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Role-Play Award: March 2007

Responds to "Issy" most of the time, "Iz" to those who know her best.

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I have been Roleplaying for nearly a decade. I actually started through a student of mine; I was teaching a class online and after class, he was talking about "Roleplaying". Hoping I wasn't being too nosey, I asked him what in the world that was. He simply said it was easier to show me rather than tell me. Thus I was introduced to The Crossroads Tavern (on AOL) and the world of Fantasy Roleplaying. And since my knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons, etc. was limited to the Saturday morning cartoon from my younger days, it was a bit of a crash course! However, I fell in love with it almost immediately, most probably due to my degree in English and my love of theater. I found RPing to be a perfect blend of writing and acting!

Tell us about your character.
Over the last ten years, I have played more than a handful of characters. But none are closer to me than Isuelt DeRomiano. She has been with me for nearly all of that time, and has evolved from a two-dimensional character that was little more than a periphery pastime. She started off as something of a bard and falconer, then spent a little time on the wrong side of the tracks as an assassin. While her story is on her website, something that is not included on the site are her origins. Anyone who has spent any time with Issy would probably not be surprised to discover that she was created from my childhood obsession with Wonder Woman, coupled with a stiff chaser of Celtic Mythology. Isuelt DeRomiano and the Scathachians are a melding of D.C. Comics and the Amazons of the Ancient world. A Celtic deity called Scathach was later added as her patroness, as I included some Spartan influences as well.

What inspires you? better half.

A consummate writer and historian, his brilliance constantly amazes me. He and I have been creating characters and story lines for nearly a decade. That is, in actuality how we met. We have been playing opposite each other as everything from enemies (Druantia and General Gothicus) to lovers (Isuelt and Scorpion Wraitharan). And there is no one I know who can better weave depth into characters and story lines; his imagination provides an outlet to let my creativity flourish. With years of acting and writing along side of him, both online and with friends, our interaction has birthed more than the occasional adventure or monstrous encounter. Into our gaming he is able to develop such qualities of merit such as vengeance, spirituality, redemption and forgiveness. We hold our characters as dearly as we would our own children. Only we won't have to send Issy or Scorp to college!

Any advice for newer players?
Watch, Learn, Get Involved.

For the longest time, I simply watched and remained pretty quiet. I was soaking in all that the atmosphere in that Crossroads Tavern had to offer. After I felt a bit more confident, I simply jumped in and let the creativity go. I tried to walk that thin line between unassuming and overbearing, and I hope I'm still able to do so. Starting my own story lines and letting my characters "write themselves" is really how my daily stress is released and my enjoyment waxes full. And of course, just like on the playground..."If you play well with others, others will play well with you." It held true in kindergarten and is still pretty good advice!

A few words from Issy:
Hmm...well, Isuelt would most probably be ready to spout words of wisdom with a blade in one hand and a half-empty glass of whiskey in the other. I can imagine her dark eyes narrowing in a sage manner as she imparted her advice, "Listen cher, I've seen my share of war, loneliness, and death. And let me tell you that there is nothing...nothing so precious on this earth as a hot meal in your belly, a warm fire for your home and a circle of close friends who'd die for you. If you are ever so fortunate to stumble upon these things, first thank the gods for so priceless a gift, then hold tightly to them and never let go."


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