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Role-Play Award: October 2006

Lucius DeAuster

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I started playing back in the summer of 1983, back in the sixth grade. I had managed to earn enough points in a contest to get the old red-boxed Dungeons and Dragons basic set (the ones with the plastic dice that you had to color the numbers). In 1986 I started playing the Advanced D&D, and by our junior year in high school our gaming group was play testing adventures for Dungeon magazine. Many a Saturday night was spent in my stepfather's shop, blasting music and drinking plenty of soda while hacking through the newest module.

in 1989 I descovered Q-Link online by accident in the school councilor's office (I still disavow accidentally signing into the state's Board of Education mainframe.), and mucked about in the chatrooms, including the early version of the RDI, until 1992, when I made the jump to AOL. I've played in there until a couple of years ago, when burnout and getting fed up with some of the games being played drove me to take a break. I signed onto Star Wars Galaxies until the NGE pretty much destroyed the game, and them moved to World of Warcraft, where I still maintain characters on Shadowsong. I was talked into returning to the RDI, this time on Dragon's Mark, in May of this year. For the most part it's been good to be back.

Throughout the years I've continued to tabletop rp, playtesting for two different companies in the early part of 2000, and competed in various tournaments for Warhammer 40K.

Tell us about your character.
Lucius first came to life on the tabletop around 1987, I think it was. Hard to remember that far back... Anyhoot, he started off as a guard for Waterdeep, on detached duty to The Iron Fist Adventuring Company, as the charter from Cormyr read. As the game progressed he ended up with a few different last names, before I settled on DeAuster. He was up to around 11th level when the DM for our game moved for a new job, and I ended up temporarily retiring the character to move back behind the DM's screen. When I found the RDI it seemed the perfect opportunity to bring him back.

In that time he started out as a paladin, watching the currents of the Inn, before finally joining the United Dragons of Light (UDoL) as the commander of their human contingent. During one of the wars with The Knights of Takhisis he finally lost a Death Match. Now, this was back in the day when players usually respected the set rules for the Honor and Death Matches. This particular Death Match was screen name deletion, no rezz, and per the match stipulations I deleted Lucius, and created another character. Lasted all of two weeks before I was approached by the SN who had killed Lucius, asking me to bring him back as a part of getting his own character rezzed. I did, but changed him into a deathknight ala Lord Soth of the Dragonlance series.

In those years after he was a bounty hunter, a mercenary in three different guild forums, co-led a combat and healing guild in the RWC, and learned about slavery from Lord Brutin. It was around 1996 when he joined the Bloods and married his wife Fiona, and in 1999 he underwent the Rites of Ascension, transforming from an undead warrior into a living(?) daemon prince. Currently, he is at war with a growing alliance of lords and noblemen, as he and Fiona carve out thier own little empire.

Now, as for Lucius on the tabletop? Paper follows cyberspace, and the Blackguard11/ChampionofChaos5 Demontouched is an NPC in my current campaign, which incorporates elements from online play into it's background.

What inspires you?
Lessee... many sources. Of course, books, television and songs are a major part of the inspiration process. I'm an eclectic person, listening to classical music one hour, and European gothic metal the next (Disarmonia Mundi rocks!). I have found that often, writing a post comes easier when I listen to music, since the rhythm of the writing and story often will merge with that of the song.

Another place of inspiration comes from my lovely wife and our gaming group. Sitting and talking to her coming home from work in the evenings has fueled more than one idea, including the name of Lucius's and Fiona's home of Gharnholme. Our gaming group will talk about SL's over a Saturday evening dinner or AIM, hashing out details and thinking of potential avenues that develop in the SL's.

Finally, inspiration comes from artwork. I dabble with Daz|Studio, having been introduced by Tasha's player, though my artwork isn't in the league of hers. There are times when I will make a picture, then start building a mini-story around it. And at times, it will dovetail into our existing SL's, opening yet another avenue of possibility.

Any advice for newer players?
Don't be afraid to approach people in the chatrooms, especially if they have RDI in front of their name. People for the most part tend to be friendly to newcomers when approached politely. This is a community, after all, and we love to see newcomers who add to the community.

It's always good to have an idea about the background about your character. You don't have to know every little thing, but when you first come in and, say, RDI Taneth comes bouncing up and asks "Hey, I don't know you. Where are you from?" you can give a town, village, etc., you've already taken a huge step in fleshing out your character. You'll be surprised how much more real your character feels with just a few details to flesh him/her out.

Avoid clich??s. Be bold, be different! And please, PLEASE, don't come in with the thought of looking for a husband/wife, getting married and have kids within a night's time. That cracking sound you're hearing? That's the veterans in the rooms gritting their teeth. And I know you just love Drizzt DoUrden or the hero of the latest anime craze, but don't worry; we've seen plenty of them already. Patterning a SN after a favorite character is ok, but at least change his name and a few of his distinguishing characteristics. Instead of scimitars, have that golden-eyed drow use a pole arm. Make him unique. Make him yours.

And don't worry about romance. it'll rear it's head soon enough. This IS RhyDin, after all.

A last bit of advice for newer players... if you are talking to someone in PM's for the first time, and they start telling you "Don't play with him/her/them, they're just a bunch of trouble-makers. You need to come play with me/us instead.", be careful. Odds are, you've walked into a case of bad blood between players and/or groups. Don't take any one word on something like that. Watch the play in the room, and ask questions if need be. Get both sides of the story. Let your eyes and common sense be your guide, and make up your own mind.

A few words from Lucius:
"You profess to be good, but why? I've seen at least a dozen of your members acting the very way you label us, and you harbor a known kidnapper in your ranks. Good? Honorable?! You are darker than we could ever be! But in the end it doesn't matter. Good, evil, label yourself and others what you will, for in the end, ALL serve Chaos."


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