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Role-Play Award: September 2007

Harold Lowe

How long have you been Roleplaying?
Online, since 1997. In some form or another, probably my whole life -- RP is kinda like playing make-believe, really, if you think about it. And my sister and I did a whole heck of a lot of that when we were children.

Tell us about your character
Whoo boy. How many pages have I got here? I could spend a few hours typing and still not finish it up -- a lot of RPers who have long running characters would say the same.

Harold's pretty hard to define. He's the sum of a whole lifetime of experience, and he's a dynamic character -- he changes and grows as time goes on, and more than once has gone in directions I'd never expect him to. He's a good man; ultimately, aside an innate intensity, his finest quality and greatest weakness is his humanity. He's just very human.

What inspires you?
Good characters. Good writing. Good RPers who play with you and not at you. And sometimes good music.

Any advice for newer players?
This is an interactive game. Play with people, not at them, and remember that everyone's character is theirs and doesn't exist solely to play as secondary characters to your own. Don't blend OOC with IC, that leads to bad things happening. Most of all, though, always be courteous. Respect and courtesy go a long way OOC; even if your character's innate nature is disrespectful, that doesn't mean we as players can't be courteous ourselves.

A few words from Harrold:
"Iechyd da!" ("Cheers!")


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