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Role-Play Award: January 2008

G'nort Esplenade G'neesmacher Dragoon-Talanador

How long have you been Roleplaying?
I first started RPing when I was about 10. I had a classmate bring over an original Dungeons & Dragons handbook and suggested he be Dungeon Master while me and my brother try it out rolling characters and all. That was like, 25 years ago. After that, we had some friends who played and I ended up going to weekly D&D nights. They were lots of fun because of ordering out and BSing all night. Oh I got some stories I could tell about those nights, both gaming and otherwise. About 11-12 years ago, I got my first computer, specifically because another friend of mine had found RPing on AOL, and I joined right in. I still have a friend from online who I met in my first week. About a year after that, I was invited to check out a Warlord Tournament in the Duel of Swords by another friend who was a Warlord, and I became immediately hooked because of the competitive nature of the duels. Heh, there's one duelist I talked to a bit ago who asked me how long I was dueling, and when I told him, he responded "Wow, you've been dueling since I've been in second grade!" Talk about feeling old. Anyway, I'm still going strong and don't intend to stop anytime soon.

Tell us about your character
Lord which one! G'nort is my oldest character. I created him about 18 years ago as an Outlaw. Everything I've said on my website has been taken from actual adventures the character went through in live RP. Following the AOL days, the character evolved due to environment. There's been a bit of tech added, instead of just being a completely medieval fantasy character, but I've toned that back so that he's never going to have more tech than Steam Power and around the Civil War era. He's gone from Outlaw to pooling his resources and treasures from those adventures into building a merchandising conglomerate. He's used his wit, charm and skill to get him where he is today. I like to consider him somewhat popular with enough people who don't like him to balance it out. Hey, no one's perfect? G's just as close as they get. ;D He's my favorite and longest running character, and I don't think I could ever get rid of him.

What inspires you?
Everything. Other players, Anime, current world events, TV shows, movies, books... You can get ideas from every outlet there is, and I don't see any reason for blocking any off. Heck, I've gotten ideas from the Disney Channel! After all, they rip off everyone else, I can rip them off! Hehe! There's tons of story ideas out there, and as long as you can use an idea for your character and make it your complete own, then it's okay. My only problem seems to be closing out my story posts. I start with something and fail to finish writing the story. I'm easily distracted. What's best is when you can just take an RP event and write it into a good story, it's always fun to have good RP partners who make you want to do a better job yourself.

Any advice for newer players?
Cooperation is the key. Communication and respect. Be patient when you try to "break in" to an RP group. As long as you're patient and bide your time, continue to show effort and respect, you will eventually be accepted. I know it can be difficult as a new person in a new world, I've been there. But so long as you're not acting a total jerk, you can break in. Also, remember there are people behind the character. Just because it's a game doesn't mean you can run over everyone. In Character isn't an excuse for being obnoxious. Make sure you're communicating with whoever you're RPing with so that everyone's on the same page and will accept what's going on.

A few words from G:
"G'nort 3:16 says -NO- Slashing! Oh, let's make a deal, I happen to have a contract here in my pocket... And let's not forget how your beauty inspires me..."


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