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Role-Play Award: July 2006

Icer Trouble Ravenlock Shimmerscale

Icer was "born" three years ago, and started off in Dragon forest in AOL hometown, she had hatched, then I had to leave roleplay for a time. She was brought back from where she left off.

Icer is a young dragon that's finding her way, She's overcome a fear of people brought on by her family's death and her time spent as a pet to a man that mistreated her. Though she sometimes retreats to the corner holding a favored broken old couch. Icer is unusual for her species, the last of the Ice dragons, she's more light blue than white, a characteristic inherited from her father. A loyal friend to those she meets, and a mate to Aurthur, Icer is as innocent as a dragon can be, but also trouble loves to follow her around.

I can be inspired by anything from a sunset, to a novel read.

To those new to Roleplaying, I just say be themselves, play what they feel is right, no one has to impress anyone.

A few words from Icer:

Trouble... me?


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