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Role-Play Award: April 2008

"Stitch" Hyde

How long have you been Roleplaying?
On and off for about 8 years. I came across it by accident, just stumbling around AOL as a kid and got hooked. I took a long hiatus when we dropped AOL, then picked it up several months ago on RDI when I went on a mad search for live role playing sites. It was like Christmas!

Tell us about your character
Well, I draw. The original concept for him popped up about 10 years ago and he?s come a long way since. There are a lot of things about him that originated from my own personality and as such, I consider him my alter ego. The blue mohawk actually spawned from my own. However, the heavy cockney accent came out of no where and typing out dialogue phonetically kinda forces me to have a British guy in my head. It?s safe to say we?ve strayed quite a bit since his early days as he?s taken a pretty dark route as of late.

Stitch is a complex character despite how shallow he seems 95% of the time. He?s Freud?s ideal patient, to say the least. He?s schizophrenic with dissociative identity disorder (split personality). The other half (typically referred to as ?The Fragment? or ?The Dragon? in play) is far less impulsive and reflects on his actions rather than ignoring the past completely and moving on with whatever experience was gained. Unfortunately for everyone else, Stitch himself is the one of the two personalities that doesn?t feel remorse for any of his behavior. He has a very short fuse that typically ends in violence of some sort. The guy is a trouble maker: he instigates, he?s manipulative, he?s a hypocrite, rude, crude and finds humor in others? misfortune. His relationships with others are typically very low on the importance scale and he therefore has no problem simply removing them from his life if he feels wronged.

However, there are very few characters that he feels some sense of loyalty towards and he holds them dear. Thus, on the other hand, he can be very caring, protective, thoughtful, and charming. He makes himself more uncomfortable than anyone else could, so he?s far from the fearless, unbreakable fa?ade that he hides behind. At one point, both sides of the spectrum were of the same mind but due to a series of events, well? he ended up crazier than he already was.

What inspires you?
In a nutshell? Nihilism. The whole philosophy is very intriguing to me. It provokes a lot of interesting thoughts, day dreams, etc. It?s more of an angry, rebellious teenager?s ideal rather than a realistic way to live one?s life? so I write stories about fictional characters doing it.

Other than that: People?s behavior, art, music, architecture, movies, books, low-class city life and other players. ESPECIALLY other players. There?s nothing like being complimented on your style by a player whose writing you hold a great amount of respect for. It?s very encouraging. Furthermore, I?ve had tons of fun interacting with some of the characters around here. I usually keep doing what I find fun?but most people do.

Any advice for newer players?
Several things! One, don?t cross the line between out of character knowledge and in character knowledge. Just because I know something doesn?t mean Stitch does. People get very upset when that line is crossed. Two! Don?t be afraid to IM another player?my character isn?t the friendliest, but I don?t bite. Usually when you talk to who you?re playing with you have a better understanding of boundaries. If you aren?t sure, ask. Three! Yeah, I?m gonna say it: Friendships take time to build IC just as they do in real life. Don?t approach a group that has been RPing together for ages and expect to be accepted right off the bat. Patience, young grasshoppers. Three and a half: feel your character out and then let it play itself. It?s strange how that happens.

A few words from Karen:
??Asn? yer mum told ye t? stay away from th? big, scary Jackal? I ?eard ?ee eats kids. ?Ere, ?ave a sho?.?


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