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Role-Play Award: January 2007


How long have you been Roleplaying?
20 years online; longer offline.

Tell us about your character.
Mercy (not her real name) is a Half-Elf/Half-Human swashbuckler adventurer. She is not a sailor though her father was a famous sea-captain pirate/smuggler/merchant. Like all fantasy characters, she's inherited the best traits from both sides of her lineage. She is not, however, actively magical or a fulfillment of any prophecy that she is aware of. Like all my characters, her Angst Ratio is low. For the most part she's a "jolly lass" and tends to operate at the surface. There is depth to the character but she is not one to bare all a the drop of a hat to any and all. If you want to get to know Mercy at a deeper level, it has to be worked at through RP.

Mercy is a mercenary and takes various jobs to earn the gold with which she funds her life of drinking, gambling, roustabout-ing and random chaos.

Always up for a good time and wild adventure, she'll talk to anyone. It's thought she has a bit of a death-wish given her general recklessness and it's said she kills without any more remorse than an occasional "tis a shame for he seemed like a jolly enough lad?"

To date, Mercy has had no cause to draw her rapier in the Inn and I am curious to see how long I can keep that record.

What inspires you?
Inspiration comes in many forms and ways. I am not sure what this question is meant to discover. Character creation for me usually develops with a concept and from there I flesh out the character's background, current situation, motivations and goals. As all that is coming together the personality starts to develop. The final steps, for me, involves the finding the right name for the characters.

I am motivated to create my characters and stories though whatever that creative force within me is but in play, I am energized by other players who are willing to play and explore and share. I believe in creative collaboration and collaboration means "give and take" between players so the goals and needs of the players are met as best they can be in the story. I am de-motivated by those who only care for their own characters and treat others as props to their play or as audience members.

Any advice for newer players?
I have lots of advice for players! First and foremost, I think everyone should keep in mind that this is all a big game of "make belive" and that people play for their own reasons with their own goals. If things don't work out the way you want, it's not a personal attack. It's just that you are in an environment where you cannot control what other players do with their characters and they cannot control yours.

As in life, not everything works out as you would like. Not every relationship is perfect. You will not get everything you want or need.

Do not take it personally. Keep it in perspective.

Easier said than done, I know, but it's important to take a step back and a deep breath when you feel frustrated or hurt.

It takes time to develop IC relationships and to feel comfortable. Give yourself and your character time for find their/your niche.

Beyond that, I would recommend that you know who your character is deep down. Know who they are "in the dark." This will make them easier to play.

Also, do not count on anyone else to drive your character's story. Only you can do that. So, in the times you have no one to play with or no "active" storyline your character is in, keep your imagination going and figure out what the character is doing when "not in the Inn." Be prepared to entertain yourself. No one is attracted to a depressed and depressing character. If you have something going on, even if it's only in your head, it will be evident and that will, eventually, draw others to you.

Most importantly, this is mean to be Fun... so, have fun!

A few words from Mercy:
"A few words, eh? I be thinking ye be meaning a few *good* words and they be harder to come be. Tis not a request to be discharged lightly and so, when next ye be in the Inn and ye happen to be seeing me, let us share a drink. I be thinking a libation or three will entice a few good words forth."


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