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Role-Play Award: June 2007

Uriko Belarus

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I started back On pen and paper about 7 years ago. I didn't even know it was called rping, me and my friend just called it writing a story. It wasn't till about 4 and a half years ago I got a computer and discovered the Red dragon inn through a match chat on AOL. Luckily for me someone asked me why i was so quiet in the room, and showed me how it was done. I remember rushing home from school just to get a space in the red dragon inn on AOL. Ever since then I've been rping constantly, trying to improve my writing skills.

Tell us about your character.
Uriko Is the young spunky princess, with the same carefree mind of a child, and a heart of gold. Through my 4 1/2 years of playing her, she's changed from being a shy quiet young girl, to a hyperactive loveable character that I absolutely love playing. Though she may seem air-headed at times, She is just seeking out to have a good time, and make friends. Quite smart,(though you wouldn't beable to tell) She is often secretive about her own personal life, but is wanting to one day to show everyone what she is truley made of. She is hopeful for her future to be, and for the empire that her family rules.

Favorite food: Chicken Tenders.. Cookies, and just about any other sweet treat you can think of. She'll eat just about anything, and it's almost a mystery how she keeps her form so well fit.

Favorite drink: Mt Dew..Her family owns the company!

And finally, one last fun fact about Uriko is, her pet cat was named after my cat in real life. I just can't help the fact that I love the name Kramer.

What inspires you?
Well, there is my ambition to write and become better. But there's a couple of people that have inspired me too. My (now) marine boyfriend used to always keep me rping, even in my times of wanting to quit showing me how fun it can still be if you have the right story line.

Also, Syn Belarus, And Darkkar when i first started rping on the computer I used to watch them rp it out in all their Eliteness, and I just thought "Wow! Someday i want to be just like them!" According to them I've changed alot since when I first started, Saying I caught up pretty quickly. It makes me proud to hear such compliments coming from them.

And finally, All of the other rpers out there. Without you guys there wouldn't be excitement in everyday rp. If not for everyone else, I might not be running back to the inn everyday to see what new drama unfolds. It is quite fun, and at times makes me laugh!

So thank you all for Inspiring me to making me want to make my character develope even more.

Any advice for newer players?
Yes! Don't be afraid to interact with people, but if you feel like your annoying them, ask what your doing wrong. Follow their advice and don't keep doing the same thing because most likely, it will annoy other players too.

Practice. No one's perfect at this, no one will ever be. It's all for fun.

And remember! It's only a game. Don't let it conflict with your real life to the point where you dont have a life anymore. This is only part of your life, So think of this as your enjoyment! And not somthing you come online to do, that in the end is going to make you upset because your character broke up with another.

Sit back, relax and have fun!

A few words from Uriko:
"Okay, Where are they!? I smell cookies. Don't look at me like you didn't just go home, Bake a batch, and leave them lieing on your stove to harden up."

"I can only give a Few words..Why not a paragraph!?"


"I'm not cheating, I'm just altering the rules a little bit so I win."

"Don't doubt me."


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