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Role-Play Award: May 2006

Lenika Marshall

I have been roleplaying for about ten years. Sometimes it is hard to find the inspiration to keep playing and other times everything just flows together and all I want to do is play. It has been a long time and I am grateful for all the interactions I have been able to have over the years. Thank you for this award, though I know that I am not the best player around and everyone will have their chance to shine.

Lenika seems to be quite simple in her ways and expressions, but she is an observer because that is how she learns about other people and what works and what does not work. She is a supporting role in most situations and rarely wants to bring her problems to anyone because she does not want to feel that she is needy or distracting from the needs of other people. Her feelings are just as easily hurt as the next person, but she will often try to hide it because it makes her embarrassed, sometimes, to have people focus on her. Although it may not seem like it, Lenika does have her faults, insecurities, and problems just like everyone else, but sometimes one has to pressure her enough to make her crack. Lenika cares about her friends and would do just about anything for them. She rarely dislikes someone or gets mad, so when that happens we shall all have to see what the consequences are.

Everything and anything can inspire me to play or create a new character. I really like to watch how people interact with each other and use what I see in play. Often times, ideas for characters or stories will come from dreams I have or simply just my imagination. I try to create something different, though it does not always turn out that way. I am always looking for new inspiration, so if anyone wants to help out give me a ring!

My advice for new players is to keep trying and do not be afraid to approach someone. If one person turns you away, then try another. It can be disheartening to feel ignored or uninvolved, believe me I have felt it on more than one occasion, but it does not do any good to give up. Try not to take what happens in the roleplay to heart and if you have a problem, then talk to someone. In addition, if you have a great idea but need some support, then ask. There are always willing players. Be open to new ideas and new people as well. Remember, I am always open for conversation. Have fun!

A few words from Lenika:
?Keep an open mind and do not give up. Remember to be polite to the bartenders and do not make a mess because there will be no one to clean up, though do enjoy yourself. If you need help, ask me.?


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