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Role-Play Award: December 2007

Maeve "Cougs" Malone

How long have you been Roleplaying?
Maeve was lurking in the back of my brain for a few months but she's offically been running amuck for about a year now.

Tell us about your character
Maeve comes from a fictional country in modern-day Africa called Myobi where Papa was a rolling stone and Mama was a junkie. Luckily for her a wrong turn in the jungle brought her in contact with the Tribe, a mainly male group dedicated to protecting the local wildlife from the ithunzibasa who destroy them for profit. Maeve fell in with the Tribe's cause and they took her in as family. Mentored by Zeke Quine, the Tribe's leader, Maeve soon discovered and developed her eng'iti chimm senses - similar to an empath for animals. Maeve is very attuned to the Balance of the world around her.

The Tribe decided to split and move those endangered animals under the most threat from poaching (as well as their sole surviving eng'iti chimm after Zeke's death) to a safe haven outside of Myobi. That's what brought Maeve and her brus to RhyDin to build a Wildlife Refuge as well as acquire new weapons and supplies to smuggle back to the Tribe still fighting the ithunzibasa back home.

With all the races and species in RhyDin Maeve's senses are not as on point as they were in Myobi. Having lived a relatively sheltered life within the Tribe's protection she's still learning about people and relationships. This foreigner treats the natives like they're wildlife for observing and learning from. She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, sweets and comics. She works as a freelance photographer to raise extra money for the Refuge and uses her affinity with animals to help pose them in otherwise next-to-impossible-to-get shots. She's particularly accident-prone on land but toss her on a surfboard and it's nothing but smooth sailing.

What inspires you?
Whatever catches my eye - a picture, a random piece of news from the paper, or a song. Cultures and creatures that are foreign and exotic to me. The challenge of seeing the world through Maeve's eyes and not my own. The people I've had the good fortune of interacting with and learning from.

Any advice for newer players?
Read all the rest of the advice here in this feature. It?s godt stuff.

Like the real world it takes time for RP relationships to grow. Don't be discouraged because your character isn't instantly best friends with everyone in the room right away. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities to interject your character in a conversation or situation. Start a situation of your own - props are a lot of fun! Maeve's extensive comic book collection started because it gave me something to act off of that other people could potentially play off of and it entertained me in the meantime.

A few words from Maeve:
"Oh, ja, there iz a Balance to all things. It iz only for an oke to -- wait, izit you are just saying there iz cake? And I can have a hap of it? Ja, I am wanting some! Bonga!"


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