90's playing a variety systems, though my favorite still has to be GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System).

Started LARPing (Live Action Role Play) in the early 90's and finally discovered online RP through the RDI and Rhy'Din around 1995 on AOL.

My advice to new players would be this:

Nothing is wrong.
No one can tell you how to write/play for your character and stories but yourself.

Be open-minded.
Realize it works both ways, you cannot dictate to another how they write/play.

Courtesy, Respect and Communication are Key!
These three things will bring you the fun, adventure and magic you crave to find in this venue. They will bring you partners to play and write with. Most things that might go wrong can be turned around by these three things.

Most of all, have fun!

A few words from RDI Sid:
'ello, dux. Welcome to the Red Dragon. Can I be get... ::Holds up a finger and looks to the bleeding patron on the floor, turning her head to holler out the front door.:: Guido!! Clean up on aisle twelve! Got another one for the cord wood pile! ::Returning attentions and flashing a disarming smile.:: Sorry, dux. Now, wha' can I be... ::Mutters.:: Frell! 'scuse me, again. ::Reaching beneath the bar she pulls out the Sawed Off Pool Cue o' Doom (SOPCoD) and smacks it against the bar top.:: Dun make me come o'er there! Now... Uh, ye be leavin' so soon? Oh, well, dun be the stranger, dux! Always a good time here at the Red Dragon!

.:: Player Award ::.

.:: Host Spotlight ::.

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