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Role-Play Award: March 2008

Karen Wilder

How long have you been Roleplaying?
About 12 years now. Both online RPing and tabletop RPing. I blame my cousin Edward... he got me hooked on comicbooks and RPing.

Tell us about your character
The character KW has changed alot since I first started playing her. Originally, she was a woman who's husband had left her and taken their children... After a few years, the character had grown stale and I found myself making up characters rather than finding things to do with her. Then I took an opportunity to almost rebuild the entire character by giving her partial amnesia.

What inspires you?
Much of my inspiration for character creation comes from the books that I read... but the inspiration for stories comes from the people I RP with, both online and my gaming group.

Any advice for newer players?
Sometimes, when you're new, it may seem like you're being ignored or left out... But that can happen to anyone. The most important things would have to be: Don't push too hard. Friendships, interactions, stories... they all come in time. Also, don't forget what it was like to be the new person... and remember to help others when their new.

A few words from Karen:
"May th' Lord Bless an' Keep ye, fer all th' days o' yer life."


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