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Role-Play Award: October 2007

Darren Drazen

How long have you been Roleplaying?
Specifically Duel of Swords on FFGF since mid-1997. Moved to RoH when that was happening. Drifted over to the RDI in May 07.

Tell us about your character
Someone told me that Darren is a guy with a big heart and a bigger mouth. He lets his desire for fun cloud his judgement. It's also suggested that Darren is also just immature and will probably grow up to a responsible upstanding member of society with little bubblegum witch babies.

What inspires you?
Lots of stuff inspires me? Movies, music, work, other people's characters, random "That'd be neat" thoughts. Irony, apathy... yeah. Pretty much anything that you can get an idea from.

Any advice for newer players?
Don't trust Baker.

And on a more serious note.

When trying to "break into" a group of experienced RPers you cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot expect to be opened up to completely with presents and a party during your first session of roleplay. It would be nice, but it is never that easy. At the same time, be persistant. Start up conversations. Lightly interject on conversations going on if a decent opening arises. Just... be active.

Also, and this can go for new and old players alike, communication! If you are playing something that could potentially have a lasting result on someone's characters, or even leave an impression, talk to the people you're roleplaying with. Bounce ideas off of each other. Throw something out that you might like to see happen, or mention if there's something you'd like your character to leave the scene knowing/feeling/stressing over/excited about.

A few words from Darren:
Heh... Sugart... what do you mean you're not printing that?!


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