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Role-Play Award: December 2006

How long have you been Roleplaying?
Lemme think... I'm terrible with keeping up with time, but if I remember correctly, my first experience with Roleplaying happened sometime mid 2004. I just got my first computer, just got internet access, and while roaming around AOL bored one day I just happened to chance upon a link to the Red Dragon Inn room. I can't even remember why I was compelled to click it, since I thought it was a "chat room" and I had no interest in such things, buuuut for some unknown reason I did end up clicking it. The rest is history... well, maybe not.

I was an absolute disaster when I first started playing, I created so many characters in trial and error, and ended up with approx. 5-7 'errors' before getting one character I believed was 'decent'. Said character (Terra Wynsor) ended up being my primary character for a little while, until about early-mid 2005, which is when I stopped Roleplaying for a while.

Then not too long ago I rediscovered Roleplaying through this site, and have been here for about five months now. *grins* It feels like so much longer than that sometimes.

Tell us about your character.
During my absence from roleplaying, it certainly wasn't far from my mind. I missed it, and would sometimes think of "If I ever returned, my next character would be...", and thus, Lydia was actually 'born' a while before I came to the site. I had some of her history planned, family, personality, etc. before I ever 'officially' created her. One reason I think she's worked so well for me is because of the planning and effort of her ahead of time.

Of course, not everything originally planned stayed when I actually began to play her. There were even times I started thinking she was going to end up being an 'error' but rather than trashing her to make someone new, I kept her, worked on her, developed her, and it's worked so well for me, and made me appreciate her all the more for it. The person she is now differs so much than the person she was when she first came to Rhydin.

Now about the green haired girl herself...

Lydia's... well, I don't really know what I can say about her. She's part me for sure, clumsy, goofy, has rather unfortunate luck at times... especially with the Nexus. Dwarves too. She tries to be good and do the right thing, and sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. I strive to make her imperfect too, physically, mentally, emotionally.. because it's just something I feel I can relate to better, being an imperfect being myself. She's a work in progress, still growing and developing, and will always be so because of that imperfection.

I'm sure I've made mention of this somewhere before, but I shall do it again; I came rather close to not giving her green hair. During the months she was just a thought in my mind, she had pale blue hair. That changed when I went to draw her for the first time though, and my obsession for green suddenly snapped my mind. Instead of clicking the blue color, I clicked green, tried it out, and fell in love~

What inspires you?
Anything and everything. Music, other players, the color green, stories, movies, video games, etc. Most of Lydia's magic is actually based on the spells from the Wizardry games. *grins* Creativity and originality is wonderful for sure, but people shouldn't be afraid to take an existing idea and mold it into their own.

Any advice for newer players?
Oh geez, well, in my eyes, I'm a new player, considering how long others here have been playing. My advice would be...

Don't be afraid to be spontaneous and silly. Even if you get an idea that's a little unorthodox, don't let that hinder your creativity. Run with it! Don't be afraid to join in other scenes, or IM someone to ask about doing so. People can surprise you sometimes, it's amazing what can result from one little IM. Don't be afraid to change, ICly, and OOCly. Let your character grow and develop. Take the time so you the player can grow and develop too, learn new things, and maybe even change your perspective about things sometimes. I know I used to feel a certain way about things, then when I had people present them to me in a different way, it just changed my view on everything in RP, for the better no less. Don't be afraid to say 'no'. *You* control your character and should not feel forced into anything you don't want. Respecting others is definitely a good thing around here, but again, don't be afraid to demand that same respect and courtesy back, you, as well as everyone else here, are certainly entitled to it.

And most importantly, have fun. I know that's said a lot, but some people just seem to forget that. This is a game, and the purpose of a game is to have fun~!

A few words from Lydia:
"Your package is broken? Well I didn't do it! Honest! ... it was RPS!"


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