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Role-Play Award: July 2007

Harris D'Artainian

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I guess I started around '93 or '94 with a tabletop dice rolling game called Rifts. I went through a pretty long roleplaying drought before I got my first computer in '97 and almost immediately found the FFGF (Free Forum Gaming Forum) on AOL which is where I first found the RDI and RoH. Haven't been able to pry myself away from the place since.

Tell us about your character.
Harris is a blue-haired lunatic. There's simply no better way to describe him. It'd be pretty difficult to find another character on the same level of sheer insanity as Harris.

I didn't create him in the traditional sense that most people create their characters. I started roleplaying when I was 12 and didn't really fully grasp the concept, so I more or less started playing as myself, cranked up a few notches. He's basically just a cartoonish caricature of myself, mixed with a lot of classic gimmicks from old cartoons. Initially he was simply my dueling vessel, a recognizable character that all my accomplishments could be traced back to. But over the past five years or so he's become a bit more three dimensional, which is really thanks mostly to all the people that are generous enough to play with him.

What inspires you?
Originality. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to roleplaying and what inspires me the most is striving for original ideas.

Any advice for newer players?
Don't be afraid to ask questions or open a dialogue with someone. Without the cooperative aspect of this community it would simply cease to exist. There are people here more than willing to show you the ropes. Just ask.

A few words from Harris:
"I always used to wonder, if knowing is half the battle then what's the other half? I think I finally figured it out though. It's pancakes. Because pancakes are delicious. 'Nuff said."


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