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Role-Play Award: August 2006

Wyheree Ravenlock g'Ark'Hiradan

I have been role playing on and off since I was 12 - I started with D&D. I discovered Free-form gaming in 1995, and changed one of my original characters - a wizard named Wyheree - into an Ice Mage. I left free-form in 1996, and stopped playing for 10 years. A chance search brought me back in June, and I have been playing since.

Wyheree is an Ice Elementalist who acquired her powers after falling through the Ice Plane into RhyDin a decade ago. Now, after getting used to socializing with people, and rediscovering the joys and sorrows of friendships - she is kind, friendly - quick with a smile. But, if her friends are threatened - she is equally quick to use her formindable Ice Magic against the offenders. There is very little she cannot do with her element - little magics like sparkling crystals and flexible icy tendrils being her favorites, though she can whip up blizzard winds and direct killing frosts if necessary. She does not forget insults or injuries to her friends. Wyheree was swept off her feet by Captain James Black of the SeaWolf, and she spends as much time in the company of her pirate love as possible.

I am inspired by many things - happenings at work (good and bad), books I read, and the music I listen to while I play.

My advice to younger players is to watch and learn - see how other people interact in the room. Also, come in with a strong idea for who your character is. Both of these things helped me come back into free-form after 10 years off.
A few words from Wyheree:

"So you take advantage of weakness and pain - a predator to the core. Lovely. Just stay away from my friends."


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