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Role-Play Award: April 2007

Corlanthis Wystansayr

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I've been roleplaying, first on tabletop and then later through virtual means, off and on since 1990. I started off when a friend introduced me to D&D and I was immediately hooked on the sense of adventure and whatnot that tabletop gaming represented. Later on, around '96 I was at a friend's house on his computer, who just happened to have AOL, and while perusing chat rooms I came across "Red Dragon Inn". I entered and lurked for a little while before feeling confident enough to join in, and when I finally did, I had a blast! It wasn't until June of '99 that I was finally able to get a PC of my own, though, and actually begin roleplaying online regularly.

Tell us about your character.
Corlanthis: My one and only true character. Cor originally started as a work-in-progress character study of person intended to be the protagonist of a novel I wished to write. This lasted for all of five minutes in the fast-paced and constantly changing realm of online roleplaying and he's grown extensively from what I'd originally planned. Cor was originally your prototypical hero - young, confident, and generally good natured if somewhat naive.

Cor started life as a peasant child, later apprenticed as a page to a traveling Knight once he was old enough. He was then raised in the confines of a nearby castle until he was in his teens, at which point destiny and tragedy collided in a series of events that had him leaving his homeland and traveling in search of who knows what. During his travels, he began being affected by Nexus eddies, unknowingly traveling from world to world until he eventually came to RhyDin. He stays there now because to him RhyDin represents the ultimate hope - it is a land where anything is possible.

What inspires you?
Daydreams. Cor was born through daydreams and gets majority of his character through events that I dream up during idle periods of the day. Now, what inspires those is a list that's long and varied. A movie, a piece of music played at just the right time, or perhaps a particular passage from a recently read book that refuses to leave my mind.

I also cannot stress highly enough how other players push me into being better and more creative through the simple act of playing with them, be it a chance encounter or a regular play group.

Any advice for newer players?
Do not be afraid. I cannot stress this statement enough.

Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, do not be afraid.

When I first started playing (and even to some degree now) I suffered from nervousness while playing around certain people. It's important to remember that everyone is a player, just like you, and everyone will make mistakes. Do not let those mistakes deter you from getting involved and having a good time.

A few words from Corlanthis:
"A few words? Like what? Some would tell you that Ale's the best word around. But, I tell ya what, you want some real good wordage? Huh? Something that'll really get you going? Tea." ::A few knowing nods:: "Yeap, stick with tea and everything will be better after a glass or two. With no hangover to boot!"


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