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Role-Play Award: September 2006

Anastashia Morrigan Aldon Oberon

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I hate to admit it but I have been roleplaying for a very long time. I was about 11 years old when my big sister who had got stuck babysitting me one night, took me along to her Friday gaming session. Rolled up my first character with her help that evening and was hooked ever since. It was in 1993 that I discovered Online RP and I love that too and I am still here!

Tell us about your character.
Tasha is a short Trueblood Elf, and the youngest child of Lord Corwyn and the only one he currently can locate. She is also a long time member of the Bloods of Onyx House. She's a natural born necromancer and yes, she can see Dead People. Young for one of her kind, she's lived her share while in the realms of RhyDin and considers it her home. Scattered on occasion, she has a number of hobbies she enjoys from learning new magic, to larceny and hunting vampires. Her joys include an ice, cold coke, making new friends, giggling, Fireballs, or finding a new gadget or toy, which is normally some weapon that doesn't require she get to up close and personal in fights. Her dislikes are bullies, Blood, Dewey, Cheetum, & Howe, Howe in particular, Angelics, Blood, and her stepfather. In general she's usually pretty easy to get along, unless one threatens or insults her friends and family and then she is prone to jumping into the middle of things, without thought of her own personal safety.

What inspires you?
Oh my, how much room to I have here? ::grins:: So many things can inspire me, sometimes it's those I play with as I have been blessed with a wonderful gaming group and many other friends around the Red Dragon as well. Sometimes music awakens some random idea as I find lyrics inspiring. Books, as Tasha was created from a world found in one of those. Inspiration for me has also come from Movies, and even old fables and legends. I was also raised on the real fairytales and tend to think that's where some of the darker idea's spring from.

Any advice for newer players?
Oh I can think of several things, but a few ideas that stand out foremost are that new players should try to be original and creative. I also believe that having some basic idea of a history for their character aids in the playing. Not just the way a character behaves but also how one can interact not to mention, it makes sharing their story much easier. I also recommend that a balanced character, one with weakness and advantages that can be played off and is fun, is a great way to start out.

A few words from Tasha:
"Never sing the song "It's not easy being Green" to an Ogre! Trust me on this! They are huge and really strong and way over sensitive. They also like to throw elves and skulls hitting walls isn't much fun. Sort of cracks it right open like an egg! I found that out once, so now I don't tangle it up with those kinds. They are best treated gently and handled with care."


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