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Role-Play Award: February 2007

Shea GreenStone

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I have been Role Playing for ten years now. I started way back when it seems, on AOL chats. I had one character and kinda fumbled through it at first. But Eventually it came as second nature.

Tell us about your character.
Shea Greenstone: I made this character in my early years when I first stared RPing. Shea is a classic beauty with the power of the wind behind her. She is an honored knight to her homelands: Known as the Elven lands. Her home is the kingdom of Greenstone. She is a mage, and a knight. But she is a lot more that that. A beloved mother, sister and friend. A trusted ally. A commander. She is a beauty with power, who knows what to do with it.

What inspires you?
Reading, I love to read. Reading inspires me. I like fantasy.Also writing. I never got good at it till I started really rping, getting in to my char's and their background.

Any advice for newer players?
Ask for help. I rped for two years before I sought any kind of help. Its the best thing you can do. Ask questions, be willing to look a little stupid and don't be afraid to take a risk with your character, you might like the out come.

A few words from Shea:
"As long as I stand here, I will not allow anyone to hurt those I love."


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